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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Meaning of Fall...

        What are Ready and Willing to Release...

                        The Releasing of_____________ will

                               Set You FREE...

Eagle a 38 year old POA...Can you see the Wisdom in her eye?

 As the trees leafs fall to the ground the old is released...

Danny and Apache: allow your inner work to be fun and playful

What thoughts are in your mind that no longer serve you? Are,You ready and willing to Release it NOW?

Shadow- allow your inner light to shine and guide you

What New thoughts do you want to be implementing and Believing NOW... ( write in down)

Monty..Forgiveness sets you free to Be your Divine Self
Just for today ...allow yourself to be open to healing, balancing and strengthening of your Physical body...What would that whole body look and feel like? What would you be thinking and believing about YOU when you have that wholeness in your body...That vibrate health...

May your day be overflowing with gratitude...Love & Peace...Lisa


Monday, October 28, 2013


How does FEAR stop you from living your life to the 
Allie and Apollo

Fullest? Fullest? Fullest? Possible , Possibility...

Allie and Apollo

What is your Dream?

What do YOU want to accomplish?

Do you believe you can have it?

Are you willing to BELIEVE in  YOU ?

Do you Believe you are worthy of it?

Do you Take action every day toward your dream?


Perhaps you want to 1) feel better about yourself

                                               2) Have more time for you

                                     3) Fall in love

                                     4)  Get a scholarship

                                      5)  Get Healthy

 You have to know what you want to be experiencing...Is it Fear? What if you replaced the Fear with ___________________.

Ask yourself what about being healthy scares me...Write it down...go through that list and ask yourself what scares me about ________________________.....Now ask yourself what would happen if I had this in my life...What would I be thinking , believing and feeling about myself when I have it ...What actions steps can I start taking now ? What books could I read?  What Workshop could I go to? Who could I ask to be my mentor? What skills do I need? 

Just take that first step, then the next... It is so sweet when fear is replaced with" I did it"!!!...Oh does it feel good!

Allie and Apollo


Yesterday I took Josie a young filly that lives here on the ranch for  an outing to a state park to ride with a friend...Josie hasn't been ridden since last fall... I was a little nervous ... I haven't been on her in over a year and she is young... We unloaded the horses Josie was scared due to all the horses , trailers and commotion going on...I thought what was I thinking bringing her here...I stayed calm ( Breathing exercises) , Took both of us to saddle her...I walked Josie onto the trail ... she was going nuts ...yes I was afraid ... I had 3 scenarios in my head ...I could take her home and not ride , that felt terrible, I could get on her and get bucked off, or I could get on her and have a great ride. My friend held Josie  when I got on...What a great trail ride we had...Josie calmed down with in 5 minutes ... She was a rock star ... She wanted to be the leader on the trail , she was respectful to all the new horses she met along the journey...

What a successful time we had  ... How did it feel to over come a fear ?GREAT! What was I thinking? I stopped thinking and just did it...I got out of my way and had fun...

Here's to releasing your Fear and living Life to the Fullest!!!





Friday, October 25, 2013

Lillie & Willie Update


Yes! Our most successful outing...

Nick walking Lillie 

So Proud of Lillie today...Last few days she has made huge progress...She's been at Free Spirit Ranch for 4 weeks...Today was the first time that she walked up to me and wanted attention...She was calm and her eyes are now shinny with a gentle ease . 

Willie is Willie...He has lots of spunk and is always looking for something to investigate.Does he love food... Willie likes the guests to pet him and shower him with love. He has gone 2 weeks with no bucking or rearing when you walk him... So proud of him...

Majority of people walk dogs, we walk the mini horses along with our dogs...Lillie and Willie walked for 3 miles today with a few little spots to eat grass...This was our first walk that was totally uneventful ...They both used their manners, walked so nicely...No pulling...What a delight... They are enjoying their walks and I believe look forward to them.

 Lillie & Willie are enjoying their new home, We are all enjoying the experience of watching them heal...

Freedom & Apache watching Willie 

There are so many similarities, and levels of healing that animals and people go through...

1) Both require unconditional Love

2) Safe place to live

3) Food & Water

4)Plenty of patience from the folks around them

5)Opportunity to succeed

6) Understanding

7) Affection, when they are ready to receive it  

Being mindful of the people and animals we encounter...There is a lot of abuse in our world...The kindness and understanding  you bestow upon others can make a positive difference in our world...


Happiness- is it in the Kiss?



 YOU Decide!!!......


  People who kiss their partner good-bye each morning live 5 years longer than people who don't...

               Kissing increases your immune system 

                               Kissing is Universal( or behavioral ???)

 Reduces Stress

                                                   Burn Calories while Kissing

Don't even think about it...

Monty,Wilobe, Freedom


  Kissing is Beneficial to your circulatory system and works out your facial muscles = less wrinkles...


Kissing is good for your heart, reduces anxiety, makes you Happy...May you Kiss often this weekend...and Forever...

How do you feel at this moment?Happy?Peaceful? Looking forward to getting a kiss from that special someone?







Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Many Benefits of Be-ing Patient and Finding Forgiveness

           Gives YOU the Opportunity to Live  & Truly experience life if you choose to.
Wilobe (Bay, brown Horse) & Fiona

Yes Life can get really dirty and messy like Fiona above...Sometimes you may actually feel like you were run over by a mack truck, or perhaps side swiped, blinded sighted ...

When life gets challenging BE patient , show compassion and love to you. You may never understand why this happened ? Or how could they do this to me? Life is so unfair? Life stinks? The list goes on... What I do know to BE true is that yes there really is a pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow IF you choose to find forgiveness for your self , others or the situation...You may have to be very patient before you discovery the gold...

Apache & Rohan

 When you no longer experience Fun and play in your life , or perhaps you give up your inner power ( unknowingly is what usually happens) life loses it's sparkle ...It's joy's movement...You become stuck, angry , perhaps pull inwards or away, you may even think or feel that you are being attacked like Apache is going after Rohan above... Finding forgiveness sets you free ...

 Finding forgiveness is a tough one for a lot of folks... You may want to make a person suffer when in reality all who will ever suffer is you...Forgiving doesn't mean you allow that person to abuse you again, It means you release , let go of the negativity that is stopping you from living your life to the fullest... Weather things happen for a reason or not they are a learning experience...What can you learn from that experience ? Get clarity for what you want... When you become a victim you give up your power , you agree to stay stuck and suffer... Be your own care taker ...What do you need to do for you to heal? Imagine all the wonder-filled opportunities that await you... Get back to loving you unconditionally .

1) What would your perfect job be?

2) Who would your perfect partner BE?

3) What do you want to be thinking , feeling and believing about you know?

4) What adventure do you want to be living?

5) What new opportunity do you want to be stepping into NOW?

Sometimes:Taking time to be alone with you...What are your needs ?desires? Wants?Likes? You have to know what you want ...other wise you leave it open to chance...It's your life get in the driver seat and go Live it.

 You have that clarity , compassion and love for you... Be patient and open to receive your new dwelling on the past ... BE so thankful for that new experience, that new person, career, adventure , health, yes you have a new beginning...

It is so worth the wait!!!When you find your Gold , you will understand the sweetness of living.

You are FREE to Be you ...Have fun...Laugh all the time...Create ...LOVE down a hill...Sing...Dance in the rain...Make a snow angel...stay up all night under a blanket of stars...Watch the sun rise...Watch the sun set...Swim in the ocean...Pray...Give thanks...Give back... Celebrate each and every day ...You are alive...What a gift that is!!! Slow your breathe , still your mind and BE... Smile and Enjoy !!!



The Unknown

Starting from left is Asia, Middle Apache, right Freedom... The herd was coming in from the pasture today ... I changed the gate entrance that they enter in...These three horses were totally freaked because it was different... Guess what? They didn't  go into the paddock... What do you think happened?

Asia, Apache and Freedom became restless, anxiety started to grow, and they paced back and forth for about 20 minutes... Yes something new can be uncomfortable... rattles the cage...shacks things up a bit...What new project, job or perhaps relationship are you considering? Perhaps just for today YOU could step out of your comfort zone...Imagine the possibilities? What does it look like? Feel Like ? What are you hearing and saying to your self? Please only encourage you! You become what you BElieve YOU are... Make it BIG!!! Step into the greatness of being you...

 Asia is thinking about what would happen if she went through the new gate...Apache is waiting for her to go first...Freedom is what our souls are so in need of...(The freedom to Be who you were born to be).

What would happen if you ______________________________, What wouldn't happen if you didn't __________________________________________?

Yes the sweet reward for getting through the gate ... lush green hay... ( The meaning of green is love )

What is your reward, an amazing relationship because you put yourself out there and allowed yourself to love and be loved, traveling the world, launched your own business, possibilities go on and on... You have 50% chance of success for trying, Guaranteed  100% rate of nothing happening if you stay where you are and your thoughts and feelings stay the same... REMEMBER There is so such thing as failure just feedback...Yes it's a little uncomfortable getting out of your box BUT the rewards are great! GO for it!!!
She sure is beautiful !

Is Asia proud of herself...Just look at her...look closer... Yes, she has become so confident she is now the lead mare of the herd... I challenge YOU to become the leader of your life...BE it...Experience the freedom ...Experiencing loving you and all the greatness with in...

Who would you BE if you weren't you? Who would you become if you got out of your own way?

Peace & Joy...Lisa

Sunday, October 20, 2013


                    Allowing Opportunities to Come to You


Notice Asia , horse in the middle light brown, She's chilling/allowing

                 To allow means: to permit, to let flow...grace...ease.. open to receive ...


Rohan & Wilobe 

 What Allowing  IS NOT... Control, tension, expecting, entitlement, anger, conditions, limits

 Rohan and Wilobe are showing an example of what happens when you are not allowing.. Notice the movement in Rohan it's rising up into the air... What happens when you stop allowing ... You begin to try to control the situation the energy keeps building rising , frustration , anxiety , fear , anger, etc will keep building till you feel like what you want isn't going to happen . Or  it's like hitting  a wall which Wilobe represents . There is no movement and you get so discouraged and all you can think about is not having it.... Which is why you don't have it... You are blocked. It all becomes a vicious circle... Can you think of a time when this happened to you?

 Rohan dark horse on left represents negative thoughts that bite at you ... When you tell yourself a new story , which is Wilobe on right your able to step/move through or around your old pattern, Yes creating a new experience...
 Notice Fiona Gray ( looks white) Arabian on the other side of the Fence, she's chilling, allowing ,Being... Can you think of a time when an opportunity came easily to you?

When you Allow, your relaxed you know what you want to experience, you release that thought or feeling, giving it to your faith , and go about living a happy , neutral( refer to 7/24/13 for more info on being neutral) or positive life...

This is a glimpse of how the horses assist you when you visit Free Spirit Ranch... may the above empower you on this wonder-filled Journey we call life...

Peace & Joy ...Lisa ( all the above photos were taken in a session with a client)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Who Are YOU?

                       Who Are You?

                              Questions to consider

                     Who would you be if you weren't you?

Who wouldn't you be if you weren't you now?
Were wouldn't you be if you weren't here now?

Were would you go if you weren't here now?

                            Who are you?

"The end of Wisdom is to dream high enough to lose the dream in the seeking of it"

                                        William Faulkner


You can  become what you believe your self to BE!

Today know what a truly remarkable Be-ing  YOU are ...

Allow yourself to love you ...Nourish you... Breathe Slowly...

Know that YOU are so much more than you think you are .

Peace... Here's to living a life that honors you and the world!!!



Friday, October 11, 2013


                            Sweet Lillie

Just look at that Sweet beautiful face... Just makes your heart melt...
Lillie has had some major break through s  today!!! 

Lillie came up to me twice today and put her nose on my hand... 

She ate two carrots from my hand too...

She is paying more attention to her surroundings ...

I am so excited !!! 

Lillie has taught me to have patience, to allow her to be were she is , It's awesome to give LOVE unconditionally , miracles happen every day, to be aware , slow down, Joy in being part of her healing process, Thankful for making a difference in her life...

Please pay attention to what is going on around you everyday... Do you know a Lillie? How can you make a positive difference in a animal or persons life? 

The rewards for kindness are great!

Peace & Love ...Lisa 

Willie & Lillie

          Animals have so much to Teach US

Taking Lillie for a walk
Taking Willie for a Walk

Lillie is having a harder time than Willie with being able to trust people... My heart reaches out to her... Lillie reminds me of an abused child, she is so afraid but wants to please. She is so serious ... Unlike Willie who is all about having fun...Willie greets everyone that visits the ranch and enjoys being pet. Lillie will peek at you and then hide.

 Getting Willie more used to having dogs near him and smelling him. He will rear and buck when the dogs get to close... I am sure he was chased in the past... Isn't it something how those past experiences step in and cause fear...again...

Yesterday was a success on his daily 2 mile walk . Willie was accompanied by 4 dogs and he kept his hooves (feet) on the ground. The dogs were respecting Willie by giving him more personal space.

Willie Resting..Isn't he sweet
Look at that precious face...

Lillie had great success on her walk in that she was able to relax for half of it.

When a horse blows they are relaxing and are at ease...First time since Lillie has come to live with us that she was able to let her guard down and relax... 
Lillie Chill in :) 
Willie and Lillie are not ready to work with clients yet due to they are still emotionally healing...I find that when animals have been neglected or abused they are able to empower our clients on a deeper level...

Lillie helped a client yesterday ... Kathy ( pretend name) stopped at Lillie's pen and said " I feel like Lillie does...Lillie has sadness like I do " Next week I will be going on walks with Kathy and Lillie... Kathy and Lillie will help each other... 

In Order to stay emotionally healthy, You need to clear your body , mind and spirit of negativity and sadness... When these feelings come up perhaps ask yourself...( you always now best !!!)

1) Is this sadness mine or someone else s?  

2) Thank yourself for communicating with you .

3) What can you learn from this?

4) What happens if you keep this thought or feeling in you ?

5) What happens if you release this thought or feeling from you?

* Warning ... If it is someone else's stuff you are experiencing imagine brushing it off of you and send in back to where it came from, say a prayer ask to have it leave... immediately, and go back to where it came from.

Our bodies are like radio frequency ... we each have are own station and when someone thinks of YOU they tune into your radio station or frequency...What ever they are thinking or feeling about YOU is being sent directly to YOU ... Good / Bad .... Positive / Negative...

May your day BE overflowing with Love from YOU to YOU!!!

Peace* Health* JOY...
                                     Lisa...Willie ...Lillie 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Willie Has a New Friend

                           Meet Lillie

                     Lillie came from Western Wisconsin... She arrived this past weekend...

She is much smaller than Willie and is very unsure about people... I leave halters on both miniatures because they are so hard to catch... Lillie and Willie have separate pens next to each other... This week they will go into a larger pen together... 

The herd of horses is very uneasy around the miniature horses...It's funny to watch this large horse be fearful of this smaller version of a horse... But people are the same...If someone is different , looks different or acts different, people may pretend not to see them, walk away quickly, tell their child to stop looking... When all you have to do is smile  and say hello... 

Willie does like to show off for Lillie ... Makes all of us around the ranch laugh... By the end of the month they will have their own paddock and pasture... My hope is that both Willie and Lillie will be comfortable enough to allow us to put halters easily on them... Then the halters can stay off... 

May your day BE over flowing with Joy...May you smile at everyone you meet and do something small that will make a difference in your life and the world ... 

1) Love you
2) Send the love from your heart out into the world
3) Be happy... it becomes contagious 
4) Empower someone
5) adopt a pet...Volunteer at an animal shelter... If you don't have time give them $$$...
6) Hold the door for the person behind you
7) Volunteer 
Lillie "Yes I am the Goddess" 

  Peace* Joy* Health...Lisa

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