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Monday, May 16, 2016

Goals, Are You Accomplishing them?

                     Goals; Goals:Goals???

Spring is such a favorite time of year for me . All the beautiful blossoms and their magnificent scents . I'm truly in heaven . You can see our dog Tuck in above picture under the apple tree. Plus all the gorgeous shades of green , growing grass for the horses. 

I get so motivated to revisit goals , create new ones and take action. This evening I listened to an Audio play  "Extraordinary By Design" by Vishen Lakhiani , Founder of Mind Valley . 
It really hit home with me. Vishen addresses two types of goals MEANS and END. 

MEAN  goals being the ordinary , humdrum goals many of us write down , example go to college , get a job working for_____________, Will make this amount of money, invest this much , get married , buy a house , buy this car , kids , trip , etc. 

The end goal being what makes you heart shine with happiness? What does your soul crave? What are your deepest desires? If you had all the money to do what you want , the want would be your end goals? How are you contributing back to society ? 

I felt like I was being hit on the head and now see the light . I used to goal set from this prospective and it worked . Plus it was so creative , ideas would come to me , opportunities . This past week I've been goal setting from the MEAN, to be honest it turns my stomach and stresses me out . 

This evening I took the time to write down were I want to be traveling with my family  , who I want to be meeting , spending our winters on a boat in the gulf, how the horses and I can inspire people through "Equine Human Connection" . The thoughts of what I could be writing from our new boat makes me so happy . We don't have the new boat yet , but I know we will. 

What will your goal's be when you create them from the END? 

Have fun , do something new , Be Happy and smile lots ! 

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