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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


                BE-ING THANK-FULL

Freedom and Asia

 This is the time of year in the United States that we celebrate Thanksgiving ... To me it's also a time that I personally spend huge amounts of time on all that I am Thank-Full for... 

I am most thankful for Being born ,My parents, my three amazing children,  Family , Friends, all my teachers including animals, being able to breathe with ease, having hay to feed the horses,  forgiving myself and others and Loving myself unconditionally... My list is endless...

What are you Thank-Full for?


              Perhaps it's seeing the light and darkness in all

              Maybe it's hanging out with ponies and friends

                               Perhaps it's a beautiful sun set?

                                           Summer time?

                   Enjoying all the beauty that surrounds you

                       Winter Sports or Being able to run...

We bring into our live all that we are UN-thankful and thankful for...
Perhaps the next few days give yourself the gift of time to release and forgive all that you no longer need to have with in you and make room for possibilities...

Many Blessing and healthy well-Being to you and yours!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Benefits of Loving YOU

         The Many Benefits of Loving YOU!!!!!

Wilbe and Shadow

                   Increased Confidence & Self Worth

                                          Less Stress

             Your World and Experiences  Expand around You

                             Increased Vitality &  Health

Your able to look at mistakes as Feedback and learn from the situation... ( Life is all about learning)

                                   Laugh and Smile more

              Have more Fulfilling Friendships and Love Life

                                     Able to BE yourself

                                   Experience More Success

                               Give and  Receive More Love

                              You Feel better and are Happier

 When you Love yourself your a wonderful example for the world...Keep up the great work...

If you struggle with Loving you STOP!!! 

Stop the Negative self talk...Anytime time you think or feel a negative thought or Feeling, STOP... Create a positive sentence or word and repeat it 100 times...

Old thought" no one likes me "

New Thought " likeable" repeat 100 times ...Notice how you begin to slowly feel better...

Words, Thoughts and Feelings are very Power-Full!!! Make them Positive or Neutral... YOU Become what you think, feel and say...



Friday, November 15, 2013

Magic of Life

Yes the Earth is a Magical Place for all to Discover 

Rohan and Wilbe  Running around having FUN

 When was the last time you walked through the woods at dusk?

Fiona and Josie

When did you take time to really LOOK at a sun set?

 When was the last time you stood in Nature and just listened?
Shadow , Danny and Shaka in the far back
When was the last time you were in Nature and just breathed?

Freedom and Ghost

Last night I went on a trail ride at dusk with two amazing young ladies ...I felt totally blessed to ride Phlaggston, watch the sun set , and ride through the woods by moon light...The woods were so still and peaceful ... What an incredible experience... My heart and soul are still so happy! Yes I felt so alive and Free!

Nature is all around us , Please enjoy this beautiful gift that God ( Goddess, Universe , Spirit , your faith ) , has given to each of us to experience, appreciate, Love and take care of. 



Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Blessing are all around you, How many are you consciously aware of? How many are you thankful for?

I am thankful every day for Monty ...  

 What are You most thankful for at this very moment?

Perhaps your thankful for Being Born?

Or Being thankful for family and friends...

Or Being thankful for the beautiful Earth on which you live, and the air you breathe...

Or Being thankful for the wonderful horses and all animals ...
Or Being thankful for the water you drink each day...

Or Being thankful for all the food you eat...
For today and tomorrow truly look around you and Be aware of all your many Blessings...
Perhaps its a new friendship, health, love , compassion , smile, ice cream, holding hands, laughter, sharing a meal, children,  Freedom etc... How does your heart feel at this moment?

May your day BE overflowing with gratitude for your life ...


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Purposefully Living...

               What Does That Mean?

                    How do you do IT?

Josie -How do you show compassion to yourself and others?

How many times have you had a goal you wanted to achieve , your excited to accomplish that goal , perhaps you even wrote down action steps ...Then you have the realization that 3 months , 9 months , 2 years have gone by and you've gained more weight, your in a job that doesn't honor you, your relationship is draining you and you think and feel is this all life has to offer?

You've been living your life on autopilot...STOP...IF you are ready to start living a life of purpose continue reading ... If Not...enjoy the photos and know that you will continue getting the same results.

When you live a purposeful life you make a commitment  every day to live a life that is deliberate and intentional...

  If your not sure what you want out of life its unclear like the photo above ...Get yourself a notebook and start writing down everything you may want to experience...Give yourself at least 15 minutes a day to do this...I recommend doing this the same time are beginning to learn the meaning of deliberate.

Your able to have a little more clarity regarding what you may want to be experiencing. Keep doing above exercise now add additional 5 minutes to your routine ...During this  5 minutes begin to see your self experiencing what is on the list.

It's starting to get exciting due to YOUR getting clarity on what YOU want to be living and experiencing. You are becoming aware of all the possibility that is waiting for you ...


 Congratulations you are now crystal clear about what you want to be experiencing . Continue to spend 10-20 minutes daily on reviewing the experience you want to be living...

Now add what actions steps you can take toward your new life...

Warning ...To often you keep telling a story that isn't what you want...The word is very powerful...spend 99% percent of you time on what you want ... You receive what you talk ...MAKE it honoring of how magnificent YOU truly are!!!



Sunday, November 3, 2013


Imagine the possibilities when you come from a Place of Love?
When you  understand the light and dark side that you have with in you ...Miracles Happen

I am writing a book on Relationships Between Men & Women...

I have decided to write this book with the assistance of all who would like to help...Please!
Asia represents the energy of the Divine Goddess

I have been reading every book I can get my hands on to help my clients with having a healthy relationship that honors both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in a relationship ...

Rohan represents the Divine Masculine 

So many women and men are searching for what they need / Desire( including me) BUT what is that ? How do you find a partner? How do you allow a healthy relationship into your life? I don't know the answer but collectively we do...

I have a list of questions I would like single ,divorced women and men to answer( all ages Please) ... Plus couples who have had successful relationships... All your information will be ke pt confidential ... I will be picking a panel of individuals to create a DVD on site at the Free Spirit Ranch in WI , USA... Lots of fun perks come with this opportunity...(Everyone who participants will receive a free book and unlimited access to all online offerings , and your name published in book , optional. )

Please e-mail me at if you are interested in participating...Thank you !!!!!!

May your week BE overflowing with Love and acceptance for YOU!!!
OK you don't Love me???

You do love me???
I am so out of here.....

 Together we all can create a world of Love & Peace...Lisa

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