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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trusting You!

Trusting You...Trusting you...Trusting You...Trusting You...Yes Trust in Yourself!

 You have all the answers to all your question in you

Yes you do...You just may not know that . Perhaps you have forgotten .

Part of the horses and my job is empowering folks to stop all the chatter going on inside... It is vitally important to the human being to be connected in nature ...

Equine Human Connection(EHC) Session : Free Spirit Ranch


If one only stays inside of buildings behind closed doors with artificial light your whole being is closed to the outside elements. Your connection to all that is, God , Goddess, Source , Spirit, your higher self , becomes unclear , sloppy, disconnected.

Equine Human Connection(EHC) Session

 Above is a short clip  of a Equine Human Connection session that the horses and I had with a client. Willie ( Brown and White paint pony) is hiding behind Josie...This is a small example of what happens when one is disconnected from the inner emotions and knowing...You may want something so badly the wanting of it pushes it away from you , keeping it a short unattainable distance away.  A very frustrating situation which I'm sure every one of us can relate to.

Lance & R_____

When R_____, let go of the chasing the experiecne , spent time in nature with the horses and dogs and just get go... Clarity and knowing came easily to R____________. Lance who represents going forward in life,  came up to R_______, letting her know that YES you on on forward track...How does this all work ... divine intervention is always my answer on that one. The horses and dogs just know ...

All of Nature knows, the question is are you taking time to be in nature and really hear , see and feel what is happening around you. When you take the time to appreciate the sky , the smell of the grass, butterflies, birds, trees the mind slows down, the chatter stops, you have have created a space for the answers to come to you...The next time you have a knowing trust in you, you know what is best for you , it just takes a little practise.

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Trust in you ! Health*JOY*Wealth...Peace...Lisa

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