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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Being Aware , Hearing your body , get out of the Fog

                      Getting out of the Fog

I so enjoy this photo. It's still and offers me complete peace. It reminds me of  when one surrenders , lets go and decides to step into a more peaceful way of living and be-ING.

It's still fall even though I have 5" of snow outside my window.  I'm presently looking at all this fluffy white stuff while I write today's blog. 

Fall is one of the most powerful seasons . Fall has so much to teach all of us IF we are willing to hear an see the gifts from nature.

When the leaves begin to change from a glorious green ( love) to a multitude of brilliant colors of red (grounding) orange ( flow) yellow( inner power)   , the sun light begins to shorten and many  people will slowly begin to require more sleep, become irritated , angry , sad or depressed . Majority of time we blame these symptoms on lack of sunshine . From my experience as a life coach and energy worker from the past decade I believe it's more than that. 

I believe the trees are reminding us to gently release blocks , anger , stagnation etc... If we release our emotions gently we are like the beautiful leaves just changing color . Isn't it beautiful to watch the leaves when the gently begin to fall from the trees. Question are the trees dieing ? No they are preparing for rejuvenation this winter and growth in the spring. So are we.
What happens with the leaves that wait till the bitter end to fall? They sure get beat up in all the storms , they get dried out, tired , and eventually fall apart . What happens when we hold on to anger, sadness, being right, sickness , envy, jealousy , etc makes you tired , life becomes difficult , you age quickly your heart becomes hard , the more you talk about how horrible life is ...what happens???  it gets worse doesn't it . You become caught up in the storm of life just hanging on like those last few leafs, thoughts , situations etc.

This has been my easiest fall in a long time because I studied the tress this year and I truly listened and watched . My favorite tree is the Willow . The Willow is so graceful , goes with the flow , they can be messy but they're releasing what they no longer need. What is your favorite tree ? Not sure , give your self the next six months to get to know all the kinds of trees around you. I have been writing in a journal since I was a teenager , plus I had all those journals. I stayed up all night reading through them all and I discovered I kept writing about the same thing when it came to allowing large sums of money into my life . I started to laugh because I had a belief around money , it wasn't my belief but one I grew up with and I allowed it into my life and over time I made it my belief. Can I blame my parents ? No I can not! I decided to keep that belief , that was my free will as an adult .

What do you think I did ? It's 5:30 in the morning , I've been up all night , plus it's freezing out. I took all my journals and burned them . That sure was freeing and I feel so much lighter in my Be-ing. I did a few techniques for my self that I will share in the next few blogs. Life is now how I love it to be once again. :)

You don't have to burn your journals . But I recommend

1) spending 20 minutes outside each day .
2) be aware of what your feeling and seeing- journal about it
3) drink 8 glasses of clean water daily
4) hug yourself and ask for hugs
5)Start a list of your beliefs and decide what beliefs you need  to let go of. Perhaps it's time to add a few beliefs that are honoring to you and the world.

Enjoy your new adventure...Remove the guilt and  allow yourself to appreciate the experience, lessons and learning. 

Health *Joy*prosperity...Peace...Lisa





Monday, November 17, 2014

Releasing , Letting go of the Past

             Releasing , Letting Go of the Past

Question for you , how many trees out there do you see holding onto there leafs? What happens in the fall ? The tress shead their leafs in order to regenerate and allow new growth to be a possibility . Imagine if a tree refused to allow the leafs to fall . The leafs dry up but eventually a huge storm will come in at that remaining leaf is going to fall off. Do you think a tree concerns its self with a leaf it wanted to keep three years ago? A decade ago?
What would happen to that tree if all it thought of was that beautiful leaf that fell off? It's not fair? Life is horrible I wanted to keep that  leaf . I'm going to hold on to the the  bitter end because I want that leaf. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it ?

That leaf represents beliefs , thoughts , your past. When you hold on to the past your signing up willingly on some level to be in a consent storm.  Think of the snow storm and how the snow can pile up , especially if your not shoveling . The snow gets pretty heavy and extremely dirty over time. As the snow piles up so do your emotions , frustration , resentments , anger begins to set it. When you have anger and resentment in your life there isn't much room for joy or possibility is there? 

What in your past is holding you back? What belief is keeping you from living an incredible life ? Perhaps you know or don't know. Do you need to know ? I don't believe so, you just need a willingness to let go and make room for the present allow for forgiveness and  new beliefs . The tree is always living in the present , the now . A living tree flows with the storms, gives rebirth to its self and grows each spring. 

  Lance is the horse looking at you . Lance teaches us about going forward . In order to go forward we need to leave the PAST behind. What can you do to release the past and start moving forward and take action in your life . Yes reclaim your life.

1) You have to be ready to start telling yourself a new story.

2) Stop blaming people , situations , etc for where your life is and start taking responsibility .

3)Make a list of what needs to be released example :

a) no money

b) sick 

c)people are mean to me

d) failure 

e)life stinks

4) Write the opposite of the above words example :

a) no money......................................I allow money into my life , it feels great . 

b) sick................................................Health, Healthy 

c) People are mean to me................ I attract kind people   to me

d) failure...........................................Success

e)life stinks ......................................I love life , life loves me

For the next seven days give this try , I know it works because I personally do this and so do my clients. Carry your list of new beliefs with you at all times. Example below . Write them down and say out loud or sing, ten times,  three times a day for seven days.      

I allow money into my life , it feels great . 

Health, Health 

I attract kind people  to me


I love life , life loves me

When ever the old way , negative words, self doubt starts coming in , tell yourself to stop , literally brush yourself off, imagine the negative words , thoughts being leafs on your body you no longer need , brush them off.  Keep 100% Focus on your new list of words...only allow your new words to be PRESENT in your life . 

What is another meaning for Present ...Gift...Yes give yourself the gift of releasing what no longer serves you , make room for what does, keep all your thoughts on the new words. congratulations you are taking your first step towards Freedom.

This is Freedom


 Make a copy of the horse above . His name is Freedom . He helps us with understanding what it means to have Freedom in our lives. 

I will be blogging lots on releasing the past for the next month . Please use what works for you , release what doesn't . I  am sharing what I know has worked for me , my family and clients.




Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Impossible Can BE Possible

           The Impossible Can BE Possible

 It was a work weekend at the Free Spirit Ranch , which is my home early October 2014. I normally always take of my rings off when working out side .

 I was putting small squares into round hay feeders and then stacking arrival of new small squares . I glazed at my hand and noticed I only had one ring on my hand , I was missing a ring . My heart felt like it was going to stop and it was hard to breathe for a moment . This ring is a family heirloom that has been around for over 200 years. How could I possibly lose it in one year. 


All the above photos could be possibilities of where I lost the ring. I felt like I was looking for a  needle in a hay stack . We all looked for it and the ring was not to be found. I knew that I had to believe I would find the ring. I didn't believe I could find the ring at this moment in time, so I was wasting my energy and time by looking.  

I talked to mom and she reminded me of St.Anthony and to ask for help in finding the ring. I was too sad to hear what she was saying . Six weeks have gone by and winter weather is approaching . The ground will freeze.

 I'm in Red Wing Minnesota doing errands and I have a feeling come over me that it is now or never. I begin to think about the ring and all the people before me that have worn it and the person that made the ring. I'm on my way home , I turn my truck around go to the equipment rental store and get a metal detector. I tell the women my story and she said 50% of the folks find what they are looking for . I decide at that moment I will be that 50%. 

I then stop at the health food store , there are 6 ladies in the store and on checking out I tell them my ring story and ask them to pray or set the intention that I will find the ring . Two of the ladies remind me of St.Anthony and tell me the prayer they say.

All the way home I say the prayer . Every cell in my body knows I will find, be guided to that ring. I narrowed my search down to 20 acres . I asked my son Nick to help , which he declined and said you can do it mom.

I said a prayer , visualized the ring , stood in the yard and just allowed myself to BE. I picked up the metal detector and a shovel and walked into the paddock where we feed the hay. I stopped thinking and allowed myself to feel.  Three days previous I moved the hay feeders. I walked to one spot , the metal detector went off , I scooped up a big shovel full of dirt , manure and hay . It was pretty disgusting , before touching it I ran the metal detector over it again and it went off. Took me a few minutes to break up that pile and look through it. Guess what? I found the ring . It only took me 5 minutes! I thanked the Creator, St.Anthony , the ladies that were praying and myself for trusting and knowing the impossible could be possible. Yes I cried because I was so happy .

I learned so many lessons that day. 
1) I / You can do anything with the help of others . Help can be a prayer.
2) I/ You have to believe , know that it  will happen, " It happened"
3) Listen to that inner voice , intuition . I followed.
4) Have a crystal clear focus. Knowing I would find the ring. I did.
5) Trust in something greater than myself. I did.
6) I changed my thought and feelings regarding finding the ring. Ring found.
7) Life is fabulous and there are so many beautiful people in this world.

May my story bring you hope, trust , knowing... Be thankful every day , we get more of what we are thankful for. So Be it...What was lost is now Found! What do you need to be open to finding in your life _________________, the being open to find will give you___________________.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cisco Challenge - Be Healthier

      The Cisco Challenge : BE Healthier

Cisco( horse) & Allie

Meet Cisco , he is the newest arrival to Free Spirit Ranch . He's a POA ( Pony of America)
He's out of shape and needing to have a new job... I will be blogging about Cisco journey at Free Spirit Ranch . 

Cisco has been here for one month . He's getting a lot of exercise . What a nice boy he is . He enjoys trail riding . A deer and a turkey jumped out in front of him and didn't phase him at all. He took his first jump in the woods and enjoyed it . Lots of firsts for Cisco . 

We let him tell us what he enjoys and that is what we'll do with him.  Maybe he'll be an event-er, or perhaps a dressage pony ,  a trail horse, maybe a barrel racer? We'll give Cisco lots of experiences and he'll let us know what he enjoys.   What do you enjoy? What new experiences would you like to have? Trying new things energizes the soul and helps you discover your passion . 

We exercise Cisco 4 days a week for 30 -60 minutes  . How much do you exercise ?  
What would happen in your life today IF you made the commencement  to exercise 4 days a week for 20 -30 minutes .  What would happen in your life if you didn't? 

 The Cisco Challenge :
1)Commit to exercising 4 days a week 
*walk *Dance* Skip rope *play tag *Yoga*skate*run*bike *hike*Lift weights*Pilates *

2)Try something new each week
Learn to play an instrument* Learn a new language* paint*draw*sing*write a poem*make a new recipe*sky dive*set a goal*day dream* talk to people you don't know, volunteer at a soup kitchen, learn to ski , join a group, breathe deeply ,  etc. 

The healthier you are the better you feel = more energy and a better outlook= possibility will begin to show up in your life ...


Get out of your comfort zone today . 
BE it!!!
Health*JOY*prosperity ...Peace...Lisa

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