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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Individual Best

                            Your Best Self

Do you arise each morning energized , excited knowing that you are here on this earth to be the best you can Be? Are you thankful for every breath you take twenty four hours a day? 

The Beginning of each new year brings so much possibility , I'm going to get in shape, I'm going to take that trip, I'm going to... __________ . What happens by January 8? January 25 ? Unfortunately majority of people have completely  forgotten  their new year resolution .

Sometimes your goal may be too big, or your outcome is determined on what others may want for you .  95 percent of my new clients have no idea of what they want to be living they just know something in their live is missing. How do you know something is missing , your unhappy , lack of energy , skin is dual, eyes flat , you may even find yourself eating when you are full, complaining , consuming large amounts of alcohol, drugs or  talking negative about other people. 

How do you live your best life? It starts with YOU giving yourself time to know what that would look and feel like. Go back to your childhood , what were the things that made you happy or when you observe other people what do you wish for? 
It's time to stop wishing and learn to be the creator of your life , make a daily commitment to YOU. 

Freedom is to your right. Lance is to your left.

Lance (horse) assists myself and clients on what steps you need to take to go forward in life. For every person in will be different depending on if your in a state of survival mode or you are a high achiever. Below is a list of what  small action steps you can begin to implement now and have great results by next year. 

Best You List:
1) Drink a minimum of 8 , 8 oz of fresh water daily. Not all water is the same know where your water comes from, know if the plastic containers you're buying are safe. 

2) Remove processed  sugar from 95% of your diet. Yes it may be challenging but aren't you worth it. You will notice less brain fog, increased energy with in first week. 

3) Remove processed food from your diet . Embrace learning to cook , take a cooking class, cook with your kids or friends. My good friend Beth and I will share food. When we make a meal we make extra for each other . Shop the outer circle of the store . Avoid the middle isle's that is where all the empty calories are placed.  

4) Start buying organic or clean food. No GMO'S which cause depression and weight gain. 
If you believe you can't afford it, remember you can't afford not to. Check out Trader Joe's and Aldi's . Purchase grass fed beef and free range chickens from small local framers. Plant a garden this year.

5) Move ... That's right move your body several times a day , what is in motion stays in motion ... dance , walk , run, join a gym, hike , skip , make love more often to your partner.

6) Sleep 6-9 hours a day. Your body is like an electrical car it needs to recharge . Be sure to fully charge if you want to have energy for the whole day.

7) Relax  and focus on deep breathing, it's vital for out brain and body to have chill time and lots of oxygen . Your best ideas will come to you when you still your mind. 

If you noticed the most important place to begin to make changes is with your health by moving  your body , stilling your mind and being purposeful of what  goes into your mouth, your absolutely right. 

Please get a piece of paper, pen and your calendar . Write or type  what you will implement first on the list above . Perhaps it's step 1 and step 7 , schedule it in on  calendar.  Write in when you will shop , have your list prepared , schedule when you will be cooking . Perhaps you buy three jugs for your daily water , one for home , car and work. 

It takes minimum of 90 days to create a new habit , maybe it will take you 1 year to implement above or you just need a little refresher and you implement all 7 steps now. Start now :) .

As my Grandma always said " You are what you eat" 

I know you can do this . Here's to your best year yet! 

Please let me know if you have any questions .


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Thought Effect


Thoughts are what create the life your living at this exact moment in time called "NOW"
"What are you talking about "replies Nancy a new client . 

Understanding how powerful we are as humans in a very challenging concept for most people .
Majority of folks are raised to blame others for their actions and how their lives have turned out isn't your responsibility but society's , your parents ,  etc. I have met some folks that have had everything against them but they have created amazing lives for themselves despite all the odds against them.

I have spent the majority of my life trying to figure this out , 1000 of books later , 100's of workshops , 1000's of clients,  I truly believe " By Scott I have it" . With the patience of the horses , clients , God, my girl friends , friends  and  especially my children it's time to share what I have learned . 

I am  grateful for the horses I live with because they role play what my clients thoughts and feelings are. Nancy and I began her Equine Human Connection Session, at first the horses have nothing to do with her . As she gets frustrated the horses move farther away from her , which Nancy know relates to what constantly  happens in her life. She can never have what she wants.

What happens next is  one of the horses goes after another horse . Now its my turn . I ask Nancy how that feels and she replies" terrible " The horses are showing Nancy how her thoughts have created a feeling , the thought being pushed away , feeling doesn't feel good , what Nancy can see is Samson going after RoJo . What she wants is being driven farther and farther away, which creates more sadness and hopelessness for Nancy. 

It's really hard for humans to understand THOUGHT >Feeling = outcome ... 
Can't argue with the horses. The horses where showing Nancy the energy that was leaving her body and the action it created. 

Being mindful and present ( conscious ) is what Nancy and I talked about next . We discussed her daily routine and how she could become proactive (conscious) versus reactive ( unconscious, autopilot). 

How can you implement Nancy's aw ha moments into your life? 
First can you answer yes to the question below?

1) Are you ready to be responsible for your life?
2)Are you ready to stop being a victim? 
3) Are you ready to learn a new way of Being? 

If you answered yes to all three questions, get ready to  hang  on, congratulations for taking your first step to change. 

If you answered no, congratulations for being honest with you and you know exactly where your life will be 10 years from now. 

For the yes people . 

1) Make a written list of what you truly need in your life. The thought of having it brings you peace. 

2) Narrow your list down to one thing you believe is possible .

3) Write that word or sentence down , draw pictures or cut out pictures to represent what your life will look like once you have it. Look at this each am and pm. 

4) How does it feeling having it? this is so important because  if it's a negative feeling choose something else because that negative feeling will keep it from you . 

5) See your self living it , and experiencing it and how joyful it makes you feel. 

6) All day long BE mindful of every thought or feeling you  have regarding what you need. You need to know , believe you will experience it.

7) I'm not sure when or if you'll have above , I just know that you will. 

 BE sure to  Take time to have fun and laugh. 

Not sure your understanding all of this  , come to one of our workshops this summer and we'll help you. 


Monday, April 24, 2017

Be Limitless

                          Be Limitless

Asia - Inner Power
What does it  mean to be limitless ? It means you understand the inner power that is with in you . That power burns with in your SOLAR plexus like the sun. Your solar plexus are located right below the middle of your rib-cage and before your belly button. 

Place both your hands there and look at the picture of Asia and the sun . Now bring all your attention to your breathe has you press your shoulders down and back . Get expansion across your chest and create more space for your lungs and heart. Slow and deepen your breath as you inhale for 8 counts , hold your breath for 4 seconds and exhale for 8 counts or longer , repeat 4 or more times . 
Congratulations you have now stilled your mind and it's clear . Now it's your turn to be in complete control of you and what you allow your self to think and yes believe . 

This is how you become limitless is by 
1) Connect to your solar plexus by placing one or two hands on solar plexus
2) Do Breath exercise above 
3) See yourself at your best , now go above what your best is and see your self being magnificent at ________________________________... Yes you get to fill in the blank. 
4) Repeat three times "I am that I am"
5) Now write down what you where visualizing . 

Daffodils in my flower garden

Being limitless is a conscious decision every second, minute , hour , day, month... Continue to practice, implement above until you know , believe you are limitless. You begin to know your thoughts and feelings create your life . Allow the Creator , God , Universe to help you ( faith).

By practicing the breath exercise above over time you will be able to keep your other than conscious mind busy on what you want to be experiencing and allowing your past to stay way far behind you . 

Imagine the possibilities now write them down and make all this info a daily priority. Have fun !!!


Friday, April 14, 2017

Men and Women, Women and Men

        Understanding our Different Needs


The horses and I work with a lot of couples. Some couples are wanting to understand each other more, some are considering getting married or need their partner to understand them better, in some causes learning to be kind to each other again. Many different people many different scenarios . 

What always amazes me is majority of folks complain about what they don't like , find fault easily in each other , they have no idea what each other needs. Majority of time women don't know what they need and men know they need sex but noting else.  If each other needs aren't being met the intimacy goes down hill fast. Intimacy is what keeps a relationship strong and healthy. With out intimacy couples lose their closeness and will look else were over time . 

Women and Men are completely different, you know what? It's OK to be different . We need to celebrate and appreciate our differences . Life would be so boring if we were the same. How can couples be a better team? By learning as much as you can about the other person and what they need. We each have strength in different areas to help each other. There is no need to compete against each other you're on the same team, right?

Some folks will literally suck the life out of you . If this is your relationship please seek professional help. It just takes a little understanding what each other needs to have an incredible relationship/ marriage. 

First question What is your purpose, vision for being together. Every business has a vision statement . That statement sets the tone , forward movement to success. Start talking about what your vision and purpose is for being together and write is down . Please be sure to include fun. 

I truly believe to have a successful relationship you need to  understand what each other needs and willing , joyfully, freely provide that to the other person . 90 % of the couples I work with noticed a positive  difference in their relationship when (no strings attached) they provided what their partner  needed.  They also experienced their partner in return reciprocating. 

Majority of women ( me included ) are emotional creatures due to how our brains are wired . We react emotionally first ( unless some women have learned to turn  off  emotions due to their jobs or abuse). What does that mean men , yes we are touchy feelie, we process from our heart first , we think of feelings first. We have more nerve receptors according to Dr. Bradon Wilhel M.D. We continue to process all the time until we have a solution. We have to learn to stop our minds.
 Women need love , we need to feel loved . We can receive that love by being  hugged , held , cuddled , told we are beautiful , yes " I Love You! It's called affection.  Buying meaningful gift for your lady,  hearing what see needs to express or say. Supporting her how she needs to be supported through encouragement , caring for her, drawing a bath, helping with dinner. ASK her and keep asking her what she needs. Yes open the doors , car too, yes flowers are awesome too, especially if you pick them.  I know there are some women who don't like having their door women , ask her what she needs. 
Rohan and Freedom

Rosemary a client shared with me how her husband planned a weekend get away for her. They went canoeing , turned off their cell phones , he packed all camping supplies and canoe , together they grocery shopped for what they needed. He was very attentive meaning , little hugs , kisses , caresses , light touch, he pushed the grocery cart . They talked about her dreams and goals , his dreams and goals, what they could do together, his aspirations and goals. What Rosemary needed from Her husband was for him to know her dreams , to lovingly care for her . Their weekend together, of time, brought them closer together , they are creating their life as a team together versus two individuals. 

What did her husband David get out of the weekend ? He was her man. Rosemary talked him up to all their friends , which made David look good ( he is a great man). Her respect  an admiration for David increased .  Is Rosemary doing lots of nice things for David , you beat she is because her cup is overflowing .

Men correct me if I'm wrong , Men need their ladies to respect them ( yes respect is something that is earned). To have eyes for him only , to believe in him , be proud of him, encourage him, allow him to be the leader. ( Not all men want to be a leader) . Men need to trust their lady. Honesty for both couples is very important. Yes intimacy is a must . 

Lance and Willie 

This is were it all gets confusing , our world has changed drastically in the last 50-70 years . There are no longer clear defined  rolls for men and women plus the decline of the  family life ( hardly anyone eats healthy meals together: Families that eat and pray together normally stay loving to each other)  , divorce rate is proof that relationships need help. My suggestions are a guide line . Yes some men are more sensitive than women and your roles are reverse , which is great because you are balancing each other. Get to know your self your needs first, discover your partners , it's like playing hide and go seek, how much fun was/ is that. 

Remember all the time that goes into dating? That same amount of effort and time needs to always go into that relationship, marriage , yes even after having babies. As the my grandma used to say " you will pay for what you don't pay attention too." Having a strong faith is very helpful too. Many Blessings , leanings in your relationship. 

Have ideas , please share . 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Power of Purpose

According to The Faithful Old World Webster Dictionary The Definition of Purpose  is :

                            The reason for which something is done or created...

Maiden Rock , WI   Mississippi River- I am extremely blessed to have this is my back yard.

What were you created to do ? Be? 
That is a powerful question isn't ? Have you ever asked yourself that ? Have you prayed for an answer to that question?

I taught/teach my children and clients to question everything, which includes me, politicians, clergy , teachers, doctors, schools, corporate institutions , friends, news, social media etc... 
How can you learn , grow as the unique person you are if you're not learning ,exploring  and questioning?

Are you special you beat you are! I was reading an article the other day and the person stated that everyone doesn't have a gift . Well I believe differently we all have a gift, talent which is part of our purpose. Everyone's purpose helps humanity become enlightened and grow. Is growing always easy , I sure wish it was , but unfortunately it takes the negative / bad to see/feel/hear the positive / good.

When you discover your purpose a drive , a power will ignite your inner-self, soul and your path, journey becomes crystal clear your path, journey. When you know that purpose it helps you stay focused , be joyful in your life and work. 
Mississippi River - lake Pepin 

How do you figure out your purpose? Get a pen and a piece of paper, write down answers to these questions.

1) What are you good at? 

2) What do you enjoy?

3) What do people commit the most about you? Example; How good you are at numbers, your smile makes them happy , how you can fix anything, etc.

4) What have you been wanting to try? 

5) Where do you struggle the most? Sometimes the skills you need to learn to stop struggling are related to your purpose.

First flower to bloom at ranch this spring. how will you bloom and flourish? 

Know what ? Let your purposeful way of living begin. HOW you may be asking?

1) Get a notebook, journal , calendar where you can physically track how your daily focus is keeping you mindful toward your purpose.

2) Before retiring at night write down a question, problem that you need help , ask the creator for an answer first thing in the am when your eyes open.

3) What skills , knowledge , books, people do you need to know? 

4) Are you enjoying the process, find it fulfilling, satisfying half of the time? If the answer is no my experience is what your doing presently isn't your purpose.

5) Spend time on how you see and feel your life 5 years from now .

6) What steps do you need to begin talking now to have above.

7) What motivates you to stay on task ?

Free Spirit Ranch - Maiden Rock WI - Administration taking a lunch break 

Being a stay at home home gave me the opportunity and skills to be doing what I am now. Yes my little now big Cherubs were my test subjects ( JOKE- make sure your laughing , I am :) ) 

Can your purpose change sure it can. I see a lot of young people in their twenty's getting so stressed out because they can't figure out what they want to do. How boring life would be if we all knew at 10 years young what we wanted to do . Explore, learn , play ... get to know YOU! The more you know YOU, The more YOU love YOU, Take time to know the Creator and give thanks daily , YOU will begin to notice the fog will begin lift and gently  fade away , opportunity will present it's self every where, and it is so! 

Have fun discovering your purpose! 

 Want to learn more Check out our events happening at the ranch find us at , our facebook link is on website be sure to like us and see what is happening with the horses and nature, plus ideas to living an awesome life. 


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thought= Belief= Action=

            What YOU Receive???????????

My question to you: 

 Do you love your life, what you do, the people you know , the amount of money in your bank account, where you live,how you feel , how you look ,most importantly your Health?

Rohan left helps you with connecting to the action power with in you .

Majority of what  you are experiencing starts with what you are thinking or lack of thinking. A car will only run with a battery, correct? A cell phone has to be charged to work? Yes or No?
Horrible things happen in life that are out of our control? Yes or no? 
How does it look... feel... to you... to know... you can be in the driver seat of your life. Like an artist with a piece of fresh canvas you can create a peaceful...beautiful...loving...healthy...joyful...abundant life! 

Freedom inspiring a client to feel and know what freedom in her life could look and feel like.

 How do you start? Your question this week is to ask yourself a few times a day "What is my purpose?

You may know the answer you may not. My purpose is to inspire folks to know how it feels to feel good, be joyful and grateful. I was born into this world happy and I drove people crazy and I still do because I'm almost always happy. My journey in life has been to discover this( I  was a slow learner) . I have had times in my life when I  was so miserable, over worked, exhausted , my health suffered and my world was disorganized , lacked creativity , lacked faith and love. 

I discovered when I took time to pray , meditate , give thanks daily , worked out , ate healthy foods and I lived from how my heart and soul felt/ feel my life changed instantly. Was is easy , sorry it wasn't. Was in really hard , good news no , it took 100% commitment to be consciously aware of every thought that went through my brain and mind.   

The horses aren't engaging with client. That is another Blog :) 

Now what do you do with this information?

1) Ask yourself again what is my purpose ?
2)Pray to the creator and ask that you know what your purpose is? 
3)What is your passion ?
4) What brings joy to your heart?
5) What were you good at as a kid?
6) What did folks like about you?
7) What did folks dislike about you? 

What I know for a fact is that each and everyone us has all the answers within us. Over time people begin to doubt self , fears , beliefs make you question yourself and sometimes you lose faith in a higher power , blame God, stop trusting you and begin to search outside yourself for the answers.
Hello, come home ! You really do know, you have just forgotten that you do know! :) 

1)You have a thought . Stop... Is your thought positive or negative ? 
example you want to be thin ...Stop ... saying your fat , looking at your self with shame etc. 
Change your thought and words to I'm looking forward to be healthy and moving with ease, to feel good about my body and imagine all the energy that I have . Take in a big breathe , hold it for a second , exhale deeply ....ah ....doesn't that feel better? 

2) Belief...what do you believe about that thought? You want to be thin,  but Stop... do you believe you can be thin? What you believe will determine your outcome. Remember a belief is something you keep on telling yourself.

 Perhaps everyone in your extended family is over weight and you've been told you have inherited heavy genes so you will always be heavy. Stop...How...will you begin telling yourself a new story that you know will become your new truth , changing your old belief that wasn't yours , it belonged too________________ ? Now shake your body , brush your body off with your hands , yes I'm serious do it , get that energy out and off of you ...give it to the creator ,angels to recycle in the universe. Take a big breathe in hold it for a second , bigger exhale this time you feel a little lighter, more at peace? Repeat step 2 as needed. I had to repeat it at least , so many times I lost count...LOL. Yes I believe I can be healthy and I slowly make healthier choices I will feel great , feel better, plus my body will begin to release what I've been holding on to and I am thinner. 

3) ACTION baby ! What action will you be Guided to take? Perhaps it's saying a prayer each day asking for guidance to stay on your path of living and being healthy, starting a gratitude journal, joining a gym, walking daily , reading a book on nutrition, find a Holistic Dr ,  Reiki, find a partner to join you on getting healthy and you become a support system for each other. 
A few of my girlfriends and I meet to walk or take a class at the gym  in place of talking on the phone. 

Need more friends visit Yoga studios , Boxing centers, YMCA , Gyms , join a place that feels good to you and importantly is easy for you to get too! 

Warning no forcing the action that causes stress and blame , allow, be open , to begin taking the action , be curious of how it will unfold. Congratulations you are embracing the school of life . 

 Be gentle with you, enjoy this journey called living! 

Many blessings to you! Health*JOY*Prosperity...Peace...Lisa

                           Many blessings to you! Health*JOY*Prosperity...Peace...Lisa


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Resolutions " How to achieve them in three easy steps"

Do You Have a New Years Resolution? 

I could say, do you have New Years Resolutions , good intentions , goals that have long been for gotten. You are not alone . Many of us are so excited for the welcoming of a new year , new opportunities, or this will be the year I do _____________ ...

The next thing you know it's February or March and your list of goals has long been forgotten. All your good intentions , promises of eating healthy  food , working out everyday, taking steps to start your new business, being kind to self and others, having a weekly date night, painting living room have gone by the way side for many reasons . 

The biggest reason that my clients in counter ( I did in the past ) is having too many things on your list and it becomes so overwhelming that it never happens. 

From left , Shadow, Asia, Monty , Tuck the dog

Are you ready to change that and Start  having  a successful year? You could...
1) Stop Judging yourself and others.
2) Embrace or tap into your inner power. 
3) Release all the baggage that is stopping you or slowing you down.

Asia left teaches us about inner power, Shadow Right teaches us about non-Judgement

Three easy Steps to accomplishing your resolutions

1) Look at your list. What is your common three themes . Example; wanting to lose weight, exercise, run a 5k, start taking vitamins , feel better about self, get more sleep , stop negative self talk. The theme would be Health or Well-being . Example 2; buy a new car, make more money, start new business or find a new job, take a vacation, landscape yard. Theme could be abundance , more money , with more money I'd ask self am I allowing opportunity to come to me , am I allowing money to come to me , do I believe I'm worthy of having above . Perhaps you discover I am blocking or I don't believe I can have above , your theme would be ALLOW or BELIEVE. The above will take a little bit of time to figure out. Keep asking yourself what will really make me happy or bring more joy to my life . 

2) Limit your self to three themes or less. Circle your most important theme . 

3) The theme or word you circled is going to be your whole focus for this year. Example your theme is allow , every morning before you open your eyes , say the word Allow and then ask yourself the question" How will I easily allow today" ? Be 100% present all day long if you are allowing . No criticizing self , that is negative . All focus is on being mindful , purposeful of how you are allowing in your life . Before going to sleep say out loud I am grateful for allowing ______________ into my life today. 

Do you think you can do this? I know you can!

We get more of what we are grateful for in our lives. I find it's much easier to keep my full attention on one word that a huge list of what I want to accomplish. 

Please make this fun and be curious has to how much your life will improve . Have any questions send me a message and I'll gladly answer. 


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