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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Going for it VS Self Doubt: work , Relationships , Goals , Self Growth

                      Going For it VS Self Doubt

Take a leap of Faith

In life sometimes we need to just take a leap of faith like Asia in the above picture and just trust . Much easier said than done . 

Perhaps your in a relationship that your unsure of, your work is exhausting, or your just wondering how did I ever get here? This isn't the life I've signed up for . Perhaps you are living an excellent live and ready to take it one step higher. 

 What is the one thing in your life that you want to experience right now? Think it , say it , write it down.

Read it back to yourself, yes out loud. How does that make you feel? Do you believe it ?  What will happen in your life once you have that experience ? What will happen if you don't have that experience? 

We get what we focus on, put our attention to, feel, and energy towards. Example your wanting to have an incredible life long relationship with that special someone or fulfilling work.

Do you?

1) Know the qualities of the person/work your willing to  allow into your life?

2) Can you visualize every detail of that person /work?

3) Have you found forgiveness for past hurts and let go of non-honoring experiences?

4) How are you feeling when you think of having that person/work in your life? 

5) Do you believe its possible to have an incredible relationship/ work?

6) Do you know what you want and know it will come to you?

or do you Sabotage a relationship/work by thinking;

1) All the good ones, people or jobs are taken.

2) My ex/employer did...focus on the past negative experiences.

3) Focus on what could go wrong?

4) Keep your mind filled with non-honoring self talk?

5) Ask yourself "what is wrong with me " ?

6) Keep checking online dating site to see if that person is on line ? Asking co-workers what your boss thinks of you?

Fiona teaching a client how to Allow an experience in, what it feels like. ( Equine Human connection)
 Lance teaching client how her thoughts and emotions push him away( Equine Human Connection)

What you are living is a movie picture of your belief system. If your full attention is going  toward " going for it" you'll get it if you believe it, keep your attention on it. Looking forward to how it will come into your life, yes being thankful.

If your filled with self doubt you will bring that experience to you as well. 

May you fully  release past hurts to allow room for possibility.

Next blog will be on How to Create a honoring  belief system .

The horses and I empower folks to understand how your beliefs, thoughts, feelings bring experiences into your life. 



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What does Conscious mean? Regarding Life? Relationships? Joy?

What Does Conscious Mean? Regarding Life? Relationships? Joy?

Horses are excellent at teaching humans about consciousness 
This past week it seemed everything I read had the word conscious in it and I asked my self the question what does this all mean? I have been teaching and studying the Conscious / unconscious mind for the past decade. I am completely intrigued with how our mind can empower or sabotage an idea , thought , relationship all with in one second. 

When you are conscious you are 100% present and engaged in your thought , activity , conversation.  All your energy is focused , you have a knowing and an awareness. Your completely in tuned to what your feeling , seeing and hearing. 

What does this have to do with life ? EVERYTHING! If your desiring to have a more meaningful relationship, or joy in your life learning to be conscious , aware of what you want to be experiencing. The key phrase here is wanting to BE experiencing. You know what you have experienced , when you spent time flash backing , talking about the past, your keeping your self in the past. A thought  is  energy , a  pattern  your sending out into the world to bring you more of that thought.  

Conscious living requires learning to be aware of the  thought you are thinking, being able to stop your thought instantly and create a new one.  Remember when you learned a new activity perhaps riding a bike , horse or driving a car, all your attention went to what you were learning. 

Your desiring more joy in your live ask yourself
1) What makes me happy ? 
2) How do I feel Joy?
3) What does happy look like? 

Now the fun part begins, place  all your attention , focus , yes your consciously living on allowing joy into your life . As you allow opportunities of happiness to easily gravitate toward you, Please be sure to acknowledge and appreciate the moment and be fully engaged . Here's an example of being present ,  your walking down the side walk and you notice a couple holding hands and laughing on steps as you pass them. 

Your conscious living when 
1) You smile because you look forward to experiencing a relationship that is caring.
2) Your thankful for observing and acknowledging a experience you'd like to have .
3) You noticed the flowers in the pot and were curious about what the orange flowers were.
4) You begin to be aware of all the beauty that surrounds you . 
5) Your aware of experiences that feel terrible , experiences that feel better, experiences that feel magnificent. 

Freedom( horse) teaches how freedom feels in your body . " Equine Human Connection"

 6) Your Being in the moment , your attention is on this instant in time .

Conscious living does require time to master but the rewards are so worth it. Just for today please be aware of every word you say and how it makes you feel. Over time majority of your words will be honoring of the new experiences you'll be creating and living . Enjoy you!

Willie teaches a client about how allowing feels in her body -" Equine Human Connection" ( Coaching with horses )




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