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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Importance of Asking for What You Need.


Notice the energy , do you see it? 

  When was the last time you asked for what you needed?

Josie ( Black horse) Willie Brown and white mini.
( Blog on Values#4 will be out on Friday ) 

Back to original question , When was the last time you asked for what you wanted? 

Did you answer hardly ever or never? Do you expect those close to you to read your mind ? Well as my incredible Grandma Winstanley used to always say " the squeaky wheel gets the oil " My grandma  was  overflowing with wisdom. I miss her dearly .

 I am physically strong from the work on the ranch plus I workout with weights , cardio for my heart ( yes dance counts for cardio), meditation and yoga for my soul so I couldn't understand why I was unable to put out large hay bales by myself this year??? 

Well when you ask your self a question silently or out loud your talking to your unconscious mind , higher self and the creator . What I always find to be amazing I / you will always get an answer back , the question is are you listening or trusting in what you hear, feel, or know. 

The answer that came to me was in two different areas . I need to practice asking for help and allowing the man in my life to have his role and be needed by me. Fear has kept me from needing anyone due to the dysfunctional marriage I allowed myself to be in. The second answer that came to me was "Just ask" . I laughed so hard, last year I always prayed and asked for help from the angels and Creator,to push the round bales in. Yes I push them in by hand. I said a prayer and the 600 pound bale rolled in with little effort on my part . I laughed so hard looked to the sky with my arms opened wide and chest expanded  and yelled an enormous "Thank you " ! 

From my days of church school I remembered learning that the bible says " Ask and it is given" When I ask the folks that come to learn from the horses and I  what they want 95% of folks have no idea . This is your life , Creator gives each and everyone that freedom of free will. 

I challenge you to turn off the TV , get off the computer for 15 minutes , crack up the tunes , dance , let yourself go and ask yourself " What do I want to experience" Know the answer to that question. Ask creator for help . Be present to discover the answer ,it will be a knowing , feeling or you may hear a voice, meet a person , discover a book , meeting , CD, my blog :) , one of my workshops , hear a song on the radio that will inspire you. It's your job to take action.

In my heart and soul I know we live in a beautiful world overflowing with possibility and opportunity, your outlook , beliefs , values , vibration determine your life. 15 years ago at a Al-Anon meeting a gentleman looked me in the eyes and said you can't blame your husband for your life your an active participate in it and are an active creator of what you are living.  My world was crushed, BUT it gave me an attitude adjustment , kick in the butt to start taking responsibility for me . What a gift I was given that day!

 JUST ASK! Live! Dance ! Breath! Celebrate! YOU are alive and on this earth! 

Health*JOY*Abundance ...Peace...Lisa

Friday, January 15, 2016


When was the last time you made a list of your                                VALUES?

Last weeks blog you learned the importance of  values and that values are the foundation of your life just like a basement or concrete slab is to a house. This week I'd like YOU to give yourself the gift of 90 minutes of time and list your Values . 

What you value determines the outcome of your life . What new years resolutions do you keep making year after year? Let 2016 be the year that you know and understand your values in order to achieve your desired outcomes. Below are two examples of making a list of what you value . I personally prefer the longer list . There is no right or wrong with this exercise , let go of all judgement .  
Now the fun begins for each category you came up with and break it down's an example.
 Example Health : Blood pressure is _____, eat organic food, walk 30 minutes daily , feel awesome , size _____, have lots of energy , enjoy drinking 8-8oz of pure water daily , Know what my body likes, appreciate my body for all that it does, Know my body can be healthy, add chanting to my yoga practice, breathe deeply , stretch daily , smile and laugh ,   etc... 

Now Circle the three most important and then rank that 1 *2*3 according to most important. 
Next week I will have a complimentary  video on all of this. The client I am working with can how see that she is wanting to change her career , but  career is not one of her top three priorities which is one of the reasons for her not being able to move forward. Can you relate? I know I can .

Each week I will continue to build on this knowledge so we can have an amazing 2016 over flowing with Health*JOY*Love and yes abundance ...Peace...Lisa

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Clarity on Values

           Importance of Having Clarity on Personal Values ...
Horses enjoying the afternoon sun  

Can you remember a time when you had the AH HA moment , you just got it, you saw the light  and everything fell into place beautifully.  When you fully understand what is important to you on a personal level and you create a foundation based on what you value, many opportunities  will begin to present them selves.  When your values are put on the back burner internally it begins to feel like a game of tug-a-war.  Perhaps you value staying home with your kids but your back in the work force 40 plus hours a week . When your at work you feel bad about leaving the kids, when your home you feel bad about not being able to focus at work.Conflict of what you value.

How do you figure out what you place value on in your life. First what is the meaning of a value? A value is something you put meaning to , worth , benefit on. Your value is a standard you hold your self to , principles, behaviors, ethics and morals. You  make every decision based on what you value consciously and unconsciously . When you have a conflict with what you value it normally effects your decision making ability on a unconscious level, which means consciously your probably NOT aware of "how" "why " you are making the decisions your making, due to decision being made on auto pilot. By age 10 what you value is already established . Desiring change in your life ? Lets look at what you value before we jump into belief work so you can achieve success in all areas of your life . 

All motivation and drive is based on what you value .  A client, we'll call Sally ( not her real name) , goal for 2015 was to increase her income by 20%. Sally's income increased by 3% she was upset that she didn't attain this goal. When looking back at past income goals we noticed a pattern of financial goals not being met. What Sally discovered when working with the horses is her value wasn't on the money but on the service she offered her customers, having her weekends off , and being able to take off when ever she wanted . Sally's belief was that in order to increase sales she will have to work 7 days a week . Since Sally's beliefs is she'd have to work seven days a week , her unconscious mind will make sure Sally has that experience if her income increased . Sally's value of having time to her self is in direct conflict with what she believed to be true. Sally worked on a plan to offer better customer service and to attract potential costumers  which is what she values. Sally felt good inside with this approach and she believes if her customers are happier they will  tell their friends resulting in increased sales and Sally can work the same amount of hours. 

If you find your NOT achieving your goals it's time to look at your core Values . 

Some questions to ask yourself are 1) Are you judging yourself? 2) make a list of what you are judging
3) Take each item you wrote down and write about how it makes you feel at a heart level. 4) Remove the judgement and ask yourself were you can find purpose in what you wrote. 5) Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale and ask your self "Is this important to me ? What's important to you about________________? 

Give yourself a day , weekend and get completely in touch with every aspect of your life, Health, Fitness, Family , Relationships,Career, Spirituality , giving back,  and emotions. Create a list of what you value. Values are the foundation of our beliefs. Beliefs are connected to your values. Values are unconscious, autopilot while beliefs are more conscious . 

Make 2016 about getting to know you, own your values and beliefs look forward to living a life that brings you your hearts desire. 

Next Wednesday we'll revisit Values again, have fun discovering you!


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