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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


With Determination Anything is Possible 

Nick-Black Diamond

 As you look at the above photo of my son Nick , What do you  see? How old do you think he is? What level skier do you think he is? There is something very special about Nick! I am so very proud of him!!!!

Nick was born with Down Syndrome and developed Autism around 18 months of age . We were all blessed in that my Aunt Nora owned a preschool and being before her time had many children in her school with special needs. When Nick was one week old we flew from Oklahoma were we lived, to Up State New York were I am from ...My Aunt arranged for Nick and I to meet the most incredible parents who's children had Down Syndrome.

If  Nick can do it so can you ! BE it!!!

The parents taught my mom and I so much ...We had a action plan for Nick. Due to his low tone in his muscles I learned the correct way to hold and change Nick , exercises to do 4 times a day. He started physical , occupational and speech therapy at one month of age for 16 years...Speech continued till 21.

I was determined Nick would be strong and athletic ... Nick started to learn to ski at the age of 8 ... It took five long years , many awesome ski instructors ( Sue from Welch Ski Hill and  Lutsen Hill, MN instructors, you all Rock !!! and Thank you !!!) 

Nick was such a great sport as we all experimented with ways to teach him to ski. Nick couldn't use the waist or chest harasses due to his low tone of his body...But we discovered canvas straps that could be attached to the tips of his ski's...Yes huge thigh burn for all of us that held Nick from behind with straps. Your legs would be shacking so bad when you 'd get to the bottom of the hill or mountain...

Nick didn't learn to talk until he was around 12 so that added a challenge too. It's very difficult for folks who don't know Nick to understand him. But Nick is very patient with us all and finds very clever ways to communicate with us. 

Doctors told us Nick's IQ is very low and that he wouldn't be able to do much... So enjoy proving folks wrong...Yes his IQ is low so what, he believes in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny...How blessed our family is with that! Nick strengths are his love for animals , people, social skills and manners. That's all we need to have an amazing life in my book.

Determination is all you need to accomplish anything... Need motivation Think of Nick skiing down the black diamonds ....Nick always gave it 100% in learning to ski,  Took him 11 years to go down a black diamond ...Does he look pretty ..."NO Way " he'd say ... He laughs and just does it.

Nick getting ready to take a little jump.


7  things you can begin doing now to have a great ___________________________ ( you fill in the blank)

1) Determination: NEVER give up!

2) Believe in yourself!

3) Surround yourself with people who support and love you! Warning that may be 1 or 0....and that's OK...I guarantee in time that number goes up...

4) Know what you want to achieve, write it down...

5) Engage all your 6 senses, See, hear ( say positive words to yourself), feel, smell , taste, and your intuition. When I write engage I'm saying every day visualize yourself succeeding at _______________, what are you feeling as you succeed? What are the smells your smelling as you succeed? What are you tasting as you succeed? 

6)Start a daily routine that you stick to ...Example wake up 6am workout 30 minutes , 15 minutes meditation, 15 minutes spend on action steps for what you want to accomplish.

7) Gratitude : Say out load daily all that you are thankful for...

I picked Blue and Red in honor of Nick...They are his two favorite colors . Can you guess why he adores these two colors?

Spider man!!! :)
Nick and I...Believe in you!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Living your Best !

                    Being your Best

Hanging out with the horses

What fun I have been having...

Went to visit my son and watch him play Jr Hockey out in New Jersey ... So enjoy spending time with him and watching him commit and follow his dream.

 What is your dream?

What would bring enormous JOY to you ?

What one change can you make in your life today that will take you one step closer to an amazing life ?

What lesson can you learn today ?

Willie teaches us about self care and love


Look around you and what do you have to be thankful for?

I'm always asking my self what can I do to help make our world a better place to live...I truly believe it starts with each of us loving ourselves more... When your cup is full it starts to overflow and that is your gift to give to the world.

May your day be the best ever!





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