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Friday, March 27, 2015

Beliefs ... Money VS No money , Happiness VS no happiness

        Beliefs ...honoring ...non-honoring ???

What is a belief ? Beliefs are  words that you keep telling yourself over and over and over again until it becomes your truth your life.

The challenging part of a belief is if your NOT living the life you want, you have to take a long look at your belief system . Something is out of alinement . 

At a very young age we all are taking in the people around us belief systems . Sometimes that's great, other times it is what's stopping you from living a fabulous life.

Example: a client of mine grew up in a family that believed having too much money was a sin. Guess what no matter what she did she was unable to increase her income. 

Tanya grew up believing all the women in her family would get breast cancer .

Michael grew up believing that he would be heavy because all the people in his family are over weight. 

A belief is extremely powerful and can actually change your DNA . Lots of medical proof out there to prove this . ( check out "Biology of belief" by Bruce Lipton micro biologist)

So how can you change a belief ? I think of it like training   a horse or a dog. It doesn't happen over night. You have to know what result you'd like example : Health, confidence, love, more freedom in your life. 

Goal to get Asia to relax . Notice position of her body, neck is tight, she's taking little steps .  
Asia neck is still tight, she's a little more relaxed.
Look at Asia here. Isn't that pretty? It took Allie 30 minutes of warm up to get her relaxed and moving softly.

The above photos of Asia is to give you a visual of what can happen in your life when you practise what you want and believe it can be true.

   With practise and a knowing yes you can change a belief. Here's a few How to...

1) Pick one belief to work on at a time 

2) Dedicate 15- 30 minutes daily to work on new belief.

3) Write about the new belief you'd like to be experiencing. example money. Write down how you feel about money , how much money you'd like to be allowing into your life . Can money easily flow into your life?  

4) Each day for 30 days write down the first word that comes to your mind when you think of having a flow of money? example: Frustration, fear , freedom , anticipation, joy etc.

5) Write journal about that word for 15 - 30 minutes until you feel a sense of relief in you. 

 What the above exercise does is create possibility for your unconscious mind . A great book to read is by Greg Kuhn " beliefs".

Embrace being in the driver seat of your life. When you begin to see the change in your life you want to live, life is incredible!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Do You Dance, Sing to your Own Drum? Path to Inner Freedom

   Do You Dance, Sing to your Own Drum? 

             The Path to Inner Freedom

Shadow , He represents understanding the light and dark from with in.  

What does it mean to dance and  sing to your own inner drum ? Each on of us is born with our own inner guidance system which we call our soul , inner knowing or perhaps intuition .

Allow your self to delight in watching a young child and how they navigate their day. Can you remember when you were 3 or 4? A baby has their own Rhythm, we each do, it's whether we acknowledge and honor that piece of our self . Or do you allow others, society to tell you what to belief or who you are. 

From my own family and clients I  have observed lots of experiences the last few weeks offering them all an opportunity to step into a greater version of them selves . Yes life can be extremely challenging but the knowledge and self growth and what you do with that information strengthens , weakens  or changes the foundation of your life.  

You have two choices be your own care giver , take responsibility , learn and grow from the experience . In the moment its hard to see the rainbow or the end of the tunnel , ask yourself how can I go with the flow , how can I get to a better feeling? What would my prefect day be ? Keep that vision ,  feeling and trust you. You do have all the answers with in YOU!

Second option is to be the victim and blame the world. Keep saying what else can go wrong and I guarantee it will.  What you do know in playing the victim role your foundation will stay weak and over time will be washed away like the storms at sea carrying away the sand . 

Rohan ( Inner power) Willie ( Go for it attitude )


Here's an example of dancing to your own drum. Changing the clocks each spring and fall doesn't work for me . I have one clock in my house and it's on Lisa time ...I've done this for the past couple of decades...This Sunday when the clock goes ahead one hour my time stays the same . This wouldn't work for everyone but it works for me. What relief that brings to my life.

I have a client that struggles with age , very simple solution she can be what ever age she wants to be. Does her new way of thinking drive some folks nuts , you beat it does , who cares , she's not harming anyone , Right?...She is creating her own belief system what works for her. Yes she is dancing to her own drum, plus she looks younger, healthier, and is happier which allows her to be a kinder person in the world . Win win situation in my world.

I encourage you to begin dancing to your own drum, enjoy the inner freedom and love you will BE experiencing.  



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