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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are you Awake?

                        Are You AWAKE?

"Do I look like I'm walking in my sleep?" Asia... What a magnificent horse she is...

How are you living your life at this exact moment ?

Oh no that horse lady is asking more questions again... 

 How are you feeling at this exact moment?

Yes from your heart ...How is your your heart feeling?Happy ? ?Sad? Confused?  Disassociated? Longing ? Tired?

Seriously when was the last time you had a heart to heart conversation with yourself and what you believe to be true for you? Do you know what you believe(awake) or are you believing what you were told to BE true( asleep)

My goal in writing this blog is to be a quick read that stimulates your heart , soul , create curiosity  and possibility in your life...


The horses I live and work with each day are my teachers , along with nature , dogs , birds , clouds , Goddess/God,  I have such a need to be connected to all that is, when I am in the present , living my life for me , thankful to spirit , words can not express the joy , love , peace that fills every part of me, I am awake, living , experiencing , breathing my truth for me...

Majority of my clients when they first come to the ranch , are very unclear about what they believe, they are tired, unfulfilled and needing to learn some life skills... I am NOT here to tell you what to believe but to encourage you to begin to explore, view the world as your play ground , awaken your soul...Live, be thankful for all that is and can/will be...Love you , Allow love to flow from you ... 

Willie teaches us about allowing

When you awaken your soul, get connected to your inner you...I new world opens to you where all possibility exits, colors are brighter, smells sweeter, your able to have a relationship with your faith that will lead you to an awakening that will fill you with such love and joy...

My challenge to you is to observe as many children under 5 at play in an atmosphere which is free of control ...What do you notice?How does it make you feel? Do you become more aware of the creativity that is with in you wanting to be let out... My oldest child was born with down syndrome and is autistic...He has given us the greatest gift by letting us observe how he experiences the world...Such a blessing having Nick in all our lives...

Stop telling yourself how old you are ...Tell your self what age you felt the best . Tell your body that you are that age again ... Believe you are that again...Play with this every day . What did you enjoy the most about being_____________...What were you doing? Being? believing? Celebrate your birth not the age...

If your thinking ya right you weirdo...Ask yourself who decided how long a human would life? How is it that you believe what they say. How does someone you've never know tell you an experience they never had and you believe it??? This is what I mean about question...

You get to decide your experience, live your experience, celebrate, yes you are awake...If you live by what others tell you to believe and experience nothing, you are asleep... Your truth is what you experience...tell yourself what you want that to BE...If you desire unhappiness you will get it...If you desire Love you will get it...Question...Question...Question...


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Who are YOU???

                        Who are YOU???
We're thinking.....hum...hum...


Who would YOU BE if you weren't YOU?

Interesting thought....
Where would you be if YOU weren't here now?

Your definitely starting to irritate me now...

These are questions I ask myself and clients to consider occasionally...The reason being; Our society, schools, teachers, parents , friends , religion, corporate america, magazines, fashion, sports... etc...  indirectly tell humans not to  experience ones life,   do as you are told , and believe what we have to teach and tell you... We know best...We'll teach you what to know ... What to believe ... He who has the most toys win?What about expanding your brain/mind/Spirituality?  Loving you more each day...

The Horses and I teach YOU, to only believe what you know to be true for you and what you have experienced for you, to BE your truth. I encourage you from this day forward to question everything ??? Even what I'm writing. I am expressing what is true for me...What is true for you? Do you know how to think? Create? Get out side the box? expand your brain cells? Life live to the fullest? Live in the present ?Love being  alive ? Give thanks to the creator daily? Know you determine your destiny...Life?... health?...Immortality? Am I making you uncomfortable?

85% of my clients ranging in age from 3- 75 years young have come to the ranch not knowing that they were completely disconnected from their inner self / SOUL...All they knew ,is that they were unhappy , something was missing, they had no energy or someone felt something was wrong with them...

You're getting my attention

Yes you have a soul, I believe it's housed next to your heart , what do you think??? When one becomes unhappy , loses the joy for life , feels lonely,it's because your not listening to YOU ... Yes you are your best teacher, listener, friend , and yes you have to love you unconditionally ... Are you searching for something? Do you believe there should be more to life than what you are experiencing? When was the last time you sat in nature , stilled your mind and had a conversation with your faith? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the wind? to Be FREE? To run and play? What is play to you? How have you been experiencing life? 

My challenge to you is daily take 10 minutes to place both hands on your heart , tell you "I love me"slow your breath, connect with nature , still your mind and ask your faith ( Spirit , Goddess, God, Universe, etc)  a question, what do you want/need to know ? Begin to have a relationship with YOU and your faith?

Warning !!! amazing things will begin to start happening. Please share your experiences with us...

Be Thankful and grateful daily :)


Who are you?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Allowing- Willie is the Expert

         Allowing- Willie is the Expert

BE it Coaching/Free Spirit Ranch


Willie is the brown and white pony, actually miniature horse but I like to call him pony...

My Ranch my rules . Rule number 1) Love you and your life 2) Mother Nature is the boss around here 3) BE connected 4) Horses mirror your internal belief system 5) You have all the answer with in you 6) You decide your experience 7) ALLOW

What do I mean by Allow? First do you know the definition of Allow:Lets start with what it is NOT. 







Allow: to give permission, to let have,To permit the presence of, to let happen.

When you allow experiences into your life , your letting it happen or giving your self permission to experience IT . Allowing the experience to peacefully happen, it's easy...When I think of the word allow, I feel a calmness with in me. What do you feel? When I think of the words need / want I can feel tension begin to build with in me. Tension causes a block , allowing lets in...

What does Willie have to do with this?


Willie can tell you if you are allowing or wanting , letting in or pushing away. 

Yesterday morning when I was doing chores I was feeling frustrated regarding how much money it costs to operate the ranch and wanting/ needing to make more money , Willie would have nothing to do with me. When ever I tried to approach him he would run away, just like the money in my bank account...I find lots of humor in myself , I started to laugh, thanked Willie for what he was teaching me. I gave myself five minutes to just breathe , calm myself and just let go.

When I was calm Willie approached me and allowed me to pet him, I started to brain storm with Willie  on ideas to bring more prosperity to the Ranch. When Willie started to back up I checked in with what I was feeling , yes it was residence, checked that idea off the list. When I was excited and in alinement with my belief system,  Willie showed me affection. I have three ideas that I will be implementing over the next few months... Willie showed me how my emotions and feelings were effecting my life. How are your emotions, beliefs, values and feelings effecting your life? 

We all have been so conditioned by family , friends , schools, politics , religion, etc, that you forget sometimes that this is your life, Yes, you get to experience and live your life according to YES "YOU"...  You experience what ever you ALLOW in ...negative / positive , sickness / health, lack/prosperity, sadness/joyful , stuck/thriving... it comes down to mastering your thoughts , feelings and allowing what you want to BE experiencing into your life  ... Please Be gentle with yourself on this beautiful incredible journey and learn to allow and love you more fully each day... 
Monty & Me



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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Discovering your BLISS

                Discovering your Bliss©

                  How do you Discover your Bliss? What does that mean?

Free Spirit Ranch : Horses enjoying mid day snack after a cool rain.

When you are grounded it gives you the opportunity to get out of your head and into your body. When you are fully present in your body your able to fully feel your happiness ,your sadness. Your able to take care of your basic needs; shelter, food, clothing and money. You are being your own care giver or mother. These basic needs have to be in place before “Bliss”.

What does Bliss mean to you? Please consider this question for 5 minutes( write down what it means to you) , to each of us "BLISS"  is something completely different ...What makes you happy , what makes you want to jump for joy, look up to the brilliant blue sky and just swirl ? Sing at the top of your lungs?

When you’re not grounded you become disconnected from the body. Your life and the roll of the victim emerge’s and the basic needs to live may become compromised.  This is a roll each one of us has played with. Why me? Poor me! Life stinks! at one time or another.

Please take in three slow breathes while placing your hands on your hip bones feet on the floor, Now take five more slow deep breaths while placing both hands on your heart.

Sun set at Free Spirit Ranch

Can you remember being a child? Do you remember how it felt to be a child? What aspect of childhood do you most desire  to reclaim? Please write that down

What is your truth? What does this mean? Truth is what you believe to BE true for you.
Do you believe you can be happy?
Do you have dreams and goals?
Do you believe you can achieve your dreams and goals?
Do you give your self time in nature to just BE?
Do you feel grounded to the earth?

Please place both your hands on your heart and take in three slow deep breathes.  Now take another 5 deep slow breaths… Feel yourself Be-ing in your body. Feel your feet feeling connected to the earth. ( try the breathing outside barefoot)

Please choose three words that define Bliss to you, yes write them down

 Perhaps for the next 90 days please comment to reading out loud your three words morning, afternoon and evening… paying attention to how and what you feel when saying words. Warning if you believe the experience will not come to you, you are correct in your thinking. If YOU Believe the experience will come to you,  YOU are 100% correct.

You bring into your life what you believe (be Living) for you.

Here are some questions I'd like you to consider.

*How much time to do give to you each day to still your mind?
 *How much time do you spend on caring for you each week?
*Where will your next vacation Be?
*What are the top 5 items on your bucket list ?
 *Where would you life?                                                                                                                                      *What do you like most about you?

Tell yourself out loud what you like /love about you

Now tell you again with more love and caring in you to you.

Please tell you again but with an even bigger smile on your face.

Please give yourself a huge 10 second hug… What were you thinking?
*Did you smile?
*How much do you love you?
*Is your cup
1) Half empty
2) Half full
3) Over flowing

Self-growth and improvement is a daily commitment 

Discovering your Bliss is a daily commitment to loving you completely and knowing happiness needs be experienced all day long…
Have the awareness that when you’re not happy your inner self (soul) is communicating with you. Acknowledge that something non-honoring is happening. What needs to change?

If your body has pain, take the time to uncover what your body and soul need.

When your own being your loving care giver/ mother you’re on the path to Bliss

Ideas to stay grounded 
   Spend time in Nature, perhaps walk bare foot on the grass 
      1)    Hug a tree
      2)    Work out
      3)    Dance
      4)   Practice focused breathing, while stilling the mind
      5)   Stay flexible and flowing in mind , body and spirit
      6)    Connect daily to your faith
      7)    Be responsible for you 
      8)   Believe (BE living) in you

 BE open to understand what  obstacles are trying to teach you.

When you understand the How you feel and where you are, how you got there a door opens and you’re able to go forward…

I encourage you to embark on a journey to find your own truth. What is it that you need to learn, create or discover?

 Please take this material and make it yours. Perhaps you will delete some info or add some info  

Take time to have a meaningful relationship with your Faith and YOU

 May you embrace with” Joy” the path to discovering and living your” Bliss”

                                           BE the change , YOU want to live(TM)
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