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Sunday, June 30, 2013

5 steps to assist YOU in accomplishing your goal

5 Steps to Assist You in Accomplishing your Goal...

When assisting clients with goal setting I have 5 questions I ask them / YOU to consider regarding your goal...I find not accomplishing goals due to NOT BE-ing in alinement with your core Values.

Freedom-Bay Standard Breed
1) Does your goal give you Freedom in your life? What will your life feel and look like with more Freedom in it.

2)  Does your goal energize you?

3) Are you willing to commit 20 minutes 6 days a week to your goal and be excited to do so?( setting short term goals to reach your long term goal)

4) What do you expect to gain when goal is accomplished?   

5)  Do you have anything to lose when goal is accomplished?

 If you have a conflict with any of the above , I  encourage you to spend time on reevaluating  your goal or perhaps create a new goal...

The staff ( horses) at Free Spirit Ranch empower YOU to understand HOW your heart and emotions affect your life... 

Shadow & Monty


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

      BE-ing Whole :What does That Mean?

Wholeness: What does it mean to live a life of Be-ing totally whole?

The definition of wholeness according to Webster dictionary: In sound health, healed. Not dis-eased , injured, broken or damaged. Healthy in all aspects of one's being, Spiritual. physical, emotional and mental.

Be It Coaching along with the horses/dogs goal, is teaching YOU how to go about living a life of Wholeness... We all practise and live a life of wholeness at the Free Spirit Ranch.

Wholeness is about living a life that honors you, and you honor and are appreciative for the life that you have been given… Some folks have a lot to overcome, BUT all those life lessons offer you so much in learning and discovering who you are and where you are going. You know what you want and  what you will not tolerate under any circumstances! You can make a difference in your life, families , friends, community, state, etc.... I challenge everyone reading this to begin a life of BE-ing WHOLE !!!  It begins with wanting to live an amazing life...and start taking baby steps in that direction...

This week's Challenge 

1) Spend 5 minutes on Spirituality daily...
       a) Prayer
       b) Meditation- thinking of nothing...Stilling the mind
       c) Read a book on spirituality
       d) Walk in nature, mind is still
       e) Focus on your breath
       f) hug a tree

2) Physical
      a) walk daily for 20 minutes
      b) Take one thing out of your diet that is non honoring to your body... Fast food...GMO       
           food, processed food...deep fried food...pop/ diet soda...limit sugar... Replace with a   
            beautiful green veggies

3) Emotional ( 10 minutes daily)
       a) Pick one area of your life that you want to like yourself more in.
       b) Become aware of what makes you happy and sad daily
       c) Become aware of the the people that take your energy
       d) Put both your hands over your heart and tell your self how much YOU 
            love YOU... People can only love you much as you love you.

4) Mental: Start telling yourself a new story... NOW
       a) STOP be-ing a victim
       b) Every time you start thinking a negative thought about YOU...STOP ...Tell yourself 10 
            times ( minimum)  a new thought or belief... " I am worth It!"

When you make the decision to live a life of BE-ing very gentle with yourself...Keep your Focus on BE-ing Neutral or positive...Keep telling yourself I can do this...


The rewards are great! YOU will have more energy, happiness, health, more meaningful friendships and relationships... YES you will feel amazing... more opportunities will come your way...

Remember baby steps... have a question please ask me!!!

BE IT !!!  , The Change in your life YOU want to BE living NOW!!!!! (TM) 


Recipe: Salmon steamed,( wild caught)
Mixed greens ( organic) with sliced organic strawberries ( Organic)

Dressing: one cup Greek honey yogurt , 2 teaspoons vinegar, 2 teaspoons poppy seeds...Enjoy!!!

This is what my family and I had for lunch.

Warning....poppy seeds may affect drug test... 

Free Spirit Ranch 6/26/13 ...Eat green!

Monday, June 24, 2013

BE-ing Strong

Taken at Beth Yelensky's-
BE-ing Strong

To have the strength of this tree rooted deep to the earth, to allow the light to shine through YOU,  to BE ,  BE-ing flexible , Beautiful, age with wisdom, and to always be growing .

Trees have so very much to teach us... The question is are you Listening? Feeling? Hearing what you can learn Now?

What is the one thing you want to accomplish today? Tomorrow? This week? This month? Next 90 days? Next 6 months? Next year? With in the next 5 years?

When you are crystal clear about what you want to experience in this life, you can begin to work toward having a daily focus to bring those experiences into your reality.

Believe in YOU !!! You are an unique amazing individual...


Thursday, June 20, 2013

BE-ing Your Unique Self

                     BE-ing Your Unique Self



Photographer Dalton Lilly


             Notice the beauty of this flower

1)What do you really see?

2) How does it make you feel?

3) How do you want to function in the world?

4) Do you appreciate your uniqueness?

5) What will you do today that will bring YOU closer to living an outstanding life?

How boring our lives would be if we were all the same... Perhaps today celebrate what makes you  "YOU"!!! 

Allow yourself to shine and flow! Be your best self! Every day strive to BE your best self and appreciate how unique YOU truly are!

No matter what you think you are ....YOU .... are so much more than that and in all ways...



Wednesday, June 19, 2013



According to Webster dictionary the definition of  Excellence is " To BE greater than, Surpassing goodness, merit, superiority, something which in a person or thing excels, particular virtue.

 The question for today is Where in your life do YOU want to excel and BE outstanding?  BE  the Best YOU?

Perhaps it's in parenting , relationship with self and that special someone, business, or in creating.... Decide at this moment what you want to excel at...IF you don't know your life will continue to happen around you and you my friend will remain in the passenger seat.

Once you've picked what you want to BE outstanding at, it's a conscious decision every morning when you awake and the last thing you think about at night .

Excellence is a choice
Excellence is a decision
Excellence is a focus 

Imagine how your life would look, feel if you lived to your full potential?

What would happen if you kept your focus on the positive instead of the negative? What wouldn't happen?

What would happen if you you kept your focus on opportunities instead of obstacles? What wouldn't happen?

What would happen if you stayed focus on what YOU were creating/BEing rather than being distracted? What wouldn't happen?

YOU are a very powerful , YOU have all the resources you need with in YOU to LIVE to YOUR fullest potential.  May you decide today to be your own leader to create a destiny that honors you, others, nature .....BE it!!!!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Releasing Attachments

                 Releasing Attachments

Miss Josie Releasing her connection with a client

This Photo is from a Equine Human Connection (TM) yesterday...
Miss Josie is rolling to break, disconnect the connection she had with Linda.

We have many different kinds of connection with people and animals. Some are honoring like a couple that is in love , you can feel , see there connection,  a mom holding her baby , dad dancing with his daughter. It makes your heart happy to experience the love and kindness humans can show each other.  

You may have experienced being around certain folks that you become so tired , exhausted... Perhaps loud crowds or certain kinds of lighting zap your energy. Your energy is  actually being depleted.

Miss Josie is disconnecting to protect both herself and Linda... By rolling back and forth the cords ( tiny electrical waves , like the radio ) are being disconnected.  Their connection served it's purpose and now it's ended....

We want/need these connection when we are in an honoring relationship that all involved are giving. The connections become a beautiful pattern, flow of giving , receiving  and energizing each other...

Have you heard someone say I need to leave work at work and be more present at home? They are still connected energetically to the work place and people.

How do you disconnect... Stop ... drop and roll!  KIDDING.... the horses can do that but we'd get some really weird looks...Below are some ideas...

1) Brush your self  off with your hand.

2) imagine having pretend scissors and cutting the cords off

3) Ask the angels around you to vacuum them off 

Miss Josie eating grass as she observes client waiting till she is needed

YOU  have the ability to LOVE and care for yourselves on all levels. 
Everything you need to know is already inside YOU, YOU were born knowing ... 
I encourage you to begin to question, explore all possibility!

Have questions? Please ask ... Peace...Lisa

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Goal Accomplished

                     Goal Accomplished

Do you know what it feels like to accomplish a goal?

How many goals have you accomplished? 

Has that little voice inside of you ever tried to stop you?

Have beliefs that no longer serve you stopped you from living your dream?

This past weekend was a huge mile marker for me with accomplishing a goal . I actually went behind what I set to do...I'm still on cloud nine.

I spent Friday and Saturday in Hector Mn, at Magister Equitum Stables for a cross country clinic...Thank you Schweiss Family.

Water complex- Many different ways to enter and exit , varies jumps and banks

 My horse Monty has the skill to jump majority of jumps on the ground . The big question was for me to trust him and do my job. Well I did just that...It's the best riding I have ever done. I realized that day , if Monty and I can canter thru the water jump the log that you see and have so much fun...I can do anything...

I had little voices in my head that weekend trying to stop me... I replaced the "yuk" words with words that honored me. I started to sing a song that made me happy ... The awesome trainer ( Sarah Malecha) that I work with asked me a question " You will or will not jump. What is your answer... Of course it is "I Will"...

Monty ( awesome horse) did test me, if I wasn't 100% committed to jumping the fence he wasn't going. Here's what Monty, Sarah( trainer), Allie ( daughter), Jake(son), Nick(son) taught me this weekend on GOAL accomplished...

1) You will , OR,  will not do it... It's a choice

2) Negative self taught needs to STOP!!! Who cares what so and so said, all that matters is what YOU believe to be your truth.

3) You have to be 110% committed!!!!

4) You have to want it with your whole heart!

5) You have to know how it will feel to have it, know how it will feel if you don't.


7) Surround yourself with only people who believe in you and YOU believe in them. ( it's a two way street).

8) Visualize your self being successful 3 times a day for a few minutes... See what you want, Feel want you desire, hear your new experience.

9) Enjoy , celebrate your accomplishment!!! It keeps getting easier and easier... The reward is a Totally Full- Filled life surrounded by amazing folks and animals... 

Is it worth all the time and effort ? YOU BET  IT IS !!!!

 Monty and I after we completed our second successful ride/lesson. After every ride he turns his head to me like the picture , he likes his forehead scratched and approval for a fabulous job well done! He's so beautiful inside and out!

Monty's job at Free Spirit Ranch, is teaching folks about forgiveness and dealing with all the aspects of  crossing over (death). He is such a gentle soul.

Need some inspiration , motivation or assistance in connecting with your soul and discovering what it is, YOU are here to do...Attend one of our workshops , experiences or a private session with the horses . Sign up for our newsletter... call today 612-807-4740 



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mastering Your Focus and Thoughts

     Mastering Your Focus and Thoughts ( Part 1)

You have the ability to control your own focus...Which gives you the ability to take charge of your own destiny. Isn't that an exciting thought ? Imagine what you can do? Feel? See? Hear?

Today begin to start focusing on the good things in yourself, in your day, in your life, in others, in your community and the world.

Keeping your focus on the GOOD not the bad, on the POSITIVE not the negative, on OPPORTUNITIES not the obstacle, SOLUTIONS instead of problems. Allow your attention to be directed on all wonderful things that are happening in and around YOU!

Starting now :)

1) Find good things in you and your life .
2)  Find good things in others and their lives.
3) Appreciate good things in you and your life.
4) Appreciate good things in others and their lives.
5) Acknowledge good things in you and your life.
6) Acknowledge good things in others and their lives.
7) Celebrate the good parts in you and your life.
8) Celebrate the good parts in others and their lives.  

When you change your perspective to the neutral and positive your allowing opportunity and ease to find you .    

Perhaps write the 8 steps above down on a note card and carry with you as a reminder of your new way of seeing yourself and the world.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Go For it !

                          Go For it!!!!

What is the one feeling, thing , relationship, friendship....That you would so ENJOY experiencing NOW? 

What would bring such happiness to you NOW?  GO FOR it !!!!

Lets say you want to have a new relationship ...  OR improve the one your in...

Get that piece of paper out and start writing down all qualities that are important to you...There is no right or wrong... Hopefully you're writing alot...Write every last detail... 
Include feelings, emotions, what does that relationship look like ...What are you saying to each other?

You receive what you belief you are worthy of...Perhaps cut pictures out of magazines of couples doing activities that you would like to be doing with that special person...Pictures of couples that are happy... 

Spent a few moments every day on imagining that relationship YOU would like to be experiencing now ...

Important: Stop complaining!!! You know more than anyone else about what you need...Begin telling a new story...Say what you need...Be sure it makes YOU
feel good when you say it...

Have fun with this...Be open to receive ...Thankful, Grateful and appreciative once you get the experience... Treat that special person HOW you would like to be treated! Be sure to tell all the special folks in your live today how much YOU love them!


 PS, Do you see the rainbow?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Sweetness of LIFE

                   The Sweetness of Life!

Each and everyone of us is so blessed everyday with the gifts nature bestows upon US!

The herd of horses at Free Spirit Ranch have empowered 22 individuals this week. Perhaps take a deep breath in and hold it for 4 seconds and exhale fully... Do this 3 more times . Really look at the above photo. The horses are  teaching Clarissa about her life...They ( Horses) are acting out a scenario of  opportunity for Clarissa.

Nature is helping as well...Notice the sky... The shades of green...Did you know the color green connects you with your heart and to the earth. The color green brings an abundance of love to you. During this session an Eagle flew over the horses in the arena, this happened 3 times... Yes everyone present was in complete AWE!!!

Nature has so much to offer and teach you on a daily bases... Today may you get outside and give yourself the gift of BE-ing in Nature...Allow your self to BE present. To slow your breathe and appreciate how your body naturally breaths...Appreciate all that you see... Appreciate all that you hear... Be-aware of how you FEEL...Give Thanks to the Great Spirit that provides us with all this Beauty!


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