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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Anticipation of the Kiss, How that experience could Morph your Life and Business.

 Yes, Can you remember the Anticipation of your favorite Kiss?

I'm always introducing  new ways to look , view , grasp situations to enhance my life , my family and clients . My coaching business and Equine Human Connection (TM) piece of my business is trying to get folks to understand the power of thought and feeling . Last night I was remembering my favorite kiss , which was mind blowing and I started to laugh what if I could take that feeling and apply it to growing my business? What a powerful , fun vibration I could be sending out to the world. 
What if you could remember that  feeling and apply, morph it to all areas of your life? If everything is vibration a frequency we send out to bring something back to us . Imagine what the possibilities in your life could be?

Please give your self a moment to remember that incredible moment.

1) What were you feeling? Perhaps your breathing quickened or slowed.

2) How long did you have to wait for that kiss? A day, 1 week , 1 month , 1 year, still waiting?

3) How about when you thought that long awaited kiss was going to happen and someone walked in, the phone rings , someone yells for you or the person changes their mind and turns there head? Did your blood begin to boil with desire , was your stomach going crazy , did you want to scream for all the emotions were totally intense?JOY?


  Anticipation:Did you feel alive?Did you imagine how that kiss would feel, taste , sensations flowing  through your body, what were you saying to your self? Were you excited?Were you happy? Where in your body did you feel that happy place?

How are you feeling at this moment?How are you feeling? Seriously How are you Feeling?

What happens when the anticipation stops , judgement creeps in, you forget to be thankful and grateful for that person, perhaps you've forgotten the whole experience of that anticipation of that kiss. The excitement, sensations fad away ? HOW DOES THAT WORK? Life goes back to same old thing because you stopped giving attention to what felt so good and what you wanted to experience.

The focus , attention, energy , excitement STOPPED , faded away, is sadly lost until anticipation returns.

What if you could take the experience of the anticipation of that first kiss and harness it and apply to every aspect in your life ?

WHAT???What if you thought of your dreams , goals, career , relationship as the anticipation of that first kiss? What if you were living every day with the anticipation of that Kiss but it's your whole life being lived with that passion and feeling.  What if you gave attention , focus to the one thing you desperately want , and you allowed it to feel like that kiss, the anticipation of that kiss. What do you think would happen? Very important NO attachment , on;y curiosity and allowing.

 Anticipation can and I hope it has a life altering experience for you. Get to that feeling place of that Kiss , day dream, journal , dream board , write down all the ideas for your career, soul, relationships, let yourself go, the universe is overflowing with possibility . Embrace it all! Remember what ever you are feeling your sending a frequency from you out to the world that says " Bring this to me" . 

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Vibration- Understanding How it Works in your Life

Do you know what is Vibrating from YOU?

When I was in high school my dad encouraged my brother to go to College, he encouraged me to be an electrician. Figure that one out, my dad knew something I didn't . I went to trade school for my Junior and Senior year of high school and was accepted into the Electrical Union in Western New York after graduation.
I was intrigued by electricity, voltage and  circuit boards. My time in the Electrical Union was short lived but paid for a car and the majority of my college. 

Understanding electricity has been very helpful in learning the meridians of the body and explaining vibrations. May you think so too. How easy is it to turn on a light switch(auto pilot) , put on the air conditioning(auto pilot) , plug in your hair dryer(auto pilot) or recharge your phone(auto pilot). Do you think of what happens when you turn on the switch ? Most likely not . The turning of the switch closes the circuit and allows electricity to flow illuminating your light or turning on an appliance.
Just think of all the rooms in your office , home and all the plugs which connect to all the wires that go to a fuse box in the home/office that runs to a transformer or a box outside of the building and continue to a substation,( Please keep reading it gets better) that connects to other transformers before reaching the final source of were the electricity is created . How many wires do you see in your home? Can you see the electricity flowing? You can hear it on the enormous power lines.

How does this relate to the vibrations that you send out creating your life experiences?  You can NOT see the vibration , just like you can NOT see the electrical wires in the wall,or see the electricity traveling through the wires,  it's cause and affect. Turn the switch on light goes on , turn the switch off light goes off. You have a thought just like the light switch being turned on and that thought will have a feeling attached and off it travels from you , like a pebble being thrown into a pond or a radio station sending out radio waves. You can also think of it as a boomerang, you send it out and it comes back.  
The interesting part is what comes back to you may be non-honoring or honoring depending on what vibration your sending out . Think of the radio station you push the button or turn the tuner to get the radio station you want . If it's  car you know what button your pushing and what station will be playing .  Rent a car it will be chance what radio stations you tune into when you push the button. You have a thought that you know your going to have a great day , you feel that great  day with in you,your sending out a vibration just like the radio station in your car. Your vibe is to have a good day, guess what you will. 
If your thoughts and feeling are random or all over the place your  the space where two radio stations meet , it's frizzy, static,  you don't know what your getting. Would you leave for a car trip to Texas with no map or GPS?

 Basically your settling for what ever life will be tossing to you. Sometimes it works great other times it's devastating. The Bible says "ask and you shall receive" This is the reason for "be careful for what you ask for you just may get it" When you ask you send out a vibration of  your belief and feeling. BUT if you don't believe you can be happy, have a loving relationship , travel first class, have a lake home, the vibration you will be sending out is keep it away.This is how when people say " How can life get any worse"? IT WILL due to the sadness they are sending from their body , the universe reads the information has they want more hardship OK coming right up.

Find this confusing, your not alone. Are you wanting to understand this more or perhaps experience how this works ? I Invite you to come experience Equine Human Connection (TM) session. The horses will give you a visual of what you are vibrating from your body. It's a very fun way to learn.

 Check out our calendar . Next workshop is June 15, 3-5pm focus will be on well-being and achieving a healthy weight but not limited to this subject. Sometimes the horses know there is something else for you to discover.
Life can Be a Field of Daisies 

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