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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Who's fault is it?

It's Your Fault ? It's who's fault ? Mine? What if....

New day brings new possibilities - Free Spirit Ranch - Maiden Rock  WI

 So often in life blame is given when a person doesn't like the out come , situation , circumstance in their life. 

What if you could look at an experience with no judgement from as learning opportunity to growth into your best self? 

Do you know what your best self looks , feels , thinks like ? Perhaps the person your upset with is mirroring an opportunity for you to grow or your mirroring opportunities for each other.

I had a very painful breakup this year . In my mind and heart I wanted this relationship to last forever , I thought and believed it would, I'm sure I became needy as it began to fade away .  The relationship ended in a non-honoring way for me. When I prayed and asked for guidance what I discovered is that we each were mirroring what the other needed to learn. 
What may appear as an ending is really a new beginning- Lisa Kuchinski

What am I talking about? This is where the importance of stilling the mind comes in. When you stop the chatter in the mind, you open a space for learning's and  ideas to flow to you. If you need to cry please do it and get the emotion out of your body, release it all . I cried for at least a week, and I mean sobbed. I found it difficult to work , eat or sleep. How do you discovery what you need to learn and get back to enjoying life?

Example:I meditated ( stilled the mind) every morning and evening for 15-30 minutes . I'd ask "what is it that I need to know from this experience" .  The one morning I just knew, I have  felt abandoned since I was a young child . I was alone . People were around me but I never felt protected , nurtured,cared or loved for. Because what I lived and experienced was so painful as a child, the majority of my life I have protested my self unknowing, this is the unconscious mind at work. I had a deep understanding of what happened to me doesn't define who I am. I spent some time on forgiveness of what happened as a child. 

Let go , give it to the Creator, Be pleasantly surprised
How did you find forgiveness? Release? Move on?

1)  Write letters to certain folks on behave of your child self and then burn them .
2) Let go and let Creator 
3) Write a sentence that describes your feelings and rewrite . Look at example 
I have felt abandoned unloved due to parents not keeping me safe from J & B ( this sentence is your truth only , your goal  is to release emotion . 
have felt abandoned unloved due to parents not keeping me safe from J & B I

felt abandoned unloved due to my parents not keeping me safe from J& B I have

abandoned unloved due to parents not keeping me safe from J&B I have felt

unloved due to parents not keeping me safe from J&B I have felt abandoned 

due to parents not keeping me safe from J&BI have felt abandoned unloved 

Keep rewriting sentence till you get back to the beginning word. Once completed  you'll feel at peace. You may have to write several sentences. 

Yes , you can begin to see the light, release the heavy

The whole process took me three weeks . What I learned is that my ex-boyfriend abandoned all of his relationship. He just left, walked away , no discussion , a few mind games . He has been protecting himself from a unknowing hurt in his past, most likely childhood. I have found peace with it all, compassion for him, once I took myself out of the equation and viewed the relationship as an independent observer. What would happen in your life if you allowed yourself to become the independent observer?  When you remove the judgement, who's fault it is and look for the learning you'll be free from being the victim and on your way to becoming the creator of your life overflowing with JOY.

See the light! 
Will you have set backs of emotions , perhaps. Review and be thankful for what you have discovered and having clarity on what you want to be living . Keep your focus on going forward. What happens when your driving to a destination in a car , YOU keep your focus on going FORWARD , YOU have your location , occasionally you'll look back for a very brief moment and then your focus returns to where YOU are going not where YOU have been. Question; What would happen if you kept your focus on what was behind you while driving? answer this to yourself out loud. Would it take you longer to get to destination? Would you have an accident? Yes you create many blocks or challenges just by looking back for too long of time. There is a reason the past is in the past and How the Present is a gift that we all need to appreciate  , enjoy, and keep your focus on attaining your fullest potential ! 

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