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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wanting / Needing / Being grateful , Appreciating

What do you want in your Life?

What do you need in your Life?

Are you grateful for your many Blessings? 

How do you acknowledge appreciation? 

Rohan, Asia, Monty 

Many of my coaching clients seek help, guidance due to something  missing in their lives, lack of happiness , no energy , no motivation, a wanting for change.

Your emotions are your inner guidance system (soul) talking to you. The question is are you a listening.

Many folks have been raised that wanting  , desiring is selfish or materialistic. When you have a connection and love for yourself first ,you have an over flow of energy , compassion , prosperity to give back to the world. It all starts with self, no one , nothing can make you happy or healthy. It's the chooses, thoughts, and feelings you make that determine majority of your life. Are you ready to experience something new, more fulfilling? Are you ready to embrace more joy , and know what it feels like to be connected to all that is? It's a daily commitment.

I'd like you to get a note book and start writting down what you want.
Example : 
 I want to have perfect health.
I want to have a firm body.
I want to have over flowing amounts of money in my bank account
I want to love me unconditionally
I want my own of  business
I want a healthy , loving relationship
Talk and think about the qualities in a relationship that you want. You already know what doesn't work . Focus on what you want to be experiencing. 

Now expand upon each of the above

I need perfect health so I can feel good, I'll be able to move with ease. I'll have more energy to do things is life I enjoy,_______________________.  I'll be able to spend more time ____________________. When I feel good I'm happier. Give lots of detail. 

I need and am excited to have a successful business. I am not sure of what that would entail presently but I am open to meeting people , allowing new opportunities into my life that will guide me on the discovery to what that business is. I need a business that will give me ________________________. 
I need to make  $____________ plus. I need the business to allow me to be creative .

Fiona (horse) helping a client understand how thought and feelings affect our  lives. "Equine Human Connection"
I am very thankful and blessed that I can breath and that my heart beats
I am very thankful and blessed for my perfect health it allows my to move with ease, work out , be active .
I am very thankful and blessed that I have electricity.

What do you want? What are you thankful and grateful for? You can allow life to happen to you , or you can embrace living and spend time daily on learning to create a life you'll love living. 

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Removing Judgement , learn from your experiences with horses


                   Removing Judgement

              Learn from your experiences with horses

Equine Human Connection Session

 The horses and I have been empowering people for over a decade . When I think back on what we did in the beginning ( Equine Assist Learning/ Coaching) to what our clients experience today with Equine Human Connection (TM) I am ecstatic, due to how much we all have evolved or" morphed "my teacher would say.

Each of our lives represents what we feel , believe and know about ourselves. Take a look around at your surroundings, do you like what you see? Are you happy with your home, car , the quality of the food in your fridge? What does your clothing say about you? What does the way you walk say about you ? How do people treat you?  How does your heart feel about you? What do you see when you look into the mirror? Do you understand what it means to be connected to your soul? 

 Shadow ( Horse) teaches us all about the dark / light , good/ bad, soft/ hard, wet/dry, sunshine/ rain of life. In order to appreciate happiness fully we need to have experienced saddens. We get into emotional conflict when we place judgement on ourselves , others or situations. You may be thinking what kind of  garbage am I introducing to you. Two years ago I decide this is the lesson I need to master in order to grow personally and to better assist my clients. It's a whole different way of approaching life. Is it easy??? NO,  for me, it was a challenge in the beginning . I am a Libra which is about balance , equal parts , fairness , the symbol for Libra is the scale can you see how this new way of believing could be difficult, how could I weigh situations that I was experiencing or my clients?

First of  all life isn't fair. But when you remove judgement from all situations you've set yourself free from limitations. The creator has given each of us free will to live our lives as we please. So as an event plays out , remove the judgement and ask yourself how does this feel to me? Does it feel honoring or non-honoring to me? What is this experience saying or mirroring to me? Here's an example ; last weekend my daughter and our horse went to Chicago to compete at Fox River Valley. We brought another person with us , her horse and her friend. To save on expenses we were all going to share a hotel room.  Thirty minutes into the trip I became very uncomfortable due to the language the one person was using. I left judgement out , this person mirrored to me the importance of expanding my vocabulary, expressing what I needed to happen. I needed the two individuals to get their own hotel room , which they did. I expressed my truck is my personal space and in my space this is the language that is allowed. The best piece is ...  I had no self talk going on in my head, I have  no hard feelings toward the individual , I'm expanding my vocabulary and I honored myself and the person involved. 
Shadow ( horse) is very gifted in teaching to remove judgement. It's best to practise with small steps in the beginning perhaps , someone cutting you off in traffic, your girl or boyfriend cancelling an event you were going to attend together,  thinking someone is looking at you strangely . Start small and work up. Some events in life are so very painful to understand or find meaning  and will only bring frustration if you attempt to remove judgement at this time. 

1) What do you need to learn from the situation? 
2) How can you grow? 
3) Is the person Mirroring something to you? 
4) Let go of having to be correct.
5) Did you like what you were experiencing?  

Life is about learning to love ourselves more deeply , having a relationship with creator and ENJOYING being ALIVE!
Many Blessings to you! Health*JOY*Freedom...Peace...Lisa and Shadow

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Create a Honoring Belief System

Willie Pony teaches us about allowing, while Fiona right of Willie teaches us the importance of loving self and all.

    How to Create a Honoring Belief System

Do you know the meaning of Belief? According to Webster Dictionary its:
: a feeling of being sure that some(one or something exists or that something is true
: a feeling that something is good, right, or valuable
: a feeling of trust in the worth or ability of someone

How do we form our belief systems? From our parents, family, friends, religion, teachers, experiences, social media, TV , magazines , society,  etc...  The horses ( Equine Human Connection) and I create experiences to empower folks to know if their core beliefs are theirs or some one else s. 
How do you create your core belief system? It's very simple ask yourself" what do I believe?"
1)  Relationships/ Marriage
2) Spiritual Beliefs
3) Money / Wealth
5) Health
6) Joy
7) Sex
Now write it down and read each question out loud . How does the sentence feel? If the sentence feels good , makes you smile it's honoring to you.

If the sentence feels  terrible or is bothersome it's someones else's belief.  Ask yourself what do I want my new belief to be that feels good? Write it down and reread the new belief am & pm for a minimum of 60 days to ensure your unconscious mind will make the new belief automatic.

Shadow (Horse) reminds us: to stop judging and look at life as an experience you like or don't . How will you take action in order to make life more honoring for you and the world?

Yes this may seem like a lot of work , it is . Remind yourself that your belief system creates the life you are now living and experiencing. Like what your living keep reenforcing your beliefs . 

If your  life is non-honoring , examples; poor health, unhappy , dislike job, lonely, lack of money, low self esteem, etc...that is your guidance system speaking loudly to you that some belief changes need to be made. 

Make yourself a priority in your life today! Health*JOY*Freedom...Peace...Lisa

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