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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Challenges or Not ????

 Challenges or Not????

                          That is the Question...

My son Nick with Phlaggston ( National show Horse...Yes that is a breed)
 Today I decided to write about my son Nick and all that he has taught me...Which is a lot!!!

Nick riding Phlaggston

 The question I'd like you to consider is Nick challenged or are we challenged for seeing him labeling him with Down Syndrome and Autism???

Take a moment and really look at your self and have an awareness of all the unique qualities YOU have!

Yes each and everyone of us is UNIQUE and has a special gift to offer the world ...What is your gift? Who around you is helping you to discover that part of you?

Nick has brought so much to our family. He has taught us how to stay grounded, to never give up, to believe in yourself, unconditional love for animals, nature and humanity...etc... To do what you love, live in the present moment, appreciate everything and to always believe in your self!

Was it easy raising Nick? When he was little it was the biggest challenge I have ever had... Was it a lot of work ... Yes it was... was it worth it? Yes every second of it...

When Nick was born I didn't know anything about Down Syndrome,  I was so thankful that , that was all he had ... Didn't sound too bad... Yes ignorance is Bliss... Nick and I were blessed to have been surrounded by folks with great wisdom and knowledge... ( Nick is my oldest)...

One thing that still bothers me to this day is that numerous folks told me it was OK to grieve for the child that Nick wasn't... Professionals and other parents said this... It took all my strength not to clap each and every ignorant person that believed such foolishness. I loved my son how dare someone say it's OK to grieve... If YOU ALLOW life to unfold you do find the Gem / Rainbow/ Happiness...

There are no guarantees in life...It is up to each of us to find JOY where we are...To learn what we are here to learn and be thankful...
Nick was a runner since the time he could walk ( 20 months of age) ... He would escape and had a need to be in the woods/ nature and move... What I didn't realize is that the energy in our home was too much for Nick. Even though his dad and I didn't fight he could feel the stress and anger from us ... Nick needed to get away from the negativity... The only tool he had was his feet and to leave the house / yard... He had a need to find and feel peace...He had the inner knowing of how to do that. What is your Child/ Pet trying to tell you ?

*Nick teaches everyone  about inner knowing
* Loving and accepting yourself unconditionally
* Forgiveness 
* Hard work and knowing what you want pays off...Nick started riding horses  when he was 4 years old... He know barrel races, canters (run) on a horse independently in a field, He can ride...:) He can also down hill ski, blue runs no problem, he likes to go down diamonds ... He ski's the big mountains in Colorado...Enjoys hunting deer, loves to fish... He always catches more fish than any one...
*Go for your dreams
* Say your prayers everynight
 * Nick Teaches us to remember how important Animals and Nature are to your soul! 
* Remembers everyone's Birthday...and will call you to say Happy Birthday!  
Nick Having Fun...No It's not Halloween
 Nick lives life to the fullest...He will join in Equine Human Connection  (TM) and helps my clients sometimes... He gives the Best hugs! Always has a smile for you...Volunteers at the Humane Society walking dogs...Loves a new adventure...He wants to Sky Dive this summer...

Life is harder for Nick but he never lets that stop him...He knows what he wants and Goes for it... Nick is such an inspiration to me and so many others... 

Go for your dream!!! If Nick can do it, so can YOU!!! Challenges or NOT??? How sweet it is to accomplish a goal / dream or hearts desire... 
 YES YOU CAN !!! Keep your focus on your goal, leave the past in the past , stay present and keep your FOCUS!!!

Share your results...Please

Nick taking Lucy Lou into groomer for a hair cut

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Benefits of being Neutral

              Benefits of BE-ing Neutral

Monty ...My Jumper and best friend

I encourage my clients and children to master the feeling of BE-ing Neutral... How does that work you may be thinking?

When you are positive or negative you are using energy . When you master Neutral you keep your energy for you and increase your ability to focus and stay calm.

Example of How this works:

My Daughter and I attended a cross country schooling day this past Sunday...I would attend clinic on only three hours of sleep my daughter five hours of sleep, we would jump for two hours.

We both were exhausted and had a lot invested to attend clinic.

I decided I would BE neutral at clinic to conserve my energy. I would just BE... No being sad or happy... I would focus on the jumps Monty was to jump , allow my body and mind to do their job... No that we could do it...  Trust that all our jumps would BE successful! Trust that we had all the skills we needed to be successful and Allow it to just happen. BE present in the moment , no thinking about the past or future , ONLY the present moment...

Guess what??? We kicked Butt!!! Every Jump was successful ... It's the best Monty has ever jumped , it's the best I have ever ridden!  We were the perfect team!!! My daughter asked me 20 minutes into our lesson" What are you doing MOM"? She had never seen me ride like this before... I explained I am BE-ing Neutral... She and Asia began riding in a Neutral attitude and what a team the two of them make... They jumped the highest and widest jumps successfully... 

Once our lesson was done we celebrate our great success for the four of us!!! Horses received lots of carrots and a bath! Time to BE positive and Reflect so we can do this again, but with 8 hours of sleep... :)

BE-ing Neutral is a wonderful tool when you have a

~ task to accomplish 

~   Desire to experience something new

~ Need to Conserve your energy

~ Moving forward in life

~ Manage Stress

~Slimming your Body

~ Getting out of a relationship

~ Going into a relationship

~ Finding a new job

~ The List goes on...

REMEMBER once you have experienced what you wanted to experience to BE Positive and Celebrate your accomplishment!!! Reflect so you can recreate that success again and again .....
Monty and I out for a relaxing ride


Saturday, July 13, 2013

In an Instant


                            In An Instant

Yes your life as you know it at this moment can change instantaneously for the better or worse. 95 % of the time our actions , beliefs , self talk,  how you see / feel/ hear /the world  send out a vibration to bring YOU that experience... 

The horses teach you to BE-aware of what your sending out into the world, Because what you are vibrating out IS coming.. back to you...

This is a great story ... One of My clients Debbie decided it was time for a relationship in her life... The past Four months she was writing, cutting out pictures , and becoming 100% crystal clear about the man she wanted to meet and the relationship she wanted to experience... She put lots of time into this...Plus she has put time into healing all her past relations and knowing what a healthy relationship would BE for her.

Guess what they found each other... Debbie's friends brought her to an event that she didn't really want to go to... Conner's friends brought him to the same event ... They met!!! Instant attraction!!! So beautiful to see the two of them together!

Conner had every quality on Debbie's list ... They both have done their healing, Both their hearts are open and ready to receive love and kindness, They enjoy the same things... 

Key pieces to note:

1) doing your self work/ healing your past hurts, finding forgiveness for self and others/ knowing you are worthy of living a Fabulous life which has Lots of LOVE in it!

2) Be-ing clear about what you need

3) Be-ing open and excited to receive your desire or something better

4) Be-ing Thankful and grateful for all that you have in life...

5) Nurture, Love  and Care for that relationship once you have it. What a gift!

Today may you spend time on the life you want to be living... Send that energy out into the world! 


Thursday, July 11, 2013


Freedom- Free Spirit Ranch

Was a pacer on the race track...He was extremely talented and had many wins... He was retired when he didn't make a full recovery from a surgery to his ankle ( pastern)...

I adopted him 8 years ago, what a blessing that has been.When Trail riding with Freedom, He had a habit of when he turned in the direction of the barn he would crow hop ( jump straight up in the air all four legs leaving  the ground) and buck like he was in the rodeo... I always managed to stay on some how...

Freedom no longer crow hops and bucks when you are on him, but he still teaches you about what it feels like to be completely FREE...

Imagine being completely free to love yourself...What would that feel and look like?

Imagine being in a relationship with a partner that you each felt completely Free to LOVE the other person...What would that feel and look like?

Imagine being Free to trust your instincts( yourself) ...What would that feel and look like?

Imagine having Freedom to choose your career...What would that feel and look like?

Imagine  Having the Freedom to Choose Happiness...What would that feel and look like?

Imagine having the freedom to choose to be healthy...What would that feel and look like?

Imagine having the Freedom to allow your self to receive love...What would that feel and look like?

Imagine having the Freedom to BE? What would that feel and look like?


Freedom ( Horse) teaches folks just that... Imagine!

Freedom- Free Spirit Ranch


 May you day be overflowing with Freedom and Love


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Allow the energy from the New Moon to assist you in creating your hearts desire...

                    New Moon Energy

Apache left, Walobe middle, Shadow right

  July 8 is the beginning of the New Moon energy...

It's a time to begin a new project, allow your creativity to flow, perhaps meet new people and spend time the next six days getting really clear about what you are excited to be experiencing your life.

Every month we have a gathering at Be it Coaching/ Free Spirit Ranch on the New Moon ... It is my belief to spend time on moving forward in life ( That is what Walobe horse above helps folks with)... If we spend time talking about how unfair life is ...You keep getting that...

Thinking about wholeness, How are you moving forward with your physical health ? Perhaps it's walk every day , join a gym, Eat more green vegetables,etc.

Spirituality, what do you want to be doing more of this month? Perhaps it's spending time in Nature? Meditating daily? Knowing what Spirituality means to you?

Emotionally , getting connected to your heart more this month. What one thing makes your heart so happy? How can you do more of this in July?

Mentally , What new supportive words will you be telling your self this month? Perhaps it's " I love me"  " I am so thankful I can breathe" 

Please write down what you will be working on . Perhaps find pictures out of magazines or draw pictures that support, show what you want to be experiencing NOW...

I have a picture/ dream board in my office that a client asked me about yesterday. As we talked about it I realized I need to create a new one, because I am experiencing 85% of what is on my board... It only took 6 months! 

Example of a dream board 


Walobe left, Apache right, Photo was taken in a session with a client
Walobe horse on left helps folks get in alinement with what they truly want to be feeling in their hearts and moving forward with Joy in their lives. Apache teaches you the importance of fun and play in your life!
During the above session the horses taught my client how she can easily move forward in her business and personal life and Yes it happens when she is having fun!

May this week bring you the knowing that possibility surrounds YOU ... What do you Need? 

And know...Know matter what you think you are YOU are so much more than that and in so many ways!!!


Sunday, July 7, 2013





How you decide to feel is a Choice.

How you decide to  think is a Choice.

The awareness  of how you see your self is a Choice

Your attitude affects  all your out comes... Is your cup half empty, half full, full or over flowing?


Some words for thought:

* Start taking responsibility for your life : You will begin to fell more joyful and uplifted.

* Trust in your highest good: Allows you to let go of negativity and feel your true feelings.

*Love yourself: Opens you up to receiving LOVE

* Forgive yourself and others: Sets you free to BE your divine self

* Bless self and others: Allows flow into your life

* Write down your dreams and read 2 times a day, Believe you can attain them or something better: Becoming proactive in creating your life. Feels great!


 If you are ready to start living a life of Love , Joy and Freedom start paying attention to how you feel, your actions , behaviors ... You are your best teacher...all the above will give you lots of insight on you ...Perhaps you are stuck, need to change an old belief or attitude.

If  you are willing to do a little work on your self   the REWARD'S Are GREAT!!!

Photographer Dalton Lilly



Thursday, July 4, 2013

Remove the box around you: Embrace Joy

Remove the Box Around You ...Embrace Joy!

Walobe & Apache Free Spirit Ranch

I am very blessed to live with the herd of horses at Free Spirit Ranch...Every day is a new learning experience!

Yesterday the horses had a full day, empowering folks...
The theme was getting out of your box and live life to the fullest!

Being Busy to the max and thinking all the time , plus over processing life has created so much stress and anxiety for the folks who visited , Be it Coaching / Free Spirit Ranch yesterday...

Walobe and Apache were giving examples of how to create your own path and allow play and joy to move YOU forward in life... Consider how that may work in your life?

Some one said to me ..."that is what I so enjoy about my life , Yes that is what I love ... I don't want to make that my living( Job)" ???
Why not???

Ideas  for today...

* Make a list of everything that makes you happy.

* If you don't know what makes you happy...Make a list of things to try that may bring you happiness.

* What are you Grateful and thankful  for in your life?   

* Who are the people that most inspire you and why? 

* What are you doing when you laugh so hard?

* Write down beliefs that no longer serve you ... cross them out and write down a new belief that makes you feel FABULOUS!

example ... I dont have enough 

Abundance...Abundance ...Abundance

I am so fat
Every day and in every way I am getting healthier and it feels great!

I feel so stuck

I release the box around me and NOW Allow freedom into my life...

Change can happen over night if you are in total alinement with the new experience that you want to be having now...

Be gentle with yourself if it takes you longer...  it may... It is what you believe that determines everything...

It's about learning to be the master of your thoughts and feelings!

Phlaggston - National Show Horse ...





Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You are were you are ???

                     You are Were YOU are?

Lately I have been hearing so many people say that they are exactly were they are sub-post to BE in life? Well if YOU are living an amazing live I believe that ...

But if you are unhealthy, sad , can't pay your bills, relationship is dysfunctional , hate your body, have no energy , are negative , no balance , mind keeps racing... It is time to STOP saying this is what "God" wants me to be experiencing , "Karma" , " I am exactly where I am sup-post to be" ??? 

This is your WAKE UP CALL !!!

 You are where you are in life because of YOU !!!

Congratulations if your a pro-creator of your life! Teach others!

If your ready to start believing and living a life that honors YOU now , Please continue reading!

You have all the resources in YOU at this moment to begin living a better life NOW! Is it going to take some work? YOU beat it is...

Starting today ...

1)Every morning tell yourself that you are thankful to be alive!

2) Stop allowing negative thoughts to enter your mind.

3) Begin to eat healthy...learn about nutrition...get a new cook book...You can control what goes into your mouth. If you are over weight...You are not alone ... It's my experience that you are protecting yourself from ________? You know the answer. Who do you need to forgive? What belief do YOU need to let go of now? It is that simple...

4) Get up and move your body everyday! Walk , dance , workout, skip , swim, bike...

5)  Divinity ...Faith...Goddess...God...Spirit...Universe...
Spend time on knowing what you believe...Does it honor you and humanity... Do you need to expand what you believe?  Do you need to Believe something new?

6)  Get connected with yourself...The only one who can make YOU happy is you...What makes you happy?

7) Start seeing, feeling , hearing life as you want it to be...

8) STOP talking about what you do NOT want!  START telling a new story..." I am so excited for that new job because I am going to be experiencing ______________ !

9) Believe you deserve to be living a great life!

10)  BE accountable ... YOU are the only person who can change your life...YOU decide what you want to be feeling, believing about you ! Make it honoring and loving!

11) YOU CAN DO IT !!! GO FOR IT !!! 

12) Know what your goals and dreams are. Spend time everyday on action toward them!


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