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Tuesday, September 9, 2014



Majority of the clients the horses and I work with are needing to experience more fulfillment in their lives , something is missing and they can't pin point what that is ...

Perhaps if they had :

1) more money 

2) relationship 

3) intimacy 

4) were thinner 

5) more education

6)  vacations

7) new car / big house

How about you ? On a scale of one to ten , 1 being no Joy , 10 being over flowing with Joy , what number would you choose?

What number do you want to be? 

True happiness isn't external . True JOY is experienced from the inside first ... What does that mean ? It means your heart and soul are filled with unconditional love for, yes,  YOU.  You can actually feel it in your heart . It means being OK with where you are at this exact moment. Your able to spend time alone with YOU and find yourself interesting and very good company ... Question...If you don't enjoy being around you how can someone else enjoy being with or around you .

So many people are searching , looking for someone to make them happy ...Stop...they only person that can do that for you is "YOU".

How do you learn to love you more , appreciate you more , enjoy your own company ? 
From my experience it starts with having the awareness that you have all the answer with in you starts with learning to still your mind of all thought and learning to be with yourself in complete silence ...Just listen to your beautiful heart beat ... I find getting away from lights , sounds , traffic, people , and finding a place in nature that is beautiful to me/ you. When we have quiet , it allows the presence of the Creator to BE in our lives.  It allows you to have a one to one experience with the Creator.

It allows the inspiration of nature to speak to you .  All the beauty that nature has to offer your able to experiecne ... Nature and the Creator due NOT judge you , your able to be in harmony with all that is ... Give your self the opportunity to hear YOU. When you take the time to listen to YOU, your connecting to your soul...Remember only you know what is best for you . Only you know HOW you can make YOU completely happy .

Perhaps starting today begin playing and using  the words , " I now know" , " I am" ... just say it how you know it will be ... Knowing that yes you love you! Knowing that you can do or be ______________... Knowing ____________... Just know ... 



             Shadow & Client ... allow yourself  to know you are loveable &  ____________...

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