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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Learn How to Have More Energy , Feel Great , Be Healthy

          Do you want to know HOW to have more energy ? 

Two months ago I had another set back in my life in regards to my challenge with Lyme's . What a blessing it has been. I have my energy back , getting back in shape and have slimmed of 12 pounds. 

A good friend Joan recommended I contact her homeopath  . I did best decision , I had a hand scan done which reads the energy system's of your body . The scan tells you so much about your emotional, physical , spiritual self .  

Make a wish

Three changes you can implement into your life now that I have made and changed my life. 

1) Diet : This change turned my life around immediately . I am following This 100% for 90 days than I will follow 80 % / 20% rule . I'll eat 80% of diet on this plan , 20% of diet can be carbs, alcohol, dessert. 

Eat as much fruit and veggies , protein as you would like . No carbs , beans , nuts, rice, sugar or alcohol. Everything is organic, meat grass fed( No Grain) , fish wild caught , chickens organic and free ranged.

No mixing fruit and veggies. When I eat fruit I consume a little raw heavy whipping cream or whole milk. I use Butter or olive oil when cooking .

Take a probiotic , minerals, vitamins, cellular support ... ( need help contact me I offer pure supplements and hand scanning for my clients)

All my symptoms stopped with in 48 hours of making this change. You will be on your way to having a healthy digestion.

2) Emotions: There was a connection between my health set backs and my emotions . 

Your body talks to you all the time , are you hearing . If you have constant head aches for example its  related to fear and self-criticism.

My case I was out of balance with nature and life.

Anxiety being unable to trust the process and flow of life.

Getting back in touch with your intuition , meditation, exercise , being in Nature, honor how you feel, ask yourself questions.

3) Spirituality : Having a connection with the creator/knowing your purpose .

Majority of folks have NO idea of what their purpose on this earth is or what they believe in and why.
Learning to have a inner connection with yourself and the creator. Know what you belief in and your values.
Learn to meditate , pray for what you , others and the world needs.

This is a daily practice.


The easiest place with quick results is with diet . I encourage you to make a commitment of living a magnificent life with no settling .

From my experience with how my life as made a 360 degree for the better. That saying is so correct " Be careful of what you wish for you just may get" it is true. 

My life looks nothing like it did three months ago , it was a difficult, emotional , up and down crazy ride . I had to let go of familiar situations, people , activities , being comfortable, did I cry a lot you beat I did. But, last night the inner peace I felt , the enormous opportunities that presented themselves to me the past three days have made all the pain , sadness worth it.  

I know as long as I stay on my path honoring me , creator, my life, vitality and  health will start part of what a experience and enjoy.

Enjoy and embrace your journey we call life ... You are either creating or living on autopilot , May you choose to Create.

September My daughter and I will be launching a new program called "Expansion" which will be based on these three steps to support you in your life to have incredible relationships and overflowing  opportunities .


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Intentional VS Survival

                         Intentional Living 

Niagara Gorge , NY


 What am I writing about now? Do you want that job promotion? Are you ready to learn about how to eat healthy so you can be the size you want to be. How about having a peaceful life or an incredible relationship with your kids. Need more money? What is it that you need to know ? The knowing of __________________________ will do what in your life?

If you go about your life with no purpose , goals , dreams , desires you are in survival mode my dear friend . You letting life give you what ever. You are on the back burner , stuck in traffic , and tired. 

Start living Intentionally.  Here are some ideas on how to; Get a notebook and pen.

1) Pick a dream or goal . Lets start small. example : New pair of  "Gold sandals" 

2) Find a picture , make a drawing , write words down on paper. I find the sandals I want  on the internet, take a picture of them , put picture on computer & phone screen . 

3) I ask this  questions a few times a day . What would it take to have My new gold sandals?

4) What do you need to do so you know you will have __________________. Gold sandals.

5) Every night before going to bed set your intention out loud and on paper. I am curious as to when my Gold sandals will arrive and having 5 new clients this month. 

Be aware of how your feeling ? Are you feeling light ( will bring sandals and clients to me) , are you feeling heavy ( will keep intention away)

6) Every morning before getting up I reset my intention I am curious as to when my Gold sandals will arrive and having 5 new clients this month. 

7) When setting intention connect with creator , image a light far above your head , let your self connect with that light , and allow your body to let that healthy warm light to bring health, love and joy to every cell in your body . Now imagine having your intention, Example : I imagine putting on my gold sandals and wearing my new white dress, the shoes feel so good on my feet , I see myself having the restaurant door opened while I walk in and I'm so Thankful and Grateful for me new Gold Sandals. 

 Believe it's more successful to start implementing this daily into your life with small things first . As you experience success start to play with bigger intentions. This is the game of life make in fun!

Have questions please ask. Text BEIT to 51660 to receive weekly text inspirations . 



Sunday, July 10, 2016

Relationship: Stay or Go

   Are you fueling (seeding)positive thoughts or negatives thoughts????

i   Example: when you complain about your partner, YOU are asking the universe, creator for more of what you are complaining about. Guess what, the relationship keeps getting worse. Please implement, change your thoughts to:

      1)     Remember what you truly like/love about that person. How about that first kiss? 

      2) What attracted you to them in the beginning? Focus on the positive.

      3)  Talk, feel, see, hear, and know, how you want the relationship to be.  Visualize    

     4)Send your intention this pm on how you want your relationship to blossom.

      5)    Keep your focus on that loving, supporting, respectful ________________ relationship.
 6)      State your intention both am & pm ...

      Weather its clients, family or friends when someone first starts dating they are floating on cloud nine, the couples energy is giving life to each other.  It’s a beautiful flow of giving and receiving. Both their eyes are so sparkly and yes everyone around them can feel the love. Hope that brings a smile to your face. Have you ever been to a 50th Anniversary party of a couple who truly cares for each other? How did it make you feel?

    Love is a potion, an elixir, bigger than life. When a couple understands the importance and magic of this Love energy anything is possible. Your creations get magnified.  Goals are accomplished quicker, more prosperity and health.What would have to happen to have a loving, respectful relationship?If you were in the other persons shoes what would they be feeling?

What is most important to you in the relationship?Have you noticed how people will have numerous relationships marriages that end in disaster over and over again? How does this work, the person is always in the same vibrational pattern, like a radio station. It’s the same as pushing the same button on your radio station over and over again but expecting to get a new station. That is insanity don’t you think?


Daily be grateful and Thankful for that special person in your life. Slow down   Listen, hear, acknowledge  what each other needs. Create a dream board together of what you want to be experiencing NOW. Send love from your heart to your partner through out the day, Kiss passionately daily. You know what you don't like , drop it, release it ,let go. . Focus on what you want and the benefits of having more, love , kindness, passion that will happen for each other when your in that frequency. It is that simply.  


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