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Friday, April 22, 2016

Is #fear Stopping You?


Is fear stopping you from being the greatest version of you? Is fear keeping you from taking action steps , following your dreams, being in a relationship, trying something new? 

The past three weeks for me has been an emotional roller coaster ride. I have some many choices . I know what path I want to take but it means a life change that once made there is no going back. 

I ask myself what will bring relief, get me out of my head and in touch with my heart and soul.
Relief is vital. Why you may be thinking? What ever thoughts or feelings I'm having I'm broad casting out from me , yes I'm a human radio antenna ( you are too) asking the universe to give me more of what I'm feeling. I don't like how I'm feeling at the moment , why would I want more of that? So the next best feeling is relief,  being neutral.  Being neutral means I stop all self talk, still my mind and feelings , I'm totally present. I ask the creator to please give me clarity. What do I really want? What will bring joy to me ? 

Fear stops so many of us from living an incredible life . What would happen if you made #peace with the fear? What would happen if you released all attachment to fear? What if you acknowledged the fear, said it out load. For me I am very fearful of expanding the ranch due to the financial responsibility I will be taking on. Plus I'm in direct conflict with myself, I'm wanting more freedom in my life , taking on more responsibility gives me less freedom , which sets of warning alarms through my whole body. 

The question I ask is I may have less freedom at this moment but will I have more freedom in the future with this decision. What if I morphed the fear , changed it into positive energy , what would happen? 
GHOST : reminds us to take our own paths.

If I was walking down a street late at night , my hair on the back of my neck stands up and I became fearful I would take that very seriously because my survival instincts are warning me of my safety. I would know to remove myself from the situation now. I'm writing about the other fear. The fear that stops one from living and experiencing bliss . 

You have all the answers with in you . Talk to you. 
1) What is the fear telling you? 
2) Is the fear coming from survival or past negative experience? 
3) What does the fear look and feel like?
4) What would happen if you released the fear?
5) Is it better to be in the fear or take action steps toward the life you want to live?
Asia teaches us our inner power

Life is about discovering , learning , #loving, being, plus so much more. Know your dreams and goals, keep all your focus and attention on where your going and enjoy the process. 


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Friday, April 15, 2016

The Late experiment , Power of thought,

               Would you like to be on time?

 I have done a little experiment with the clients that I work with who are consistently late and are wanting to be on time. I must admit I am part of the late group.

It  usually doesn't bother me if I'm late I always say I get there when I'm sub-post to . This has worked really well for me but for my youngest child and the people who are in my life that being early is important drives them crazy . My being late stresses them out . 

I asked 10 of my clients that are normally late to part of my "word change project" . Below are our collective findings . 

We kept our habits the same just changed our words from 
I'm late I am always on time.
Hurry late I'm early. 
No matter how I try I'm always late......I'm on time.

When ever we had the thought of late we'd say out loud or to ourselves numerous times I'm on time or I'm early over and over again.

What we all discovered within a week of consciously changing our words we all started being on time , how are bodies felt inside changed to . Being late feels different that being on time. Every thought every feeling sends out a vibration to bring us that experience . 

As I was on my way to a very early meeting that I had a 75 minute drive to get to; meaning I was up at 4:30 am. Yes that is too early to be getting up.  I needed to be on time. I felt myself getting agitated because I would be late again. I changed my thought and started saying I'm early , the horses and dogs were perfect for me . I have three gates to drive through when leaving my place. The traffic was always moving, I found a parking spot right up front . I arrived on time,  95% of people attending meeting were 10 -15 minutes late . Very interesting isn't it. Because I wanted to be early. I was. 

Others in study had similar experiences , Everyone felt calmer getting to destination. There was a flow getting to destination . Everyone experienced more green lights, less traffic jams,easier leaving home. 

We all had a great laugh because in the past it didn't matter how much time we had to get ready we were still late , something always happened that caused us to be late , child spills something on you as your walking out the door, muddy dog jumps on you , you hit every red light, road construction, can't find a parking spot, GPS takes you to wrong location the list goes on and on for all the excuses . Because we kept saying and believing we'd be late. I believe it's our words, thoughts and experiences that create this. 

Can other's thoughts and feelings effect the outcome ? Probably. JS in the study said he's still late with meeting his girlfriend , but on time for everything else. His girlfriend always talks about how late he is. 

Try changing your words and see, feel what happens. Example want better health remove the word "Fight" Replace it with allow . I will be open to allowing excellent health and #well-being into my experience. That feels better,

Talk about what you want , what would a happy #relationship look and feel like ? What wonderful words would you hear. That feels better than complaining .

What would it be like to have money in savings? Be curious about how money will easily come to you versus I am so broke I will always be poor.

That is how being Grateful and Thankful brings more of that to you . You experience what you talk, think , and FEEL. 

The little late experiment taught all of us so much more than being on time, we /you can take the learning and apply it to anything. Have a question about this please ask. 

Yes you are more powerful than you know. 

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

#Visualize Your Outcome , Part III

 What would happen in your life IF you changed one belief and let go of being attached to your outcome?

That is exactly what Mr. C did. Over a six month period , three Equine Human Connection sessions , two #Reiki sessions, one therapeutic #coaching session, daily reflection , writing, Rolfing, keeping thoughts on what he wanted to happen in his company and life.

Mr.C went to work brought one of his managers with him for the day with the focus be open to find new opportunities, and it would be  enjoyable and easy. Mr.C listened to his inner guidance system.
First stop of the day landed his company two  new immediate jobs and a working #relationship that  will last a very long time.

Now Mr.C just needs to keep duplicating his feeling, thoughts , actions and new beliefs 24 / 7, twenty four hours a day , 7 days a week. 

What did Mr. C do . 

1) Took learning from Human Equine Connection 
       a) Finding work could be easy 
       b) Knowing how much money company needed to make
       c) Knowing where in his body it felt good . When your in a place of relief or feeling good you send out a vibration to bring you what you want. 
       d) Knowing where in his body he felt dread and disbelief . Why is this important? Because when he's in this place Mr.C is bringing to his experience what he dreads. 
        e) Mr.C visualized , felt, saw , heard all that he wanted to experience last Monday before he went to sleep and he believed it would happen. 
        f) Mr.C let go of all, any attachments to outcome. He trusted , he didn't know how, ( You don't have to know HOW). 
You just have to know that it will happen, usually it arrives better and different than you think. 
       g) Mr. C kept asking the Question " What will it take to make $800,000. by September" . 

" What will it take for me to ___________________"? 

Let go of fear and replace it with curiosity, keep asking yourself 

"What will it take for me to ____________________"?

What brings joy to your life? What makes you smile? 

"What will it take for me to____________________"? 

Health*JOY*Abundance ...Peace...Lisa


Friday, April 8, 2016

Destructive Behavior- learnings

          Life Lessons from Cisco the Horse

Cisco came to live with us 18 months ago . I will always remember him as my birthday blessing . 
I call him a horse but he's actually a POA ( Pony of America).

I have two offices at the ranch the one I see clients in ( looks out back pasture) and my private office were I write ( looks out at front paddocks and front pasture .

Cisco has so much to teach us all about caring and giving TLC to the people in our lives that we love and care for. 

I'm in my writing office yesterday and I'm watching Cisco harass the older horses by biting , pushes , hip checking , running around . I had to laugh . I had the knowing that I haven't been giving him the attention,time and love he needed .

I thanked Cisco , joyfully gave him the time and love he needed.
Guess what ??? This morning he was back to his kind loving self . For all the horse people who know horse behavior ,let go of that for a moment and just imagine the possibility of what there is to learn when you see, feel and experience something from a different angle . 
The lessons that I take from Cisco and  apply to life learning.

 Majority of children and adults are unable to communicate their feelings , needs or desires . When your spouse is doing lots of things with out you, kids are acting up , person cuts you off in traffic, some one you know is doing destructive behavior . Ask your self what do they need? Does the stranger need a smile a friendly wave , you give them space to get it in ...What would happen if you sent love from your heart to theirs. What if you spent more time with your children? 

What if you took the day off of work and spent the whole day with your son or daughter and just listened to them from the heart . 

What if? 
What would it take to have healthy loving relationships?

Can you answer these questions ?

1) How do the people you care about learn? Experience life? 
2) What are their favorite activities?Colors ? Foods?
3) Do you acknowledge the little things they do for you, kisses, hugs , notes, wanting to spend time with you.
4) Who do you spend your time with ? 
5) Do you make time for the special people in your life?  Sorry folks that quality thing is a bunch of bull people tell them selves to hide their guilt. It's quality and quantity. Feel guilt make a life change. Guilt is how your soul is communicating to you.
6) Do you ask questions about actions that cause emotion in you?
7) How do you make a difference in your sons, daughter, step kids, wife, husband, girl or boyfriend, niece, nephew, sister, brother, parents, friend, cousins, neighbor, grandparents or strangers life? 

Can you answer the above questions about you?

I measure success in MY life by the healthy loving relationships I have BUT starting with loving and caring for me first . 
When you love you , you have an over flow of love and kindness that vibrates out from you. Try it sometimes and see , feel and hear what happens . 

#Health #JOY *Abundance ...Peace...Lisa

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#Visualize Your Outcome . Happy#relationship , meaningful work. Part II

             Part II, Visualize Your Outcome

( ) Please refer to Part I

How do you get the horses to come to you? Your Vibration.

Mr. C has two outcomes:

1) Income to be earned from now -November 2016- It's a big number:)

2) Have employees work as a team 

In the first 25 minutes of session there was very little movement from the herd. 
Everything in this world is energy , you have a thought; now mix in your beliefs ,feelings and you have an energy which vibrates out from the body (BE-ING) just like a rock thrown into the pond. Yes you have vibrations leaving your body just like the circle ripples that you visually see in the pond from the rock. You are your own radio broad casting system. Very powerful.

Mr. C was very frustrated with  the lack of revenue coming in due to limited  sales. We continued to talk about what needed to change , what he would like it all to look , feel and hear like . The key point is WHAT DO YOU WANT, it's time to create a new story. Mr. C is analytical , numbers and ideas all stem from the mind first and need to make sense for him. 

 We figured out what Mr.C needed from employees ,himself and how he could support his team with knowledge ,  put a system in place,  Be crystal clear about his vision. As Mr. C gained clarity he felt relief which brought the horses  forward to him . 

When relief turned into excitement for the possibility ,Josie( horse) was right there.

Yes Mr.C is in total alignment with his beliefs to make his plan a reality . 
Josie assisted  Mr, C with learning to be compassionate with himself and others. 
She gave him a visual of what happens when we attach to an out come . What???

When you attach to an out come you keep it away from you .

 When your in alignment with your goal, dream vision ,it just happens  like the photo below.
The horses give you a visual of how ,what energy , your bring toward or push away from you. 
Well what do you do if your not able to come work with us ? Get in touch with your inner self  ( soul) . When your happy your on the right path. Getting confused come take a class with us or watch some children under age 7 they will teach you lots if you open your mind and heart. 

Part III :What Mr.C accomplished within 24 hours . Great inspiration for all of us. 

 Go to this link to find out about classes  at Be it Coaching 

Enjoy your journey . 

Health*JOY #Abundance...Peace...Lisa

Monday, April 4, 2016

#Visualize Your Outcome . Happy#relationship , meaningful work. Part I

What do you think would happen in your life if you Visualized Your Outcome???

 Above you are given a blank canvas you get to draw your own picture for the rest of your life what would you draw? Paste? Feel or see in that space. 

If you have no idea you will get , accept what ever life gives or does NOT give you. 

My favorite part of my business is working/playing with clients and the horses . I enjoy sharing sessions ( only with clients permission) to hopefully create curiosity , inspire you to desire more from life. It's time to get off the merry - go- round. 

 During the Equine Human Connection session ( similar to #Equine Assisted Learning) Mr.C, client is creating an action plan for his business. Everything in life is energy , vibration what do you think is happening in above photo? " NOT much , that's because Mr.C is telling me what has been happening , ideas are all over the place. It's like having 10 different light switches that are connected to nothing , you can turn them on and off but nothing happens. 


 What do you notice now? A little bit more movement as Mr.C narrows down on action to be taken .
Each horse is an Archetype , what is being represented above is having compassion , knowing what feels better or good and allowing what you want to come to you. 

Another horse has joined the group. With Josie rolling I ask Mr.C and YOU, what do you need to let go off , release ? When you hang on to past out comes , hurts and frustration believe it or not your asking for more of that in your life . What do YOU need to get go off now? 

A little more movement in herd , letting client know they are on the right track . Gray( looks white , you tell the color of a  horse by the color of their skin) horse to the right is Fiona , she reminds you to have unconditionally love for yourself . Others can only love you as much as you love you. Start loving YOU more today. 

For today ask yourself how can I love me more? What do I need to let go off now? How will I allow opportunity into my life? How can I be more compassionate to me and others ? 

Part II will be out on Wednesday . 

May today bring you overflowing inspiration. 


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