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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Change... Is something missing?

Shadow - Teaches you about removing judgement.

How do you know when something is missing from your Life? 

I had the honor today of working with one of the top CEO's from the twin cities area. To protect his privacy and the company he works for I will be calling him Joe ( not his real name ) and only photos of the horses will be shown,

Today was a remarkable session I wanted to share Joe's discoveries and learning.
Think of what happens to a coil or metal spring when it isn't cared for ,oiled ? It closes up, becomes ridged, bridle  and overtime will blow up harming what ever is in the way . Humans are the same when you stuff your emotion, put your needs on the back burner you begin to lose compassion for self or others , you begin to  stop seeing and  feeling the joy in the world. You lose the sparkle in your eyes and life becomes such hard work.

In my heart and soul,  I completely believe life is to be joyful , we are here on planet earth to expand our consciousness. We are each unique individual born to explore , love deeply , care deeply , care for each-other , animals and our planet. But somewhere along the path you forget your greatness and all that you're capable of and perhaps dread , fear , laziness, loss of faith and loss of  love begin to take over your thoughts closing off your heart and soul and you begin to run on auto pilot and allow life to just happen. What would happen if you took your inner power back ?

Shadow taught Joe today about how judgement and being critical closed off his heart .

What do you feel and see in this photo? 

Josie and Willie taught Joe how it felt when he became more playful and allowed himself to feel compassion for him self . Joe felt a huge wave of peace and relief  with in his body.  The more compassion he felt the lighter inside he become the more Josie interact quietly with him.  

Lance rolling teaches you about letting go and releasing. Asia to the right teaches you about inner power and connecting with higher self.  

Joe's learning's from this evening . 1) Removing  criticism created peace with in him
2)  When Joe  had no thoughts there was no energy , the horses removed themselves from his space.
3) As Joe voiced his need for inner peace and he truly felt it  with in his body Josie gently approached him
4) You have to know what you want.
5) Inner peace Joe felt when he was compassionate towards himself created a space for compassion towards others.
6) Lightness he experienced when he allowed values that no longer served him to leave,
7) He realized the lack of joy and play in his life.
8) Joe now knows were in his body he feels joy and where he feels being stuck.
9) Joe expressed he know has a lightness with him that he has never experienced and it feels great.

Change work requires being compassionate toward yourself, huge amounts of forgiveness, conscious effort to be present , and a commitment to learning a new way of living and Being . Question to ask yourself " What is stopping Me? If your wondering " is there more to life than this" Know the answer is yes. 

Health*JOY *Abundance...Peace...Lisa
How will you find compassion for you today. 

Checkout on line calendar for classes and workshop opportunities with and with out horses . If you enjoyed article today please share it . Many blessings to you. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fear : Do you embrace it?

                   Fear, fear, FeAr, RaeF, faer

What would happen if you embraced fear , morphed it , or gave it a whole new meaning ? 

 For the majority of us today we are blessed with NOT having to  panic about were our next meal will come from, being in distress about being attacked by wild animals daily or dred about having to bath in freezing cold water in April due to no running hot water. 

I have many clients who are fearful and come to work with the horses and I to change that fear energy into spark , creativity a challenge . Here's a quick exercise that I have my clients do.

Are you ready to embrace a new way of looking at the word fear. Grab a piece of paper write down what the number one thing is that you have been putting off for the last three years. Perhaps it's having a budget or managing your money, perhaps it to stop drinking , perhaps its to get in shape , perhaps its to start your own business, being the best parent or become a writer? Write it down... 

99.9 % of the time what stops each and every one of  us from accomplishing greatness is fear. Fear can keep you safe, be a warning or it can stop you dead in your tracks. First ask your self am I safe ? If your answer is yes,condense what you have written from above  into one sentence. 

Now the fun begins , lets take the fear away and get you on your journey to living the life you were born to  live . 

Here's an example of a sentence "  I am not starting a new business because I don't have enough time , don't think I can do it" 

Now rewrite the sentence putting the first word at the end of the sentence and say out loud" am not starting a new business because I don't have enough time , don't think I can do it I" ( YES say it out loud to you! , yes you are a very important person!)  

Put the first word again at the end of the sentence and say out loud "  " Not starting a new business because I don't have enough time don't think I can do it I am " 

Do this for every word. Congratulations , you've removed all emotion of the fear that has been holding you back . How do you know that is true ________________________________, yes say it out loud.  So be it! 

Life is a magnificent playground , stop working so hard and start playing , learning , exploring , wondering  BE curious of all the possibility that is waiting for you! 

I am walking on top of the great mighty Mississippi River 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Priority > You>Values

                     Priority>U>Values #3

How many horses do you see?

I am completely blessed being able to live with this amazing herd of horses. Together we empower so many thousands of folks yearly . The horses and my clients teach me so much every day . I get the honor of sharing all our collected knowledge so you can live the life you were born to live. What we  call Equine Human Connection (TM) similar to Equine assisted learning .

Priorities ... Is it a priority to wear clean clothes ? Is it a priority to feed your body ? Is it a priority to put fuel in your vehicle ? What happens if you forget to put fuel in ? Yes your vehicle will stop running, what fun is it to run out of fuel ? Perhaps it could be an adventure . Is it a priority to pay your electric bill ? What happens if you don't , electricity gets turned off. How long have you lived without electricity? On a camping trip that may be fun but in your own home that's a different story . 

Why all the questions. Your values determine everything in your life , values are the fuel in your car, foundation at your home ,  This is the 3rd article in a series on Values . Yes I'm trying to get the video I promised down loaded. It's coming.

Please get your sheets that you wrote your values on , don't know what I'm talking about read  and

Here's an example of my values . There is no right or wrong to a value list we are each unique individuals your list will have different words and meanings on it. Honor and celebrate your uniqueness.

Circle your top three that are most important to you . Now ask yourself the question what do I want to be experiencing in my life ? Are your top three circled values inline with what yo want . Mine are not. So in order for me to get in alignment with what I want and what I want to experience I need to make a conscious effort 24 hours a day 7 days a week to do this .  I am caring for my foundation , or fueling my car. My kids are adults now ( my oldest is challenged and requires a lot of my time, have awesome help for him now ) . Family has always been my number one priority and you know what my adult  kids are incredible  and I have mastered parenting . Time for me to build my own nest.

 I am wanting to grow my business , I need to nurture and care for my business like I have raised my kids . Acknowledge an area in your life were you have been successful. Take those skills and apply them to your values. My business is moving to # 3 of importance, it was #9 then #4. I will keep self care #2 because with out health , well-being I can't do what I need to do . 
Spirituality is staying at #1 . My work with the horses is Divine , I have a connection with the horses, nature and creator that I didn't know was possible . When I maintain my connection with all that is I have a peace, joy that no words can express and an overflowing pool of creativity.
Asia teaches us about honoring the divine feminine with in each of us.

I have been single for 14 years now . I know folks on their 3rd and fourth marriages , I always wonder how do you do this . I was married once ( that is a book in the making). My kids and animals have filled my life , well I have a desire to be successful at having a relationship, when I went through my past value lists I had to laugh, relationship wasn't on my list. It was of no importance to me or perhaps I had a fear around having a relationship , which that is most likely the truth :). Relationship is on my list at #6 after careful consideration and soul searching I've moved it to #4 with my kids being #5. That still is a conflict for me , due to my kids have always come first . I have amazing help with my oldest, the other two are thriving I can now let go .

Your value list is very serious , you want to change your life this is where you start . It starts with being really honest to yourself , being OK with inner conflict and reviewing your list as often as putting fuel in your vehicle. If your take the subway or bus you pay every time you take that transportation , you don't think twice about it you just do it. Make knowing your values as important as transportation. You will only go as far in life as the fuel , tokens , cash you put toward transportation. The fuel, tokens and cash represent your values , what thoughts do you want your mind and soul to make a top priority or are OK with running on empty, it's your choice.

We are always changing , growing it's an exciting part of life . Are you values evolving with you ?

Please let me know if this has been helpful , do you have any questions, thoughts or ideas , please share. Thank you.

Health*JOY*Abundance ...Peace...Lisa
Shadow and  I, he teaches us to remove judgement and ask the question " Do I like how this feels" " What would I rather be feeling" 

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