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Thursday, January 30, 2014

You do know

                         Insightful Day
This Morning 7" of new snow


By noon the sun was shinning and the sky was such a beautiful blue.

My  day started off with chores , listening to all my favorite music this am...When ever I start getting to serious I crank the tunes sing and dance ...

An awesome ride through the snow on Phlaggston... 

This summer I had some health challenges , I discovered many emotional blocks that I believe caused the situation I was in... I take my health very serious . I did my self work, added some amazing supplements , mediate daily , work out...etc... Last week I noticed my energy level going down, my breathing becoming labored again... I was/am so frustrated that I'm not accomplishing my goals as quickly as I want to...

Monday I decided I'd try acupuncture to help my body...It was awesome...My body responded very well , my energy went up and I felt happier... MB, Acupuncturist asked really good questions and it seems some of my issues were returning. She was able to give me a really good understanding of the what ,Hows and whys that no doctor was able to figure out...I get it!

I was feeling sorry for myself because it's very difficult for me to do chores, I get  out of breath so easily... I look over the fence and here's this beautiful oak leaf gliding across the 3' snow bank .

I start to think, I like to get from point A to Point B as fast as I can,no detours. Then the oak leaf started flipping all over the place , that is how I feel about my life at the moment. I did start to laugh. Life is full of twist and turns , ups and downs... 

At dusk I was out side and I started crying again because I was feeling sorry for myself , I look up into the sky and a eagle was about 10' from my head. What a cool experience... I'm still not getting it .

 10:30 pm last mash feeding for the old horses. I'm carrying the bucket , I get so out of breath I have to stop and take a break, I look up in the sky and the stars are incredible . I slow my pace and I begin to hear the snow and all the different sounds it makes. At that moment the light bulb goes off in my head and I realize what a beautiful gift I've been given ...I'm moving way to fast and I'm missing out on so much beauty, knowledge and peace. I hung out with the horses for about 30 minutes and just listened, it was like listening to an orchestra, all the sounds from the herd breathing, eating hay, their bodies moving, the ponies eating their mash, the wind blowing through the trees, and the sounds resonating from the snow  . The joy I felt inside...I get it now...I am listening.
Shadow is about  light and darkness of life , Willie is about being silly and joyful.

Be-ing a live is such a beautiful gift. When we are present in the now we're able to experience life in a place of "AWE". I realized I wasn't hearing what the horses need me to hear. They are my teachers too. When my health is off I hang out with them a lot and I live from the heart and quiet the brain...I look forward to what horses come up to me tomorrow. I look forward to learning more so I'm able to teach more . I Look forward to another journey of healing. I look forward to knowing what I want to be experiencing and letting go of the "How"... and my time line :) . I look forward to hearing my body.

What are you looking forward to?  How do you want to be living , hearing and feeling your life? How do you allow nature into your life? How are you listening to your body?

Freedom has the white star on his forehead.

 The meaning of an oak leaf is" Faith" "Strength"

The meaning of an Eagle is "Inner power & Spirituality" 

Nature is an incredible teacher if we allow her in.

BE your own teacher...Every thing you need to know is with in YOU! Start asking lots of questions ...get ready to start receiving answers...ARE you really listening to your body?























Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Living and Death

              Receiving the Phone Call

Horses help our Soul

Last evening I received a phone call from my sister that our Aunt was going into Hospice care today... Too me she is young 63, she looks 50 has the greatest smile that warms my heart every time I see her.

I had a difficult time sleeping last night imaging what it must be like for my Aunt to have to call the people she loves and tell them how sick she really is and that her time has come...I come from a very big family that is very close. My Aunt is the first person in our generational family to have cancer. 

What a Blessing to be able to say good-bye , but to have to spend your last days on earth in pain or drugged I struggle with. This past Christmas was my mom's last holiday with all her siblings...I have a very strong faith and I know my Aunt will shortly be on her way to a new adventure , experience, learning. For her , children, siblings, nieces, nephews  and friends there will be a huge loss and  grief ...


Death to me is always a reminder  of how short our time on earth really is... There is no promise that you will live another day. Are we living our lives to the fullest? Here's a list of questions that I was asking myself last night around 3am.

1) Have I told my Aunt enough how much I love and appreciate her.

2) Am I telling everyone in my life how much I love them and what they mean to me?

3) Am I being responsible for my actions?

4) AM I truly finding forgiveness for my self and others?

5)  Am I living the life I want to be living.

6) Am I being kind every day?

7) What do I want to accomplish? What action steps will I start taking now to get there?

8) How do I keep my heart open to fully love? 

9) Am I setting my boundaries to fully honor me?

10) How can I laugh , smile and experience more Joy every day?

11) How can I make a difference more?

12) Am I walking and living my faith ?

13) How can I appreciate my life more and give thanks more?

Apache ...Playful                Phlaggston...Understanding the power that lives with in you


Being a live is such a beautiful gift...May you take time today to review your life , LOVE more , Laugh more, spend time in Nature,  get off auto-pilot and truly experience life...NOW is the time... 

Health*JOY* Blessings...Lisa 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Purpose Living

Are you living a Life of Purpose daily?

Phlaggston - Teaches you about inner self and power.

Or, Are you a living a life on Auto pilot? 
Eagle teaches you about knowing the wisdom that is with in you.
 When you go about your day NOT thinking or feeling your on autopilot ...No creativity is happening , your being the working Bee. By the time your 35 years young  90% of your life is on autopilot. That is a very scarey thought. If you decide to stay in that self learned comfy zone your life will be the same until your soul leaves ( you die) ... That is so very sad .
Eagle and Ghost( Creating your own path)

When you live a life of Purpose you have a focus , goals ,dreams and you experience living from a place of being thankful  having gratitude and giving back to society , nature , community , family...etc.  You know what you want , you've turned the cruise control off and have a  desire to be experiencing something more. Yes your embracing and loving life.   

 How can you start living a life of purpose NOW?

1)  Wake up in the morning say out loud what you are thankful for. Feel happy inside.

2) Say out loud what actions steps your  taking towards your goals.

3) Be kind to every one on your journey.

4) Connect with your heart, soul and faith .

5) Have a conscious awareness of your breath.  Completely fill your lungs with air.

6) Begin to notice all the beauty around you, down to  the littlest of details , creatures , clouds, fragrance , colors etc.

7) Experiencing life from a place of being thankful for the lessons learned . ( no blaming) . 

May you day , evening , week, month , 2014 be overflowing with __________________________________________. 


Monday, January 20, 2014

New Beginnings

The Morning Dawn

6am - full moon setting

How do you Begin each day?

How would you like to begin your day?


 Where is your past? 

Does your past  stay way behind you or come along for the ride slowing you down?


 Where is your present, the now?

Do you take time to BE and enjoy all that is?


Can you see your future?

Do you know what you want to be experiencing in your future?

Shadow & Willie

Are you spending time each day discovering who you are ? 

Are you allowing yourself to give and receive daily?

Are you living your Passion?

Rohan & Shadow 


Are you living purposefully or on autopilot?

Today may you fully be aware of your surroundings, how you are feeling, and what you are thankful for...



Tuesday, January 14, 2014


        Josie the Compassionate Protector

9 yr old Paint

 Josie has lived at Free Spirit Ranch since she was 5 months old . She was an out of control toddler/Filly who climbed , got into  everything and you could never turn your back on her because she'd bite or strike out at you. Part of Josie's anger was due to abandonment. She was taken from her mom at 3 months of age. Way too young.

Eagle Looking after Willie and Lillie when they first arrived

Eagle became Josie's step mom. Eagle looks after all the new arrivals. Eagle is 39 year old POA ( Pony of America) . Eagle was my youngest first pony and my daughters first showing experience partner. 

Josie closest horse


Josie now protects Eagle ... It melts your heart to watch Josie look after Eagle when she is in the herd. It's a horses instinct to drive out the weaker horses for survival. 

Josie climbs through the fence to visit Eagle . Josie and Eagle were up where we store the hay bales. Nick, Charles and I were getting ready to feed round bales so we needed to move horses. All the large bales have plastic twine which is usually orange. The twine in the new bales is a pale light blue and much thinner and dangerous because you can't see it. 

Josie's foot got stuck in the twine she started to take off , some how my foot got stuck in the twine and around my ankle, which sent me flying to the ground... I was so blessed that when she realized she was stuck and I was connected to her, she stopped.  Charles held her until I was able to get myself untangled. The twine was really tight around my ankle , I was thankful for having boots on... Took me a few minutes to get out of twine. I was a little scared due to my head being very close to her ankle and hoof. ( Will be sure to keep a knife in my pocket and no more bales with blue twine)

Josie left / Fiona on right

At that moment I had an enormous awareness of  how gifted , special ,kind and talented the horses I live/work with are. When we are compassionate to people, children , nature and animals that compassion plus a connection to all that is comes full circle back to you and me. I had a choice to talk about how dangerous the situation could have been ( negative : I don't want to bring that into my life or experience) or how totally amazing Josie is...( positive) and how blessed I am. YES being blessed is an experience I look forward to keep experiencing ...



Monday, January 13, 2014

Being Healthy

             What is Being Healthy?

Willie with the herd

Living a healthy life style has many meanings to different People. To me it's making a choice to eat healthy foods that are GMO free, grass fed beef , poultry that is fed organic feed and free ranged, lots of organic veggies, grains and one piece of fruit each day... What does eating healthy mean to you?

Danny 21 yr old quarter horse 

 Healthy to me means moving every day, dancing at home, aerobics , yoga , walking, swimming , floor hockey, weights, there is a lot of truth to: move it or lose it.

This is my son Nick in both pictures , riding Phlaggston above , walking a dog that is up for adoption at the humane society
...Nick is always moving and ready to volunteer or help out .  Nick is one of the most amazing human beings I know ,  he never gives up, remembers everyone's Birthday day , stays patient when people do not understand him, has a smile for every one , totally accepts every one ... He lives a very emotionally healthy life... Is life easy for him it is not. Nick was born with Down Syndrome and has Autism. What ever he decides to learn takes him 10 times longer ...He just does it and never gives up...

Shadow, Apache ,Josie

How do you define Being healthy to you?

What habit do you look forward to stopping in 2014?

What new healthy habit will you put in it's place?

Start with one thing a week that you'd like to change. Will it be easy, maybe , maybe not. What would happen in your life if you made some healthier choices ? What would happen if you didn't?

Ghost teaches you about creating a new path for yourself, While Apache reminds you to be playful while creating that path!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Focus on Solutions ( Relationships)

Put Your Energy Towards What You Want ...

Sharing food together alone

What John and Candy did to create a happier life together.

Both Candy and John were both committed to making a positive changes in there life ...Here is what they each decided to do .

1) Keep there focus on What they wanted there life together to look and feel like.

    a) They made a list of all the actives they did together that they enjoyed.

    b) John made a last of all the qualities he liked about Candy and appreciated.

     c) Candy made a list of all the qualities she liked about John and aprecaited.

      d) They made a list together of all the qualities they felt were vital for them to have a healthy , happy relationship together.

John committed to making an effort :

       1) Talking to Candy every evening for 15 minutes ( skype or face time) . John would only listen and be OK with not solving anything.

         2) John would let Candy what time he would be home , what he needed ...example: alone time to settle back in, work out, no one at one, take a nap when he arrives.

        3) He would look for another job or consider going back to school.

         4) He would spend 1/2 a day on Saturday with the kids alone so Candy could have a break.

         5) Find a handy man to fix things at home for Candy.

          6) To compliment Candy on all that she was doing, send flowers once in awhile.

Candy committed to making an effort :

         1) No complaining about their situation

         2) To do activities with the kids that she enjoyed

         3) To seek help for her head aches that involve no drugs

         4) Do a trade with a friend for watching each others kids.

          5) Paint every day

          6) Let John know how much she appreciated him and what he did for her and the kids.

           7) To be OK with John needs when he arrives home.

           8) Arrange alone for her and John every other weekend

Focus on going forward being playful. :)  

In Life when we're not happy , sometimes all the thoughts go to what is wrong, which continues to create more of what you don't want. When all your energy goes toward what makes me feel good, that honors both me, you and us you'll begin to see and feel positive change. Find forgiveness and start living the relationship you want to have. Actions speak louder than words. Be sure to make this all fun...

Here's to loving and being loved!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stop Being Mad

BE Open to Allow Your Self To Understand Another Point of View
What did I do?????

 I wanted to share a story about a couple that I work with that the husband has taken a job out of state and comes home every weekend. I've changed the names to protect their privacy.

The couple has two children and they made the decision together for  Candy to stay home with the kids .John was laid off from his job in Spring of 2103. He has tried to find work locally but with no success . He has taken a job 9 hours away and commutes ...

Candy has had chronic  head aches for 10 years which leave her unable to do anything for many days at a time.

When they first came to work with the horses and I they both had become so frustrated with each other and blamed each other for their unhappiness...

You Know what you did


Candy believed John enjoyed being away from home , and that John was so lucky to have all this freedom and he was able to work with his friends all day and party all night ... Candy felt so sorry for her self ,hated her life and had resentment about being a mother. She felt her life was worthless and blamed John for her unhappiness.

John had become so angry with Candy , he missed his home , wife and children...He felt his wife had become so disrespectful and unappreciative of him... All she would do on his two days home was complain...He was also tired of hearing about her  head aches and how hard she worked . He was sick of working 12-14 hour days , was tired and had no time for fun.

Monty and Wilobe

The two horses that choose to work with Candy and John were Monty ( he represents forgiveness) and Wilobe ( Represents going forward in life)...The horses give you a visual of what you are feeling inside. The two horses began fighting and teasing each other . John and Candy were able to watch the behavior of the horses and relate it to each other and what their relationship had become... A huge sadness came over Candy and John...As John and Candy talked about how sorry they each were Monty approached each of them with such kindness and Love.

Candy and John were able to talk about what they missed most in their relationship. When ever they started to blame each other Monty would start pushing them with his head or hip check them...Blaming is not productive and Monty would make sure they were aware of that.... We'd talk about proactive chooses they could each do and Monty would be so kind. The horses know how you are feeling and react accordingly. Wilobe just ran around in circles which represented what happens when we blame each other ...It's like being on a merry-go-round, or a broken record, nothing is accomplished .

We get so into ourselves sometimes and only think of "Me< what I need " If / When you think of the other person " How can I help you" "How can I support you"   "Lets remember all that we have to be thankful for" It changes the focus of the conversation to be more productive... Talk about what you want to be experiencing ...It's like that old saying " The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence"... NO it is not!!!


Tomorrow I will write about the changes both John and Candy made to get back to having  Respect, harmony , love in their relationship and home once again...



Wednesday, January 8, 2014


He said...She said... She said ...He said...



Many of my clients are couples ...What folks do to each other unconsciously saddens my heart...The area we all can pay special attention to is communication and be responsible for our own happiness. Sorry blaming someone else for your unhappiness doesn't fly...No one can make you unhappy. You allow your self to be unhappy.

 The second week of every month  I will be sharing stories, ideas and examples of how to have healthy, loving , respectful relationships between couples... Many of my clients have had to dig deep down in their souls and find enormous amounts of forgiveness for themselves and their partners.

We are not taught how to have a successful relationship . Majority of us have come from families that had abuse , addiction , no communication, no affection , no kindness , or blaming the other partner for all the problems ... etc... 

Three can be a crowd

How many folks do you know that are happily married and adore each other? How many folks do you know that are miserable, cheat and are disrespectful ?...We are all role models for all the people around us...Starting today make the commitment to yourself to have a fabulous relationship with you so you can have an amazing relationship with a partner...Imagine the possibilities and all the LOVE.

I believe if we can learn to have healthy , loving relationships we can change the world through love and kindness...  My Initials LK... Yes we have to remember to keep the humor.

I think of the world as a huge play ground ... Some play grounds are new , shinny and beautiful others are full of garbage. You can choose to stay in the play ground with all the garbage or you can learn how to get yourself out and create your own. Leave the garbage behind and start desiring and wanting something new that honors your soul and others.

I Love you * I Love you not


A little bit about be ... I was married for 12 years  separated for 4 years, majority of it was dysfunctional . It's taken me a long time to fully understand the role I played. I wanted to blame my ex for everything, so much easier that way. We took a compatibility test from the minister who counseled us on marriage. He cautioned us on two areas we needed to do work around or we would have lots of difficulty. We did not take him seriously, he was very correct, our values and beliefs were very different and our communication needed help.

 We both had dysfunction in our back grounds and all that garbage came along for the ride. Yes I was equally to blame... I lost respect for him, put kids , family and friends before him. I even bought a king size bed so all the 10 kids could sleep with us . We only had three kids (Humor)... Yes all three slept with me and he slept in the boys room. This may sound familiar or not.

I was single for 9 years which gave me the opportunity to do a lot of soul searching , learning and  growing. I now have a loving , caring respectful , supportive relationship . We are offering  client couple workshops together at the ranch with the horses. He helps me to understand the male being and I help him understand the female being . Men you are now being represented in my coaching business by a man, plus all the male horses and it's awesome. I am a Libra so I believe in balance, fairness and lots of humor.


 Tomorrow I will be sharing my first couple story...Please share your success stories ... Life is all about learning from each other ...


FYI : Red represents  all the important words

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Be It Coaching: Action Step ???

Be It Coaching: Action Step ???: Are You Ready to Start Taking Action Steps? The power that lives with in you use for greatness   YES!!! YES!!!YES!!!YES!!!YES!!!YES!!...

Action Step ???

Are You Ready to Start Taking Action Steps?

The power that lives with in you use for greatness


You have been setting time aside to know what your top priority is ... Perhaps it's spending more time with yourself, Family and friends... Maybe it's starting your own business or changing a belief that is not honoring you ...Discovering your Passion!

When you learn from the dark your able to be in the light and experience such Freedom.

The goal I hear most often from my clinics this time of year is to lose weight...

We never want to lose anything ...Please think of getting healthy or slimming...Being over weight is about protecting your self...Please ask yourself what am I protecting my self from? Spend as much time on your emotionally needs as working out ,nutrition and get OFF the merry go round...You will completely Love you for doing so...I promise!!! :) 

Honor yourself and what you believe


We can talk about goals for ever but, they can't happen unless YOU, yes you take action ... 5 ideas to start now...

1) Read your goals first thing in the am and before you go to sleep at night .

2) Find a song that makes you feel good and play it all the time and visualize your self at your end goal? What are you doing, believing , look like? How does it feel? What are you hearing?

3) Make a list of what you need to do, in order to accomplish goal. 

4) Delegate on a calendar what you'll do each day , and the time you'll do it? Perhaps set aside  10 -20 minutes each day at the same time...You want to create a habit example like brushing your teeth ... You just do it.

5) How will you celebrate and acknowledge your success very week? Perhaps its going for a walk , taking a long bath, sleeping in, giving your self Saturday to do what makes your heart sing.

Have fun Be-ing the creator of your life ...YES start taking action this second! Winter is the best time to start your action plan!

YOU Can BE it ™ !!!!
Spend time getting to know you!


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