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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goals , Resolutions how to , What's stopping You?

Fiona teaches us about the importance of  LOVE, starting with self 

How many of your goals or resolutions from 2015 did you accomplish? 

Here's a new approach to resolutions.

I'm always looking for an understanding on what makes some people happy , healthy, successful, dreamers, wishers or victims. The new year brings a clean slate and offers many hope of a new way.  Sometimes the new year brings frustration for all the could have's  or should have's that were never started or lasted only a few days or weeks. 

What would happen if you changed a belief for 2016? What if you figured out the reason , root of what is stopping you from achieving. I believe you'd discover all your goals and dreams being accomplished.  
Lance teaches us about moving forward in life

I encourage you in the next 10 days to: 

1) Make a list of all your resolutions you've made in the past 5 years 
2) Put a star by the ones you accomplished.
3) If you have no Stars proceed to #5
3)Make a list of all the similarities of the items stared . Similarities could include feelings , thoughts , the words you said to yourself. Is there was a main metaphor for the star items such as money, health, exercise. 
4) How can you morph those experiences to recreate your new goal? 
5) As you view your  new years resolutions which one makes you the happiest to achieve 2016.

Now the fun begins, lets figure out what emotion or belief is stopping you from having ____________.  Let this be the year that you embrace the best you and release what is holding you back.

When we are young many beliefs are planted with in us that hold no truth. If your reading this you have the ability to release old beliefs and create ones that support you. 

Perhaps you heard: 

Your bad
You'll never have money
Everyone in our family has heart disease 
Your worthless
Stop being a baby  
You'll always be fat
Shadow teaches us about removing judgement

You  could/can choose to believe and start telling yourself

I'm good
Money comes easily too me
I am healthy
I am, that I am, worthy 
My feelings matter
I love me and nourish my body with healthy food and water

6)Write the word down that you want to achieve in 2016.  Example" healthy relationship"

Remove all judgement . Life is experiences that you learn from or not.

7)What time of day daily will you spend  5-15 minutes on your goal? Write it down , it will become a daily habit like brushing your teeth , showering , eating , and breathing . 

8) Journal How your life will change when you have Example "healthy Relationship"

9)Journal about what will happen in your life if you don't . Example "healthy relationship"

10) Every day at your daily time for the next 7 days write down all the words and feelings that come to you when you think of having_________________. Example "Healthy Relationship". 

For the next 51 weeks I will be writing weekly with tips so you can accomplish your goal and I can accomplish my goal of blogging weekly . I know we can do it! 

Do you have your 5-
15 minute daily time written down. Please send me a message with comments, questions . Here's to 2016. 


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stress: Stay present Stay focused

          Stress / Overload/ Slow down/Breath 

Asia (horse) Brings awareness to Feminine Inner Power   

 Can you recall a time that you felt completely overloaded ? Perhaps you can relate to the holiday time of year . I know I can . We celebrate Christmas and being a single parent for over 13 years, sure has its challenges especially during the holiday's . 

When the days grow colder and longer I have this need to purge my house of clutter , reorganize and paint . As I release material things I no longer need I'm able to release beliefs and emotions I have been holding onto.  What a relief and energy booster. What do you need to let go of?

This December I've repainted hallway and kitchen , plus rearranged all my kitchen cabinets,  found new homes for all the overload of dishware I accumulated this year. Where am I going with all this , how does stress fit into the equation ? 

This is the busiest time of year for the horses and I with Equine Human Connection. I wasn't aware that I was feeling overloaded until the other day when I realized  I haven't bought any gifts , I have a green Xmas tree in my living room, assisting my college son with getting school loan , house needs a new roof.  My ex-husband is a severe alcoholic our kids need my emotional support at the moment which is very draining on me . Nick my oldest child is challenged , he's so worried about his dad that he's up all night long . Nick can be a runner so when he's up I need to get up to make sure he stays in the house .  

I believe I'm handling this all very well until I get a new client  that unconsciously reminds me of my ex-husband .  I'll call client Alan not his real name . While we're working with the horses I am aware that I'm feeling very frustrated . Alan is having a challenging time with the horses due to his fear of the  horses and fear of success .
Josie reminds you to have compassion for self and others  

The herd helps Alan so much , he leaves session overwhelmed with lots of information on how to release fear and go forward into success. This is where priority and focus come in . I take lots of photos during the sessions to enable clients to continue their learning at home . Alan will pick one photo and that will be his focus to acknowledge his feelings from the session and how he can take this information and implement it into his life. 

After Alan leaves I am very confused with how challenging the session was for me . I go to the cupboard to make tea and I went to the cabinet that housed the tea three weeks ago . Went to reach for my teacup once again I went to the cabinet that it was previously in three weeks ago . 
I started to laugh , this is the important part , I was overwhelmed , on auto pilot , parts of Alan's session with the horses triggered past unpleasant  memories from when I was married. That trigger took me back to the past , when I was going for the tea , I thought tea for a moment and then my focus was gone due to my brain trying to figure out my emotions I went back to the old habit , the old routine of where the tea was in the past . This happens when your on auto-pilot.

Tea is very simple and silly , I believe it's vitally important to find humor in life . What I want you to have awareness of is when your stressed , overloaded  the mind to protect itself goes on autopilot , which takes you back to the old way of feeling and doing majority of the time . The holidays can be a very hard time of year for many people due to going back to old non-honoring patterns like my tea cupboard story . 

Here are some tips to help you stay focused , calm and know your triggers.

1) Slow down , BE purposeful about everything, what you think, eat, how you move, who you talk to, what you watch on TV , read , the company you keep etc . Being purposeful will help keep you focused.
2) Limit sugar and processed foods , they cause brain fog. 
3) Breath deeply and slowly . On your exhale let go , shake off anything that doesn't feel or think honoring.
4) Do an active activity outside , purposely breathe in fresh air and purposely exhale.
5) Know what triggers you or sets you off. When you acknowledge your triggers you give yourself permission to be in control of them.
6) Acknowledge all your strengths.
7) Limit your to do list to your top 3 priorities for the day and star your number one priority.
8) Keep your focus , thoughts on your top priorities.
9) Having a hard time focusing start saying or singing everything your thankful & grateful for in your life . Bring on the happy.
10) Know your spending budget/money management and stick to it . How creative can you be with your money? 
11) Learn or master meditation and Visualization ( Check out Youtube) 
12)  Pray throughout the day for yourself , others , community , your country , animals , and the world. 
Willie ( the pony ) teaches you how to allow opportunities into your life . Shadow is behind Willie Teaches you the importance of removing judgement , life is experiences you like or do NOT like . 

How can you bring joy into your life today ? Smiles and laughter are to your soul what water is to a plant . Nourish your soul and grow. 

Many Blessings to you ! Health*JOY*Freedom...Peace...Lisa 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Feeling and Emotions : What are they telling you ? Are you listening?

                  Feelings and Emotions 

What do they mean? Are you really listening and hearing your inner guidance system? 


Helena( our very dear friend) and Asia - Graduation picture .

If your frustrated but the mere thought of how, why you are feeling the way you are , STOP take in a very deep breath , hold it for 4 seconds and as slowly as you can exhale and know that you are not alone. The horses and I created "Equine Human Connection"  to empower folks to understand the importance of your feelings, emotions = your inner guidance system. Do you need to come to the ranch and work with the horses to understand this all, NO , a daily commitment to YOU is where it all starts.

Ask yourself right now "What am I feeling? Where am I feeling it?" "What is the message , what do I need to know, now?" " What will I do with this knowledge"? "How can I implement this into my life"? " How does that make me feel"?

This all my seem silly but your body truly is talking to you through emotion. There are many books out there that write about dis-ease being associated to your emotions. ( Louise Hay- Heal your Life) . 

Asia teaches you about your inner power

 Here are a few examples from clients that the horses and I assist.( I've changed their names)

Connie was struggling with sadness , being lonely and her weight . The more Connie's energy was focused on sadness and being lonely the sadder she became and lonelier.  Remember we get what we focus on. What is the opposite of sad-Happy , opposite of lonely - ________. The horses and I helped Connie figure out where she felt the above emotions , in her heart and stomach. Connie's body was giving her signals trying to communicate with her but she wasn't hearing . 

 Connie was able to figure out she was eating to stuff her emotions . Connie know has the awareness  to check in with how she's feeling before she eats and ask herself a list of questions . 

1) Am I Hungry? If answer is yes , enjoy your healthy food , if  NO ask yourself more questions.
2) How is my body feeling light or heavy? Heavy normally represents a block.
3)What is this feeling telling me ? 
4) What can I do about it?
5) Am I being honoring and loving to me?

When your heart is sad and you want love it becomes a mixed signal . Every time you think  of love since it's related to sadness you kept getting the same result more sadness. Is this all confusing , yes , it is at first due to majority of people including me weren't raised to tune into what you are feeling. 
Feelings give you information on how you are responding to you, a person , situation,  experience etc. 
Horses roll modeling confusion 

Tony  normally works with the horses to brain storm business ideas. Tony newest business adventure wasn't progressing as planned due to feelings and emotions he was ignoring. As Tony attempted to work with the horses to bring work problem to a conscious level what unfolded was feelings he was putting a side regarding his girl friend. A few things in their long term relationship created red flags for him and he wasn't acknowledging what he was feeling. As my grandma would say " emotions and feelings were being swept under the rug" . You can only keep swiping dirt under the rub for so long and then it begins to build up and seep out creating dust . Hided emotions and thoughts create dust of their own which are blocks that turn into walls which will negatively affect all areas of your life.

When Tony tuned in to what he was feeling he discovered that he was frustrated , angry with his girlfriend due to she would say one thing and do something else . At first it started out being little thing, then it happened again , and again . She always told him after about her change of plans it just didn't feel good to him . Tony talked about his feelings , which brought up could he trust his girlfriend , which went to he didn't trust is ex-wife , which brought past hurts from his childhood and how he felt abandoned couldn't trust his parents . 

Can you relate this all to someplace in your life? I know I can. 

The fire department teaches you to STOP * Drop and Roll if you are on fire . To me feelings left unattended are similar to a smoldering fire which left alone will turn into a out of control blaze.When it comes to feelings I say " Stop * Feel * Acknowledge".

Connie has made a daily commitment to her feelings and know has more energy and joy than anyone I know plus she's healthy , slim and fit. 

Tony's newest business adventure is a success and he and his long term girlfriend are becoming better communicators.

Please check is with yourself a few times a day and ask yourself "How am I feeling"? " How could my relationships be more fulfilling"? "Does this feel good" "Am I honoring me"? "Is this in my best interest"? "Am I making the right decision for all concerned"? "Am I making the world a better place"? " Is this my problem or someone else s"?

Human beings have incredible instincts and an internal guidance system be sure yours in turned on , BE present , BE aware , Feel , BE thankful you are alive . We do live in a beautiful world that does get better every day , when in doubt reflect on the dark ages , We have come a long way baby.

Phlaggston and I , we have been a team for 19 years and still going strong.


Friday, November 6, 2015

To Judge or NOT to Judge is the Question?


Asia on left teaches you about inner connection and power ; Shadow teaches you the importance of removing judgement and understanding how experiences make you feel.

Can you Believe It’s November? Lots going on at Free Spirit Ranch/ Be it Coaching. Arranging fencing for winter, bringing in hay , cleaning paddocks and staining gates . Plus enjoying all this fabulous weather we have been having. May you give yourself the gift of spending time every day outside breathing fresh air and stilling the mind .

I find it interesting how trends happen. This month the trend with “Equine Human Connection “ ( coaching with the horses and I) has been on removing judgement . What does that mean , or how is that possible , sounds crazy . Yes I agree removing judgement can be a bit confusing  due to  the amount of folks being raised  with an eye for an eye thought , thinking and feeling getting even will make you feel better, having justice. When I first started considering limiting  judgement from my life it was an enormous challenge . But , Shadow ( who is a rescue horse that lives at the ranch, his photo is in the attachment above)has gently taught me the importance of removing judgement , which has allowed freedom, lightness, stillness to flow into my life. 

Shadow (Horse) and I have been introducing this thought to the folks we work with . I know from the results in my own life plus the clients I work with daily, this concept works.
When you remove judgement you set yourself free, you open yourself up to getting in touch with your instinct’s, internal guidance system, emotions and feelings. If you remove judgement you can ask yourself “Do I like how this feels” ? “Is this an experience I want to repeat”?    Does this experience honor me and the world” ?

It’s been proven through many studies that the average person has the same 60,000 thoughts a day . Yes this is called living on auto pilot . When you live on autopilot, with feelings turned off , keep doing what you’re doing, yes like a robot, you keep getting the same experiences, your predictable ,  and majority of the time begin to give up on your dreams, because you truly begin to believe what is the point . I have experienced this thought from observing my parents , family members, friends and clients. I do what I do because I know if you learn to master your thoughts, feelings and learn how to input information into the unconscious mind, a world of possibility is waiting for you. Living becomes so much fun, your health improves and joy begins to fill your life.

Everything in our world has a vibration from the smallest bug to the electricity that flows through your home . When you turn on your light switch the result you see is the light turning on. When you have a thought/feeling it’s just like that light that lights up the room, your thought/ feeling lights up, vibrates out form you . Example : I have a client Sophie she’s wanting to have more meaningful relationship with her husband . Sophie judges everything around her, Shadow ( horse) keeps all the other horses away from Sophie and pushes Sophie around gently giving her a visual of the vibration she is sending out. As Sophia complains about her husband a vibration leaves her body , keeping all the horses away from her, yes Shadow keeps pushing at her.

 I encouraged Sophie to begin to focus on how she wanted her relationship to BE. She began to tell me how she wanted their relationship to be , hope and calmness began to show on her face. Guess what happened YES the horses began to interact with her kindly.  Fiona ( Horse) came up to Sophie and gently touching her shoulder and hand. Fiona teaches us about love.  Sophie began to experience love from Fiona, she was able to communicate out loud how she wanted to give and receive love from her husband. Sophie was sending a vibration out for what she WANTED CONSCIOUSLY to give and receive. Yes her relationship is becoming more loving with her husband. Is it easy , physically yes, but mentally and emotionally it requires Sophie’s full focus and attention all the time. Sophie is getting off autopilot and becoming a conscious creator of her life. It’s similar to defrocking a computer , shocking a pool, rewiring a house, cleaning out a  closet , pulling the weeds from your garden.

  I believe in taking baby steps while learning anything new,  lots less pressure which equals success. Sophie decided to FOCUS on what she wanted to experience ,stopped judging her husband, If she became frustrated she’d acknowledge how she was feeling then ask herself “How would I rather feel “? We have a choice on how we feel about everything . I encourage each of you  beginning now to be aware of what you’re thinking , feeling and ask yourself where can I remove judgment and put the FOCUS on what I WANT !  Please let me know if this information has been helpful and how I can be of better service to you.

Opportunities : Free Spirit Ranch/Be it Coaching , Maiden Rock WI

November 13 & 20 , 2015: Group Mini work shop” Equine Human Connection”  2pm-5pm. You will leave experience with horses with a better understanding of how your thoughts , feelings effect your life and how to begin to master them. You will receive email with photos of your experience and a small written summary of your experiences with horses  . $100

November 14, 2015 : Reiki I , 10am-4pm ,people from all around the world are now taking an interest in Reiki, a form of hands on healing. Learn to balance your energy, release stress and, naturally lower your blood pressure. Promotes relaxation and over all well-being. Concentration is on wellness and releasing for physical body . Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of Reiki. Class includes certificate and manual $100.

November 15, 2015: Reiki II, 10am-4pm , Reiki II is an extension of Reiki I but with focus on understanding the emotional body , long distance healing , more in depth learning and understanding of the chakra system .
. Class includes certificate and manual $200.

December 4. 2015 : Mini workshop “ Jump Start 2016”  1pm-4pm. Are you ready to make 2016 your best year ever? Are you wanting to embrace the holidays and truly enjoy family and friends let me show you how. Weather permitting we will spent 30 minutes with horses. $150.

Dec 11. 2015 : All day Workshop “ Shine from With In”? Are you ready to experience living like never before?  10am-4:30pm. Life is so very previous , I truly believe we are here on this earth to learn how to love ourselves unconditionally  , learn to love others while, having fulfilling relationships that honor all.  When you know how to connect with yourself, know what you want , have a faith and belief system that will get you to your end goal anything is possible. Let the horses and I show you how… $250.


The holidays are a time to enjoy giving and receiving . It can be as simple as a hug or an expensive gift.

From Wednesday November 25, 2015 through November 30 I am offering Buy one of our services , receive one for FREE to give as a gift to yourself or someone else.  Call  or email to receive special offer .


Lisa Kuchinski CTC
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Inner Fulfillment VS external: Are both Possible???

          Are Both Possible: Inner Fulfillment

 Willie , he dances to his own inner voice everyday.

                                       and External???

Yes that is the question of the day, week , month , year and decade. The horses and I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of people, single , couples, families, and business owners.  I have observed  many miracles during all the "Equine Human Connection" sessions. The success I have seen in  individuals, is how the horses teach them to connect to their inner self, intuition, soul. 

You have feelings inside of your body, heart, stomach , etc. Your feelings are your guidance system just like the GPS in your phone , car, map quest, the question I ask you is are you listening? 

I know many folks who keep buying bigger homes , faster cars, get younger spouses , and shopping has become a profession to fill a void that can only be filled by self love. 

The answer to the above questions is  YES you can have both BUT inner self love , confidence, faith and happiness come first. All the money in the world can NOT buy you happiness or love. 

Part of the herd
How do you find love for yourself? 

* Find forgiveness for self and others.
* No judging, everything is an experience that is honoring or not to you.
* Still your mind daily for 15-30 minutes.
* Start listening to YOU , your intuition.
* Be aware of your emotions , NO stuffing them.
* Being Thankful and grateful for all that you have.
* Appreciate everything, a child's smile, the sun rise , sun set , the food on your table , your hands, feet , rain, sun, trees,  etc. 

Begin to see the world as a play ground, each new day is a new
opportunity a fresh new experience.
Be aware of every thought you have please make them honoring. 

Lance- teaches us about going forward


 Curious about "Equine Human Connection" session , The next 7 Fridays 10/16/15 - 11/27/15 we will be hosting mini "Equine Human Connection" workshops from 2-5pm... RSVP or call 612-807-4740



Thursday, September 10, 2015

Self Growth-Are you expanding or Stuck???


                                        Self Growth

Cisco and Phlaggston

  Is self growth part of your daily experience or are you thinking," what planet is she on?" You may be thinking who has time for self growth between work, kids , spouse , dating, laundry , caring for a house and cooking. Yes, there is a lot of time spent on survival.

But, what happens when you allow yourself to get out of survival mode,  smell the roses,  learn to manage every thought you have? Imagine having control over your thoughts . I read somewhere that the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day and every day a majority of the population continues to have the same 60,000 thoughts . Having the same thoughts when negative , day in day out, is disastrous. This is where the saying comes from" you become what you think ". Every thought you have reinforces who you are and your belief system .


Self growth can be very simple, learn to master every thought you have. Begin to tell a new story .

How to:

1) Turn the light on, Be present , Be in the now , FOCUS. Turn the auto pilot on OFF.

2)  Pick one area in your life that you want to see improvement . Perhaps it's getting healthy ( working out , knowing where your food comes from and making healthier chooses, cleaning your home with non-toxic cleaners , eduacating yourself on supplements or taking cooking classes. ) Pick one thing, for example, while working out all your focus , action, and self talk will be on how you will successfully work out each day by making a better choice with thoughts , words, and action.


Old thought                                                                New thought

 I don't have time to work out                                      I can be creative in finding time to workout

I'm fat , whats the point in working out?                       I'm being kind to me , my body is happiest.

                                                                                  when I'm moving .

  I don't like exercise                                                  I'm excited to discovery new ways of moving.

I'm too tired.                                                              I know I'll feel better when I start moving.

I never stick to a work out program                         Each new day gives me the opportunity to be                                                                               healthier. I like being healthy.


If you want a better relationship with your spouse, spend your thoughts on what that would look and feel like. Talk about what you want to be experiencing and living. 

As Humans, folks have a tendency to get stuck on where they are presently and get consumed with talking about what they  dislike  . STOP and ask yourself the question," Am I creating a new thought or am I stuck in the old thought process?" Every time you create a new thought, give yourself a word of praise! Be thankful for all that your learning and experiencing. Life is what you make of it . Make it over flowing with possibility! Embrace Self Growth!



Thursday, September 3, 2015

What is an Aura? How does it relate to Relationship being energizing or depleting ?


Asia in pasture with herd . Isn't it beautiful ?

 The horse your looking at with the halo around
her head is Asia . Asia has inspired me to show her photos and share my explanation of what an Aura is to me. Your energy field or Life Force Energy is vital to your health and well-being.

When I was a young child my Grandma K  and Aunt Mary had all kinds of painting of Jesus, Mary , The Last Supper and all figures had halo's around the top of their heads . I thought that was the coolest thing . I spent many hours just looking at the paintings that now reside in my parents house. May they take up residency in my sisters house some day. 

We have a light body which I like to think of as our soul and the layers of energy fields that extend past out physical body. Try this experiment perhaps at a party , movie theater , park , etc. Close your eye's lightly allowing your eyes to move side ways or up and down , yes while your eyes stay close. Slow your breathe and bring your attention to focus on your skin , the hair on your arms or the back of your neck. You'll begin to sense or feel people , animals, etc near you.  There is no touching just the sensation of presence . That sensation is on your energy field . Isn't that totally cool. 

My daughter Allie and Asia  

 Allie and Asia just finished a fabulous riding lesson at Jane Braddocks , Focused Riding . I used my phone to take these photo's , I was so excited when I could see their Aura's / light above their heads . Truly look at how they are looking at each other . They are completely connected , notice how their hearts are toward each other. Some folks call this place being in the Zone , Zen, being connected to the divine , flow, or having a rhythm.  This  place brings your heart and soul so much joy and raises your vibration or frequency of your body . Think of the phrase" being up lifted". 

Really look at this photo it's not clouds above their heads. This photo and the one above were taken with in seconds of each other. Did I see the aura's or halos , no  but I felt the meaning full interaction of the two of them so I started taking pictures. Think of the interaction of a mom with her baby , a couple in love or good friends hanging out. When your the observer of this interaction it makes you feel good and brings a smile to your face , it's very up lifting. When more than one energy field comes together with happiness it raises the happiness factor of all that are around , your experiencing a higher vibration. As human beings our souls crave this happy state . Your feelings are your emotional guidance system . In my heart I know this is how each of us can make a positive difference in the world by raising our vibration through "LOVE" . 

 Now notice the difference of how this photo feels and looks. Allie and Asia's energy fields have separated . Have you ever had the experience of passing a total stranger you exchange huge smiles and you have this wonderful feeling through your body and you feel more energized? You experienced the connection of Allie and Asia. In a healthy relationship this energy continues to lift each other up allowing  both to have more energy , become more creative . My prayer is that all relationships will begin to become aware of this energy and be sure to give thanks and keep that fire alive and healthy. 

Have you ever been around someone that you feel totally exhausted? The energy field / life force energy is being literally  sucked out of you. This is were the expression " He/She is killing me" Energetically they are . If your Life force energy becomes depleted for a long period of time it will affect your health and well-being .  No being a victim , your unconsciously allowing 
 the person to take your energy. We have to be accountable . Feel yourself getting tired , make a mental note to limit yourself around that person, get a book on raising your vibration, take a Reiki Class...I'm offering all three levels Sept 25 - Sept 27, 2015 . For more information go to , or send me an email :)

Next week's blog will be on how to keep your vibration high and your life force energy filled up.
Be thankful all day long, allow love from your faith to flow continuous to you all day, Love You 
 more, Love the special people in your life more deeply. 




Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wanting / Needing / Being grateful , Appreciating

What do you want in your Life?

What do you need in your Life?

Are you grateful for your many Blessings? 

How do you acknowledge appreciation? 

Rohan, Asia, Monty 

Many of my coaching clients seek help, guidance due to something  missing in their lives, lack of happiness , no energy , no motivation, a wanting for change.

Your emotions are your inner guidance system (soul) talking to you. The question is are you a listening.

Many folks have been raised that wanting  , desiring is selfish or materialistic. When you have a connection and love for yourself first ,you have an over flow of energy , compassion , prosperity to give back to the world. It all starts with self, no one , nothing can make you happy or healthy. It's the chooses, thoughts, and feelings you make that determine majority of your life. Are you ready to experience something new, more fulfilling? Are you ready to embrace more joy , and know what it feels like to be connected to all that is? It's a daily commitment.

I'd like you to get a note book and start writting down what you want.
Example : 
 I want to have perfect health.
I want to have a firm body.
I want to have over flowing amounts of money in my bank account
I want to love me unconditionally
I want my own of  business
I want a healthy , loving relationship
Talk and think about the qualities in a relationship that you want. You already know what doesn't work . Focus on what you want to be experiencing. 

Now expand upon each of the above

I need perfect health so I can feel good, I'll be able to move with ease. I'll have more energy to do things is life I enjoy,_______________________.  I'll be able to spend more time ____________________. When I feel good I'm happier. Give lots of detail. 

I need and am excited to have a successful business. I am not sure of what that would entail presently but I am open to meeting people , allowing new opportunities into my life that will guide me on the discovery to what that business is. I need a business that will give me ________________________. 
I need to make  $____________ plus. I need the business to allow me to be creative .

Fiona (horse) helping a client understand how thought and feelings affect our  lives. "Equine Human Connection"
I am very thankful and blessed that I can breath and that my heart beats
I am very thankful and blessed for my perfect health it allows my to move with ease, work out , be active .
I am very thankful and blessed that I have electricity.

What do you want? What are you thankful and grateful for? You can allow life to happen to you , or you can embrace living and spend time daily on learning to create a life you'll love living. 

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