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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Values #Beliefs were do you start? Success

                                    You Start Here

Rohan Teaches you about inner Divine Masculine Power

 Do you have your goal or goals? Are you accomplishing them in a timely matter that makes you happy feel and know you are successful?

Answer the questions below to see , feel how you are doing. 
On a scale of 1-10 , 1 beginning not at all , 10 being" yes "

Do you have enough time to work on your goals every day?____
Is it easy too accomplish your goal? ___
How would you rank your health?____
How would you rank your fitness level?____
Are you the size you want to be?___
Do you have enough me time?___
How is your love life?___
How is your Spirituality ?____
How is your family time? ____
Do you take 2 vacations a year?___
Do you have the amount of money you want?___
Do you sleep peacefully at night?___
Are you full of energy when you wake up each morning?____
Can you still your mind in 10 seconds or less?___
Are you a positive person?____
Do you believe in you ?____

Please No judgement this is just a simple guide to info you were you are with your values.

Scored below 80 it's time to take a serious look at your Values, what's yours? what is NOT ? :)

Scored 80 - 112   it's time to review your Values.

Scored 112-160  What one or two values need a little tweaking.

Depending what study you read values are formed by the age of 6-7 . Yes like a home needs spring cleaning so do your values . What was true for you at age 4 is most likely not true NOW. Please refer to "what are your Values" here's the link

Fiona reminds you to unconditionally LOVE you! You can only be loved as much as you LOVE you.

Look at the list above perhaps it's your lowest number or not. Pick one question that you'd like to bring more of that into your life. Ask yourself will this bring me joy ? Please pick the sentence that makes you the happiest. 

For example : I  picked the money sentence . There are four pieces of land I would like to buy in order to expand the ranch . I believe I can purchase two of them , need extra cash for the other two parcels. Grab a piece of paper , pen and figure out were your values and beliefs . 

My #1 value is spirituality , That needs to stay there. What is yours?

#2 value is Health, that needs to stay there. In order for me to do what I do I need to be connected to creator and healthy. What is yours?

#3 Value is Family ( inner circle) this could be a possibility . My kids are young adults , I'd need extra help for Nick . My boyfriend life is filled with his work and home improvements. I will not be missed :) .  What is yours?

#4 Career - What is yours?
#5 Travel (BPS)- What is yours?
#6 riding horses- What is yours?
#7 Friends-What is yours?
#8 Leisure time-What is yours? 
#9 art - What is yours?

When I look at my values the only place I can go is to place my career even or above family . 
I spent one month thinking about this , praying and mediating my decision was to move career next to health for a period of 6 months . 

Time to check in with my beliefs . I have really strong beliefs around family and my faith. Nick my oldest has down syndrome and autism , his speech is at age 2 , developmentally age 6-8 but with the hormones of a 26 year old , totally not fair :) . Allie and Jake early twenties. I have a boyfriend that I adore . All the above is were my heart , soul love to be. 

My Belief needs a little tweaking  . I am no longer needed as much . Do you notice how I go back to my kids and boyfriend .  I need to be available because that brings me Joy. When you keep revisiting a situation in different ways that is the belief that needs your attention. 

When I grew up I felt abandoned , unloved and not cared for. As an adult I know my parents did the best they could , they loved me the only way they knew how . These emotions carry over to all areas of my life . NO judgement it is what it is. 
I have the skills and knowledge to look at this from a non-emotions stand point. I'm sharing this part of my life in hopes to empower you to looks at your values and beliefs so you can get to know you more and take action to living a magnificent life. 
Living with these beautiful animals brings me such joy

I have made the commitment to myself that I will go forward with moving my  career to share the value spot with health. I'm growing my business and  creating a program called "Expansion(TM)" It's a 9 part system that I will be offering at the ranch and as a webinar starting in August 2106 to assist folks in expanding their lives way beyond their comfort zone. It's OK to be uncomfortable with grow , or fearful . When you can take the discomfort /fear and morph /blend it with your deepest desires, add on life skills , techniques some energy work , release negativity , play with the horses, you blossom and thrive.  I made this commitment when I realized consciously that I was abandoning my clients by not offering them more. Plus short changing myself from growth .

 Life is always evolving we need to make sure we are to.

I feel such peace with what I have decided because I am in alignment with my values and beliefs now.This process takes some soul searching and time . Yes please talk to yourself , your reaching your unconscious mind when you do.

A little recap; If you notice a goal or dream keeps getting farther and farther away , or never gets accomplished there is a conflict with your  values and beliefs. Please be curious about what brings you  joy and connecting with you . Have a question , please ask.



Monday, March 14, 2016

NASCAR - Horses - Do you have a system for your Life and Business???

NASCAR -Horses - Do you have a system for your Life and Business?

Draw your attention to the pit crews across the track , they are hard to see but they are there.
Allie ( daughter) and Asia , their is a crew but you can't see us.

 NASCAR , changed my life two weeks ago in Las Vegas , Nevada . First off I apologize to any race car fans in advance for my lack of knowledge regarding NASCAR and incorrect words I may use :).

We went to Boydgaming 300 on Saturday March 6 , 2016 , the big race Kobalt 400 was on Sunday March 7.

I grew up in a small town in Ransomville, NY which has a speedway for stock cars. The kids I baby sat for dad raced and my girlfriend Wendy ( she's still my best friend) dad raced. I could never understand there excitement regarding NASCAR until now. 

My boyfriend Brian took me on a much needed vacation . Meet Brian . He's great! His idea to go to NASCAR since we were in Vegas, I'm always game to try something new. 
Perfect day, weather was 78 degrees with a light breeze.


 I run a small business and my goal is too expand this year and empower as many folks as the horses and I can. I have a business coach and have attended numerous business conferences . I keep hearing the importance of having a system and I could NOT understand how that could help me. I am very intuitive so when the horses and I are assisting clients ,  doing energy work , hypnosis or coaching  I just know things" how could a system be beneficial" . I have a connection with Creator what else do I need. 

Well, Thank you NASCAR and Brian I know see the light . We sat across from the pit crews , thank you pit crews for all the lessons and learning you gave me! The favored driver for the day was #18 Kyle Busch who is from Vegas and has over 35 wins , very impressive . 
From the start of the race #18 Kyle Busch was in the lead . Kyle I believe was the only racer who would race on Sunday too. He is very talented and so is the pit crew. 

At first I thought it's so unfair that he's beating everyone by so much . Then I realized what I was feeling wasn't mine but a belief of my mom , I started to watch the race from "what could I learn, remove judgement". This is when the light switch went on for me as I watched car #18 pull into the pit and was blown away at how the crew changed 4 tires in what I believe to be 5 seconds or less . It blue my mind how they could do it so fast , plus they looked great in their blue and gold uniforms, everything was precise, looked effortless and organized.  

I looked forward to #18 going in for maintenance . Again the crew repeated everything in the same order . For me it was like viewing a Ballet . Each person had their individual part and it was seamless, breathtaking, magical to watch, the driver could be a huge success due to the team work. I began to watch other pit crews in my viewing area, ouch... #13 car  pit crew only had 3-4 men compared to 6-8 of #18, no uniforms , no routine and it made me so nervous to watch them , at one point the tire they were changing was forgotten about and began to roll toward the race track which caused the race to go to caution mode and the pace car was placed back on track . Perhaps this was #13 first time at this level of racing, his name wasn't in the official program which is how I came to this conclusion or there could have been some emergency which left part of the pit crew unable to attend. 

I also watched driver #23 beautiful vibrant green car , you can notice the pit crew with the green box ( I don't know what you call it, I believe it holds tools and folks can go top and watch the race from there. ) 

#23 did a great job too . The difference between #18 and #23
Was very slight and this is were I began to understand the importance of a system.  All the seconds that team #18 saved allowed the driver to be more successful. Sorry #23 wasn't in program either, little frustrating for me that there wasn't an added update , piece of paper passed out with program of teams added or dropped, since I know very little about the sport. It would have been very helpful. We all have to start somewhere when we learn something new, right? ) 

It's incredible the speeds the drivers go . One driver went too long before changing tires, he had an accident which took out his car and two others , so unfair for the other two teams. But , life can be unfair the important thing is what can you learn from the experience. How can we improve , what can we do differently , what do I really want to be experiencing ,  living , feeling , hearing , knowing?

When the race came to an end #18 Kyle Busch and his team won. What I realized about our world is that we are trained mentally on the negative. Kyle Busch was in the lead for 199 laps of a 200 lap race . Congratulations Kyle , team and families !  All the sports reporter talked about was the 1 lap that Kyle  didn't have the lead . I found that to be very disturbing. Lesson: Always look for the positive , keep your thoughts on what you want , who cares what anyone else believes , it's what YOU believe that creates your world. There is a reason #18 is such a successful driver , he knows what he wants, believes in myself and his team , he takes action and has a system. 

 " Enormous  Thank you to all drivers , pit crews , families , helpers and fans!!!" The fans were so nice ! 

What I took away for my business so I can have more freedom in my life >>>

1) Remove all judgement 
2) Importance of a system . Do I/You want to be car #18 or #13?  
3)We all start some where , it's what we learn that counts 
4) How will I/ You  implement learning's ? 
5) Having total clarity on what the main goal will look, feel and hear like. 
6) Were can I/ You add systems in business and home?
7) Having a system will create calm, order to life / business. It can continue to be duplicated. 
8) I have an understanding of what it will take to be successful and that it's time to develop a team to create my vision,goal, dream
9) Importance of celebrating along the way . Being in this race is cause to celebrate . Takes lots of effort and commitment to be invited.  It's so important to recognize each of our accomplishments no matter how big or small.  
10) Know my/ your plan for the day, week , month , year.

Create a System , learn one , borrow one , buy one , most importantly, Love you a little bit more! Believe in you a lot more! 


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