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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Living a Full-Filling Life Part 3....How to

     Living a Full-Filling Life Part 3 ...How to

Life has so much to offer each and every one of YOU...I think of life and the world to BE this huge giant play ground... It's full of Love, Health, Joy, Adventure and opportunity.

Please get yourself a piece of paper...Be creative perhaps it's a yellow piece of paper with a red pen, how about different colored markers... Think I like color? :) Love color!

Give your self three minutes and just allow yourself to draw , makes lines , circles, dots etc...

Close your eyes lightly , slow your breathe and begin to think of your heart, perhaps even place your hands on your heart...Now begin to think of the light with in you , allow that light (Soul) to surround your heart with pure love... BE here for a few minutes...

1) Ask your self what am I missing in my life? Write it down.

2) Who has a life that You would like to model after? Write it down.

2a) What are the qualities of their life that YOU would like to start implementing now? Write it down. 

3) What do YOU want to start believing and knowing to BE true about you now? Write it down.

4) What are three feelings you want to start feeling now? Yes write it down...:) 

5) SEE yourself doing, living BEING  now...Write it down...

6) What are three words, sentences YOU  are hearing that support and honor YOU... example" I can do it" , "Love" " Health"  "FUN" " Freedom"

Give yourself 5 minutes of stillness and begin to create a moving picture show in your mind that makes your heart and soul so completely happy...Perhaps you even have butterflies in your Tummy because YOU are so excited . YES you have the power with in YOU to begin living a life that honors YOU now...

Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes in the morning and at night... Congratulations!!! YOU have taken your first step in discovering how to have/lead a Full-Filling life... 

May your day bring YOU possibility , be open to receive! How do you do that ... Say to your self" I am open to receive all the possibility that honors me"

How will  You bring kindness to your community today? It can be as simple as a beautiful smile.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

IF What YOU are doing isn't working do something else!

     If What YOU Are Doing Isn't Working

                Do Something Else!!!!!

The above words are very powerful....... Here are a few more to Consider.....

There is no such thing as Failure.....ONLY Feedback....
Took this photo three days ago...sometimes we just have to look at life from many different views! :)

You cannot NOT communicate.....

The map is not the Territory....

If one person can learn to do something; Anyone can learn to do it...

The mind and body are parts of the same system....

 YOU have all the resources you need...

Everyone lives in their own unique model of the world....

The meaning of your communication is the response YOU get...

The above statements are what I teach my clients and have come from my training as a Certified  NLP practitioner... These techniques were founded by two gentlemen by name's of Richard Bandler and John Grinder....  They studied Milton Erickson....Who studied with....

My point is we all learn from each other, borrow information from each other,  teach  each other and improve upon what we have learned.... We all need help, assistance, mentors etc....... I  have a mentor/coach who I work with every other week.... Thank you Laura!!!!

1) How are  you improving your life NOW? Yesterday? In the Future?

2) What makes your heart sing with Joy?

3) How do you know you love yourself? or not?

4) Are you living your BEST life?

5) How did you give back today?

 If you can answer above question, hats off to you ... keep up the great work....YOU are making the world a better place to BE...
If you are stuck....Decide today to begin living a life that honors you ....

Read a self help book.... 
                                           " Has a Woman Thinketh" by Dorothy J.Hulst

                                             " Has a Man Thinketh" by James Allen

 Call BE it Coaching  today... 612-807-4740


Friday, May 24, 2013

Living Life to the Fullest...Part 2.... Wisdom from Freedom (Horse)

                         Living Life to the Fullest

                               Part 2 

                       What  stops you?

Had a very interesting experience today...Returning home from working out at the gym .... 
On the side of the road is the gentleman who Delivers fish to my home...Yes it;s cleaned , frozen and wild caught... NOTE: It's important to get your daily omega 3's into your diet.

When I approach his vehicle I can tell he's pretty worked up and his energy is flying high. He's on the phone explaining to his boss about the dangers of his job.
He loudly explains to me that he was walking up to my house to make his Delivery and a horse came running at him, knocked him over, he wanted to jump the fence but there were horses in that pasture. 
He had to run to his vehicle to save his life...I apologize numerous time....He explains to me that he's never coming back...I found the experience very intriguing.  

The Horses, have so much to teach you , the question is are you awake, are you ready to embrace a new way of living your life? From Freedoms point of view.

1) When you run from your fear it will knock you down and take over your life.
2) What would happen if you stopped and really looked at what you were afraid of? What wouldn't happen if you don't?
3) What would freedom look , feel, like in your life? 
4) What little step could you begin taking TODAY that would open a tiny space for freedom in your life?
5) Where do you need to be to have freedom in your life?
6)  What beliefs do you need to allow to leave from your life? What new belief's do YOU want to start believing about YOU NOW?
7) If you continue to stay in your box what won't happen?
8) If you continue to run from experiencing freedom in your life how does that honor YOU?

I encourage you to take some time today and BE with this story... How does it relate to your life? Make a list of ways that you could have freedom in your Life?   Perhaps begin to ask yourself this question....What if I had more freedom in my life? How would it feel to have freedom in my life?
Would my life be more full-Filling if I had freedom in my life? Would I be happier if I had freedom in my life? If I was happier what  would I be doing differently in my life? Am I worthy of being happy?  YOU beat you are!!!!!

Too be continued.... next posting will be lots of ideas on how to make little thought changes that will open the door in your life to living a Full-Filling life of joy, prosperity and LOVE!

No matter what you think you are YOU are so much more than that and in so many ways!!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Living life to the FULLEST

               Living live to the Fullest


Yes Living Life to the fullest ! What does that mean exactly? Do you wake each morning excited to start a new day? Do you wake up being thankful that you can breathe, smell and move your body? Do you wake up knowing that you will have a remarkable day, there may be some challenges BUT  YOU have all the resources with in you  to figure it out!

Yes you have all the resources with in ...What does that mean? Or are you thinking, she is so out there! When you are born you are hard wired from Faith ( Faith is what you believe to be absolutely true for you and you only ). to access all information...At one time you knew that . Have you ever wondered how do some children , young adults or Einstein just know so much, or perhaps you remember a time when you asked yourself a question, and you knew the answer , that is right you knew the answer.

When you are connected to your inner self ( soul) and your Faith,  All in life is possible .  Life has a new meaning, your happier and life offers you more opportunities. Have you ever noticed that when you are worried ,scared or fearful that more of those situations appear in your life. Imagine if you were to let go of that?

I truly believe our lives are meant to have meaning, we are here to learn , have fun and learn to love ourselves and others ( animals, plants, earth, etc... ).

When you  take time out of  your life (10 minutes a day) and start to think and write  what do I want to be living and experiencing today , NOW...Your begin to invite a new way of believing into your world...

I challenge you today to go someplace by yourself , bring some colored markers, pens and a piece of paper . Spend ten minutes drawing or writing down what you would so enjoy your life looking , feeling and hearing like  NOW.    Before you go to sleep this evening review your paper.

The next two post will be on going more into detail on the hows to having a full-filling Life  .



Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Shadow ( Horse) Can Teach You



Shadow came to join the herd about 11 years ago. He was boarded at a local farm. Every time I'd visit he'd run ( canter) up to the fence and winnie at me.

I'd always go visit him because I so enjoyed how he always welcomed me. I felt so special. His owners were past  due many months of his  board the owners of the farm would tell me.

One day I receive a phone call do I want Shadow for kill price? (Yes horses are still killed today for food for people and animals.)  I had to pick him up that day.  Off I went to bring Shadow to his new home. That horse talked to me for a reason...How did he know...???

Shadow became my youngest son's horse ...But not for long...Shadow had a back injury that I didn't know about, it was too painful for him to be ridden. He was now the youngest most beautiful pasture ornament.

Shadow always stood so proud...He'd follow me every where. I had such a special place in my heart for him. The following year my daughter and I were certified in EAGALA. My new career of empowering people with horses was starting.

Shadow immediately would greet clients when they arrived . Shadow had now become my teacher (  and he still is) I would study Shadow every time a client would go into the arena...Sometimes he was kind, loving, other times he was aggressive and would challenge people to stand up for them selves.

What I discovered, is that Shadow was acknowledging the bravery with in someone or teaching them to be brave. 

Shadow was the leader and still is when I work with clients. He encourages you to be strong, guides you to new possibilities , and teaches you to believe in yourself. 

You can live your life just as you are or you can become your best-friend, You can open yourself up to living a life that honors you...Everyday learning how to be the best you can BE. I challenge you to live a life of EXCELLENCE beginning NOW...




Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Wednesday....Sharing this wonderful article on Loneliness....Which I believe is due to lack of love....

 Huge Thank you to the Author Judith Shulevitz for bring this huge issue of our culture public.

We wonder why so my children have ADHD? How do people randomly kill others? 

I challenge you to read the below article....What do you think....

Yes smile at everyone you meet. Feel like giving a total stranger a hug GO FOR IT !!!! Set the example for your community and be KIND!!!!!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Your Outside World is a reflection of your INSIDE world

Your Inside world is a reflection of your outside world. 
This is a photo taken after a Human Equine Connection (TM)  last week.
The horses know how you are feeling in  your heart ...When we have chaos going on in the inside , the horses run around , bite each other, and sometimes  rear... 

The horses are giving you the opportunity to watch what is going on with in you . 
When you are on over load life is very difficult, overwhelming, or just seems impossible to deal with.

Working with the horses your able to learn how to take back control of your emotions.
Perhaps today give yourself the gift of 5 minutes and just breathe slowly in and exhale slower out...Be aware of how differently you feel now than you did before the exercise. 

This is your life ....Live it to the fullest ...Read , study , take classes , hire a coach ... Hire me , we are not born knowing all this knowledge ,your job on earth is to figure it out!!! 

Just BE it !!!!!! The change in your life YOU want to live!!!!!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Human Equine Connection (TM)

Part 2

Feeling, Being, seeing and Hearing Neutral, what does that mean...

When you are in a negative or positive state you are using energy and sending out vibration...Have you ever thrown a rock into the water and watched the ripples of water move. The size of the rock and the force of the throw determine the size of the ripple and energy that you use to create it. Your thoughts and feelings are like the ripple. When you learn to keep thoughts and feelings neutral you save your energy.

Craig is worried about money ,a vibration goes out to bring him more of that experience. What is that experience? Lack of money! How do you stop that ? Have your mind , emotions go into neutral, just like a car. Being in Neutral gives you more flexibility than park. 

I had Craig pick something in the arena that represents being neutral...He choice a white block. His goal is to get a horse to walk a circle around the white block.  In order to do this Craig needs to have no feeling, when he thinks of the word money , paying his mortgage " It is what it is" ... I have him tell the horses the worse case scenario , the best case scenario..."Now let go and give it to your faith' I have Craig focus on slowing his breathe 8 counts in 8 counts out...Think of the word Neutral...Imagie the horse you'd like to help you , what does it feel , look and hear like when you walk around the block and are successful...

Craig is now ready to complete his task...Not one but  two horses follow him and complete the task of  walking around the white block in reacord time. Craig learned how it feels to be neutral. When I asked him who the horses represent he said himself and his wife. Craigs homework till our next session is to teach his wife what he learned  and to be in a neutral place everytime he thinks of money or paying his mortgage.  To journal about what the horses have taught him, how it felt to have two horses follow him...How easy it was to accomphlish his goal ,becaause he had all the informatin that he needed to learn a new way of BE-ing.

The horses get you out of your head and give you a tactale experience that you will always have with you ...For more information or questions  e-mail me today at  or call 612-807-4740

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Human Equine Connection(TM)

What is it ? How does it work?

The Human Equine Connection (TM) is what the horses do at the Free Spirit Ranch for the individuals, families , couples and businesses that come here to learn more about HOW emotions, thoughts , beliefs and values create your internal and external live that you are NOW living.

YOU may now be wondering do I really have that much control of what happens to me and in my life ? The answer is yes my friend. Have you wondered how some folks have the greatest lives , They are always happy , everything always works out for them .....It's a  word called vibration brings experiences into your life. 

The horses some how are able to feel(know) your internal and external vibration . Here's how it works...In an individual session we'd talk a little before meeting the herd of horses. I may have you write a word on a piece of paper of what you want to be experiencing in your life...You write down the word " Money"  or draw a picture of what money can bring you .

We take the piece of paper into the area where the horses are , I ask you to place it some where in the area that feels good to you. The horses are able to come and go as they please. We'll continue to talk about all the things having more money will bring you . 

The horses who connect with you will start entering your space . The horses have the ability to know if what you are telling me about money ( external emotion) is the same as what you feel in the inside , heart , internal emotion. 

I have a client Craig who was about to lose his house and what he needed was more money.  But when he talked about money the horses would  walk by him and gently push him, this happened for about 15 minutes . I asked Craig to choose a horse that would represent having money and get the horse to walk to his piece of paper that had the word money on it. What do you think happened?

Every time Craig would get near a horse they would brush by him or trot away. Yes Craig was getting very frustrated at this point

I asked Craig to connect with in his heart about how he felt about money and tell the horse about everything he was feeling on the inside. The horses know that Craig has a conflict about having money and that is why they kept brushing by him or trotting away. What Craig wants and what he feels are NOT in alinement or the same vibration.

Craig begins to start talking and four horses come in closer to him, Fiona rests her head on his arm , she is showing Craig compassion. Craig is talking about his fear about losing his house and how stressed out money makes him feel. The horses are very attentive to Craig because his internal and external feelings are the same...Craig has fear inside when he thinks of having money, when I ask him to take a horse to the paper with the word money on it fear comes up again ...His internal and external emotions are the same. NOT only are they the same , they create a vibration.  The horses still will not follow him because he's not in alinement with having money but they are being present due to the internal and external fear being in the same vibration. 

 The horses teach you how to be in alinement and give you an experience that you feel, see, hear. The Human Equine Experience stays with you for life and brings you new lessons and learning's when you are ready for them.

Next step is to assist Craig in becoming neutral about money...

Continued tomorrow....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Fabulous Day!!!!  Yes so very grateful...

Having a relationship can be very honoring and loving  to each other or not...
A relationship can foster each others growth or not...
Being in a relationship can bring joy to the soul, mental , emotional and physical body or not...

Here is an formula that I use with clients and myself.

You are "A"
The other person is "B"
The relationship is "C"

Make a list of all the wonderful Qualities that "A" brings to the relationship.
Make a list of all the wonderful Qualities that "B" brings to the relationship.

Spend a few minutes talking about the qualities or moments that make your relationship special.

Make  a list "C" which is your relationship...Of all the Qualities that you like about your relationship.What is it that you both so enjoy? What do you need to add to that list to make it even better...Be sure to review this list weekly / monthly.

It is healthier to keep/ view the  relationship has a separate identity from each of you , But is an extension of the two of you and a creation of the love and respect that you have for each other.  My belief is to keep it that way so you each keep your uniqueness and no one losses who they are...

Here's to having healthy relationship that honor , love and bring much joy ! And to putting your
attention to what you both want....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Monday ,

It is so fabulous to wake up hearing the rooster crow, birds singing and most of the snow has melted from the huge storm last week.

I am still amazed how you can have a snow storm in May???

It was a huge learning experience for me once we lost the electric for 3 1/2 days. I wasn't able to recognize lives lessons when I was in thick of being cold , not having water for us or the horses. Carrying hay through 6 " of mud and 20" of snow is brutal.  Sometimes your just in a survival state for while and that is OK. It's being open to ask for help, know what you need and being able to receive what your asking for.

I called my Friend Jennifer who owns the "Maiden Rock Inn" with her husband Gary Peterson. They graciously invited Nick ( son) and I so be there guest while electric was out. What a relief to have a save haven. I highly recommend  a get away to their B& B in Maiden Rock WI this year..You feel and are treated like you are royalty , In my opinion it's a 5 star experience...Your surrounded by beauty , peace , luxury and the most amazing healthy food.

 I will share a story about my oldest son  Nick.  Every December my children and I spend a few days creating our dreams boards . Nick put a huge picture of a rack of lamb on his board. I have never cooked lamb so I wondered how will Nick get this experience. On our first night at The Maiden Rock Inn Jennifer prepared the most incredible meal I have ever experienced...Jennifer began the prep work for the meal two days in advance...Guess what we had? Yes the most beautiful rack of lamb I have ever seen.This was all possible from having the May snow storm and losing electricity.

We don't have to know how an experience will come to us just what we want to experience. Being open to receive. Perhaps today start writing your bucket list , start a dream board or book. Spend some time thinking about what would enrich your life.


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