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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Are You Open To Receive?

Life is overflowing with opportunities and choices; The question I am asking you is" Are you open and ready to receive your hearts desire"?
I have worked with thousands of clients and what I have found to be the biggest factor in stopping people from having the life, health , job , relationship, home, love,self-worth is their ability to be open to receive.
Below is a little story I read once , author unknown. 
A man's boat capsized in the ocean , he was floating for hours and sent a prayer to God for help, thirty minutes later a small fishing boat came upon the man in the water and asked if he needed help , the man replied" no thank you I'm waiting for God to say me"  Two more hours passed and ship came upon the man and asked if he needed help , the man replied once again " I am waiting for God to save me , no thank you " . 
The man arrives in heaven shocked that God didn't save him. He asked God "Why didn't you save me "? God replied " I sent two boats to your rescue and you refused both " .
Morale of the story when you ask for something be sure your beliefs and Values are inline with what you want to receive, be open to receive , know that what you are asking for may not arrive how you think it might. Do you believe your worthy of receiving what your asking for ? 
Please answer that question out loud to yourself. Yes, do you believe your worthy of receiving ____________________? ( Fill in the blank). 
Be sure to be thankful and grateful for what you do receive, especially the very special people in your life . You will receive more of what you appreciate and are grateful for ... Have any question please ask me , wondering how to be open to receive more, attend one of our workshops , click link for event calendar

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is Life Passing You BY?

                     Is something Missing? 

Many of the clients I have been assisting this summer have been on a journey to have more substance , purpose , and time in their lives. 

The above picture is taken of a road that is in the process of being built . What needs to happen in order for road to be complete? A lot , it needs to be graded , perhaps more fill is needed, pavement needs to be prepared and put down , rolled , lines painted on and shoulders completed. ( I am not a road maker , please excuse language and missing steps) 

The road is an example of life . When you think, see, or feel your life your life does it resemble picture above or : Below picture,your enjoying all the wonderful things that life has to over? 

Me enjoying a sunset on Lake Superior

Unfortunately there are many more folks experiencing the unfinished  road effect . 

What can you do NOW to start enjoying plus completing your road and allow new opportunities to come to you?  Is it simple it sure is , what is stopping folks from living a life of excellence ? Your  Belief system. 

All change must begin with YOU! Below are some ideas to implement.
1) Ask your self are you more fearful of the known ( now) or unknown? 
2) Do you take responsibility for your actions or lack of actions? 
3) Do you believe you can do anything ? 
4) Do you know you can be successful? 
5) Write a list of what success means to you. 
6) Write a list of changes you want to make now .
7) Circle the change you believe you can accomplish.  
8) Ask yourself what belief do I need to 
release or change to accomplish goal.

9) get a piece of paper and begin to write what it looks , feels, hears like when goal is complete. Write a detailed description from being accomplished to the beginning of your discover. 

10) What will happen in your life when you have been successful at completing goal  ? 

11) What wont happen of you don't. 

12) Write put a plan of action steps you will take to complete goal . 

13) Tell yourself 300 times a day I can do it ! I know I can ! 

Be aware that sometimes in life fear, dis-honoring beliefs have a way of stopping you ... Stop allowing both to be a road block in your life and move forward,  believe in YOU! BE it!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions ?
Lance teaches us how to successfully  go forward , I love this picture.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Potential- Are you accessing yours?


Do you know what your full potential is? Do you strive to be the best you can be every day ? Do you believe in you ? 

Life and technology have a way of consuming your time with tasks that keep you stuck in the same place day in and day out doing the same old meaning less activities.How often do you check your text messages and e-mail? Are you checking your messages while attempting to have a conversation with someone?  Do you find your self exhausted all the time? Do you find your self consuming alcohol daily and watching more than one hour of TV a day?
IF you answered  yes to one of these questions YOU are NOT reaching your full potential. 
 Do you set goals for yourself? Do you surround yourself with positive people and you encourage each other to follow your dreams? Are you accomplishing goals? Do you wake up every day thankful and  energized to begin a new day ?  Do you look in the mirror and say to that beautiful face looking back at you " I love you " " Yes you can do it"!!!
If you answered No to one of these questions you are not reaching your full potential. 

Each day we are given two opportunities from nature to re-balance, energize , release . 

These two opportunities are the sunrise and sunset . If you can embrace this beautiful gift from the creator you can begin to see, feel , know your full potential. 

How does this work and how can it improve your quality of life? 

1) Get up , get out side and experience a sunrise. 
2) The colors of the sunrise will balance you plus give you energy .
3) Give thanks to the creator for being alive.
4) What one goal do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days?
5) What one step can you take today to get you towards that goal? 
6) If your not sure how to answer #5 ask yourself " self what one step can I take today to bring me one step closer to my goal" 
7) Be still as you watch the sunrise and you will know the answer to your question. You do have all the answers with in you .  
8) What will happen in your life when you accomplish your goal? 
9) What won't happen if you don't? 
10) Which feels better Question #8 or Question #9. Keep your thoughts on what FEELS BETTER, lighter!

1) Go out side if possible to watch the sunset .
2) What did you accomplish today ? High 5 to you! 
3) What heaviness do you need to allow to leave? As you exhale allow the tension , frustration,the (fill in the blank)_______ to leave through your breathe and pores of your skin. ( This creates space for what you want to BE experiencing to come to you). 
4) Truly watch the colors, allow yourself to BE totally in the moment .
5) Give thanks to the creator for all your lessons and learning of the day.
6) Remove all judgement , BE kind to you and others. 
7) Review your goal, see, feel, hear it being successfully accomplished. 

This is the path to discovering your full Potential, how sweet that is. Enjoy the process! Please make it FUN! remember life is but a very large play ground, Enjoy my friends!


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