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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Values / Work/Family / Money

MONEY/ Values/Family/Work/Health/Beliefs

Rohan( Inner Power, Greatness, Take Action) Willie( Play , Fun, take care of self) 

I am surrounded by the Greatest teachers daily: Horses, dogs and Nature...Kids

Yes I am very blessed, and I give thanks all the time.

I have been struggling with not having enough time and conflict between growing my business, enjoying being a care taker and nurturer... having more money, health...Which all come down to what are MY values and beliefs... The past two weeks have been an example of that to the max...Rohan and Willie above helped me to figure in out today. The horses give you/me a live representation of what is going on inside of you to watch.

I watched them be serious for a while , then run and play , eat , drink water, Be still ... Back to playing ... they kept repeating this over and over , and over and over again... until  I got it !!!

Eat your greens, refuel, rest...

 Oh did I get it ... It's that word Balance. Being crystal clear about our/your beliefs and values. There is no right or wrong ...what looks , feels great to you?...

What I know to be true for me. perhaps you'll be able to relate or find part of this to be helpful in your life.

Money: I always have just enough...I trust , and I'm open to receive , but for some reason I only have just enough no matter what action I take... Guess why that is?

It's my belief around money...I grew up in a family watching and hearing there is only just enough, you can't have that, people who have money are horrible and hurt the earth,etc...17 years of hearing that , puts your unconscious mind on autopilot to keep believing and reinforcing that belief... Can I change that, yes I can ... Can you change that? OH YES YOU Can !!!Is it hard work...It's not physically hard , it's a mental challenge because I/you have to change a belief that was not mine/yours , but became mine/ yours...Does that make sense? I allowed that belief to become part of me ...It was my Choice. You have allowed all your beliefs to be part of you.

This is were intention , visualization, affirmations come in...I am creating a different picture in my head of what my bank account looks like much is in there? I hear the bank teller telling me , I tell myself all day long saying what my new truth is "money easily flows to me, I am so thankful"... I see the world/ my world as how I want to believe it to be...that is what I want to bring into my experience. I am creating a new belief around money for me. ( I  have successfully done this with my relationship with my children and CG , my health, and the 2000 plus clients I have had the honor to work with over the years. I know it works!)

Is it going to take some action on my part ,yes it is! Being open to receive to me, MEANS, I'm allowing the path way to make money , healthy relationship, Being healthy , to be cleared , if I stand there and don't move ,nothing will happen , if I choose to walk down that path , I'll have many doors to choice from and twist and turns which are all opportunity, learning experiences which will guide  me, bring me to what I  now believe and I'm living...That is why, what you believe, to be true, for you, IS... There is no right or wrong, it is literally what your  brain thinks...
Rohan & Willie. 
For me I need to be connected to my inner power, I believe that to be fact for each of us, I need to quiet my mind , while thinking of my flow , sacral ( 2" below the belly button), heart-Love , intuition (third eye , between your eye brows), I 'll sit for 15-30 minutes at a time twice a day ... The peace that I experience , what I will know and the opportunities that begin to flow... When I don't do this, I go back to my hold beliefs and patterns very quickly ... self doubt comes health starts to go down hill, I make less money, I'll gain a few pounds, etc... 

My favorite book on Meditation is " Meditation within Eternity" By Eric Pepin... Meditation is stilling the mind... Eric Pepin does am amazing job of explaining the process , hows an whys so clearly...Changed my life for the positive... NO I am not an affiliate , I just really like the book :)! 

Make you take  5 minutes daily to review your beliefs, become aware of how you talk to yourself ,the words you use, Gain clarity on what you need now...Life is a gift, it can be taken away in a second... Live your best life , Love all day long! Be Happy!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Success VS Worth

                      Worth* VS* Success

Shadow, Like his name represents the light and darkness that is with in each of us.

The horses and I like to help/empower people. The horses give you a moving hands on experience of what you're feeling and believing to BE true for you at that exact moment. It's an experience that stays with you for a life time...

My question for you today is, do you need to have self worth to be successful? 

Does Success give you self worth?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question...Something for you to consider seriously .

What you believe to be true creates your entire life... It's that voice with in you that determines the out come of your day, night, week, month, year , life... Are you ready for the challenge to learn to master that voice ( unconscious mind) and have it serve YOU daily to achieve your goals/ dreams...Love you more deeply.

Monty represents forgiveness < Shadow represents the light and darkness with in us right...

  My best friend , other half, is a successful business consultant, I had the opportunity to hear him in action the other day...It was great, I kept thinking to myself he is really good...Good question that he asked , very good idea, he knows his stuff...

Today I asked for his advice on a business decision I had to make... He helped me figure it out ...then he said " Once you experience true success , and  achieve your income goal , you'll know how amazing it feels and it will be so easy to duplicate again and again" 

I struggle with being disciplined with my time and taking my action steps every day... I love to have fun , play with the horses and spend my time nurturing the people I love. My thoughts kept going back to what CG said to me...Then I realized from all my training in my field that I needed:

1)  to have a visual picture in my head of what success for me looks like. What does success look like to you?

2) What does success feel like ? Where do you feel the success with in you.

3) Imagine having a video camera and filming your life into the future , Where are you living? Are you Healthy? What are you doing? Who are you with? How much money is in your savings account? 

4) You don't have to know HOW your going to achieve #3 at this moment  just know every detail down to the color of your socks.

5) Be aware of possibility and take action steps immediately when they present themselves.

6) Review your goals and dreams every morning and before you go to sleep each night.

Monty & Shadow: When you forgive you set yourself  FREE

 I gave myself  two hours this afternoon to complete the  steps above... I can feel that success in me and have such clarity and drive... I have been doing this work for a very long time, once you master it, results come very quickly... I accomplished more today than I have all month , plus I was invited to be  part of an incredible webinar this evening that rocked my world ... 


 I encourage you to embrace change and growth...Shadow looks so different in all the pictures on this blog today...As do all our lives, constantly changing... Sometimes what we think is going to happen ,doesn't ...Life may get really crazy and uncomfortable, be OK with it...ask the question " What do I need to learn from this , the learning of which will __________________________________ fill in the blank...
Can you see 4 horses?
                                 Allow yourself to Shine!!!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day...

                     Happy Valentines Day!!!

Shadow & Willie

What does Valentines day mean to you ? How will you spend your Day and with whom or not ? I take the day off from work ( I'm writing this Thursday evening :) ) 

Monty& Shadow

 I'll be spending the majority of the day with my son (Nick) . The horses , dogs and Mr Mocha the bunny will all be getting a special treat. A few folks that are special to us will get home made cut out cookies which are made with so much Love .

I really enjoy Valentines Day... In fact I wish we could live every day like it is Valentines Day...Imagine a world , where every day we tell all the special people in our lives that we love and care for them... Taking time to spend with the people we love... Creating happy memories...The focus and energy is on doing something KIND!

Imagine having fresh flowers in your home every day/ week. Giving and receiving beautiful cards ? Eating quality chocolate from a red heart? Creating time for the folks you care about...Wearing fancy under garments that make you feel great or not...Seeing couples in love brings a huge smile to my face , how about you? Enjoying a beautiful meal at home or out.

Monty & Shadow

 There is just something so very special about being in love... 

Monty & Shadow

Monty & Shadow

All the Pictures of Monty & Shadow were taken last week . This Valentines Day may you truly connect with your heart and come from a place of "Love" 
Happy Valentines Day From Monty , Shadow and the Herd...


Show the World How to Love YOU

                        Loving YOU!!!

Horses Playing


Show the world how to love you!

1) Be kind to you...

2) Have only uplifting conversations with yourself...

3) Believe in you...

4) Be your own Valentine...

5) Tell YOU how much YOU Love YOU!!!

6) Take excellent care of you...

7) Spend time daily stilling your mind...

Willie ( the little mini) gets the herd playing ...

 Get yourself something to write with and finish the above list ...

List a minimum of 10 more sentences of ways you can love you more.

Danny and Willie


 Tomorrow is Valentines day and many of my single clients struggle with being alone and many of the married clients are upset because their mate disappoints them every Valentines Day... I saw STOP and hear yourself ...The only thing that can ever change is YOU...

It all starts with Loving you, it is that simple... Having the most amazing relationship with you! Gives the world a visual on how to treat you. We always receive more of what we are thankful and grateful for... If your reading this your heart is ticking ...What a wonderful thing to celebrate on Valentines day!!! YOUR HEART!

Your thoughts create a vibration too...When you have wonderful thoughts about you ... People, animals , nature can feel those thoughts and that my friend is how the world and all that's in it, responds back to you!

I write and speak a lot about taking care of your self first ...Selfish NO it is not... When your happy , healthy, and loving you , you have a cup that is over flowing with unconditional love and your able to give back joyfully with compassion, love , laughter etc... What an amazing mentor you have become...

BE your best friend!!!

Willie & Danny... Danny is very serious , Willie is joyfully giving Danny a lesson in the art of Play.



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