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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Are you stopping YOU?

Yes YOU read that correctly ...Are you stopping you from having , living , and experiencing a life that is joyful , meaningful , overflowing with health and opportunity? 

Paco teaches us to explore life , move forward
What do I mean by are you stopping you ? I'll explain , every time you complain about your boss, owning your own business, your partner , lack of partner , reflect on all the people who have caused you pain, done you wrong , how sick you are , the list goes on and on......
When you express any of the above you are sending out a wave from your physical body to keep bringing you the same experience. Unsure if you believe this , question for you " How come your life situations keep repeating themselves with different people , settings and you keep experiencing the same outcome"? 

You are the constant in all your life experiences . Want your life to change , YOU have to be that change . You have to believe you are worthy of a wonder-filled live. 

Rosie is to the left , Gus to the right
How do you become the change ? Lets let Rosie and Gus help out. 

1) BE aware . Look at Rosie and Gus they are aware of what is going on around them. 

2) Know what you want and believe you can have it, know it . Rosie loves attention, she is a big ball of love , she gives love to everyone she meets and you have to love her right back. Rosie is able to give and receive . Gus is terrified of any kind of closeness,there for he keeps everyone away from him. You can see in his eyes how he desires affection BUT he keeps it away from himself. What do you keep away from you? 

3)Keep moving forward.

 Rosie is trying to get into machine with me , I'm giving her lots of love and receiving lots of loving from her. Rosie is getting what she wants and I am too. 

 Look at Gus's eyes . He is looking at what he wants , keeping his full attention and focus on his outcome. It has taken three months for Gus to allow me to touch him. He is working on trust . Gus will keep Love  away from him until he can learn to trust . Plus he isn't able to give due to how fearful he is about trusting. Gus is taking baby steps to learn to trust, imagine all the possibilities that await him once he does. Can you think of situation in your life and the outcome when your focus was on how you can or can't trust ? 

 People are just like Rosie and Gus .  Perhaps you admire that person who is so in love with their partner, their partner so in love with them, they're taking wonderful trips , have fabulous careers, life just seems perfect. This person loves them-self, is grateful for their life , takes action steps to have this life and believe they are worthy of the life they experience, 95% of the time has a strong faith.  Daily waves leave their body to bring all these wonderful experiences to them.

  The Gus folks ,allow fear, doubt , lack or the past to keep them frozen in time playing the blame game . It's everyone's fault that their life is what it is or because the ex treated them so badly , boss doesn't like them. You can only receive what waves you send out from you. 

Every word , every thought, every feeling has a wave that leaves your body to go find the experience your talking or feeling and bring it back to you . Does that feel good , yes it feels great , feeling great experiences keep coming to you. NO it feels horrible... You feel horrible wave leaves your body in search of more horrible . When people say how could live get any worse , worse is the wave that leaves their body and they are so confused about how does this keep happening ? They keep asking for worse.

What do you want to believe?
I know this information to be the laws of the universe because I have lived Gus in my past , Hundreds of my clients used to be Gus. Rosie is now my every day,which  if you know me , you now understand how I am so Joyful every day and how my life keeps getting better and better.  I  do have Gus moments occasionally , It happens when I reflect on something from the past that hurt my heart , I remind myself  of what I have learned or needed to let go of , turn on happy music , dance , thank the creator for all the wonderful blessings in my life , and I ask myself out load " What is the action step I am working on this week, what will my life look and feel like once I have it" Perhaps ask your self the same question daily. 

Be gentle with you , Be kind to yourself and others...Be mindful of the waves that are leaving your body every second. 

If this was helpful to you please share. 


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tired , Exhausted ???

Are you Tired/ Exhausted ?

Would you like to have more energy JOY in your life Today? Tomorrow?All Year? 
Phlaggston & Ghost ; They have been together for 13 years

What I have experienced with my 13 plus years of coaching people is that the more action you take on creating the life you want to live the more energy you will have. Think about how action driven successful people keep moving all the time and are constantly accomphlishing their goals.  Their lives  are very full yet they are  completing tasks daily that bring them the desired outcome they want. 

Two keys words are  Goals and Outcome .

When your tired / Exhausted consider asking yourself these questions? 

1) Are you sleeping 8 hours a day ? How or how NOT? 
2) Are you eating enough grass fed protein and green organic veggies daily ? Are you drinking  8/ 8 oz glasses of pure water daily? 
3) Are you taking a healthy supplement for vitamins and minerals? D? B's?
contact me for suggestions on healthy supplements 
4) Are you getting 20 minutes of exercise outside daily? 
5) Spirituality daily ? Prayer ? Giving thanks to the creator and having gratitude for being alive? 

What is listed above is the foundation for a healthy life style . What steps can you take this second to begin implementing healthy changes into your life? Make one change a week. Please make it fun , plan a celebration for all your little successes . 
Lance & Willie 

Once you have started implementing  above ask yourself these questions;
1) Are you living a life that makes you happy ? Yes or No 

If you answered Yes , congratulations!!! Inspire those around you , please comment with ideas to help others .

If you answered no , make a list this second of everything that brings you JOY. Make another list of everything your grateful for in your life . Remember every thought , feeling has a vibration  just like a radio wave . When your sad , frustrated you're sending out a frequency to bring more of that into your life guess what, your energy becomes very low in this place which leads to exhaustion, depression. This is a horrible place to be . The shorter days and lack of sun light can lower  your frequency too. 

When you change your focus from what is dragging you down and how horrible life is to ;

2) I am thankful for _______________________________________ . 

3) Just for today I will be curious to all the possibility and helpful people , opportunities that are waiting for me this month.

4) I will take daily actions steps that will take me forward. 

example: If your working two or three jobs to survive , ask your self what would it take to thrive? What education or skill do I need to land my dream job? Start my own business? 

If your in a unhealthy relationship what books could you read to empower you? 
Do you need to read books on understanding men or women, we are very different and in all ways. 

Perhaps starting a new hobby or rekindle a hobby that brought you happiness. 

5) Everyday I will take action on one thing I'm putting off.
example : Organizing home , removing clutter, paying bills , creating a budget , learning how to budget , learing how to invest , reserach going back to school, register for a class, etc. 

I put a lot of thought into the pictures I post when I write because there is a vibration with the photo that supports the words that I write. What am I talking about ??? 

Lance above assists the clients that I work with in going forward in their life. When you want change you have to leave the past behind and put your focus on were you are headed. When your riding your bike or driving your car how much time do you spend looking behind you? Is your focus and attention on what is back behind you or ON WHERE YOU ARE GOING? Correct your thoughts are on where you are going . Where are you going in your life? take time and know this answer. 

Willie the little mini assists you in what allowing feels like in your body. Majority of the folks I work with have beliefs and values that won't allow them to go forward . How do you know if you are allowing possibility into your life ? If you are tired / exhausted the answer is no...if you are energized the answer is yes. You have all the answers you need to thrive with in you . What belief do you need to change ? A belief is only something you keep telling yourself is true. What new story do you need to tell yourself? keep all your focus and attention on your new honoring story and write a daily , weekly , monthly action plan to keep you on task. 

 Please be curious about all of this , make it fun . Think of Lance and Willie and how they are playing in these photos with each other . Life is but a game and we each choice how we will play it. The question is " How will you decide to play or not" 

Please let me know if you have any questions... I do practice what I write :)... It really works...

Monty & I 


Sunday, October 2, 2016


Understanding The Importance of Crystal Clear focus and how your focus or lack of effects you daily . 

Saturday 9/24/16 WKU (30)  VS Vanderbilt 9 (31) - Game went into 2 overtimes.

My daughter Allie and I share the same birthday and we celebrate every year together . This year we kicked off an early celebration with a rode trip to Bowling Green KY . We were blessed to attend the football game  and watch it from where you see above , yes, on the field behind the goal post , with food , drink and incredibly nice folks. Allie's intention/ focus was to catch the football after it went through the goal post.

What does this game have to do with focus everything as I will begin to explain.

My focus has been on creating a different life for myself and to grow my business in numerous directions  while empowering lots of people . Many opportunities have opened up for me in KY as I become more and more clear. I have been extremely blessed in a partnership I am considering . As I became more excited,thankful and joyful regarding this opportunity more wonderful people , horses,opportunities keep coming my way. With the partnership I'm considering I will have to go back to school and complete a PhD with in two- three years. At first I thought no problem I can do this, As I began the process of what I had to do to get accepted into a program  I started to become so over whelmed by what I have to do and all the studying, plus papers and research . My joy started to leave and fear started to creep in. Where in your life can you relate to loss of joy or experiencing fear?

As I met more horse people , vet and farrier, folks began to tell me all the diseases and conditions that happen to horses due to the heat and humidity in the summer. Even the hay if left outside on grass can be a concern for horses. Guess what I start to second guess my decision and the direction I am going . The flood gates of my past decisions and unsuccessful relationships begin to consume my thoughts . I had lost my focus and doors started closing. It's feeling really terrible and heavy.

Without me consciously knowing I had changed my focus form creating a second business in KY to what changes and how could I grow  my business and stay in Wisconsin full time.  I was feeling uncomfortable  with out fully realizing I had changed my focus /vibration to stay full time in WI; This is the autopilot  or unconscious mind stepping in . I went back to what is comfortable for me . This past week three  business opportunities have presented themselves. I will be exploring these avenues this week. The question I ask myself is " Do these opportunities bring me as much Joy as opportunity in KY"? "Is fear or past situations stopping me from creating something new"? What questions do you need to ask yourself right now?

Am I exhausted , you bet I am. Changing focus and direction takes up a lot of energy and creates a lot of confusion and lack of sleep for me . How about you?

Why am I sharing this? So you can apply the principles below to your life and learn from my daughter and my experience. We get what we think about or Focus on . If you keep complaining about your job you will get more of what you complain about. We get what we think about . Want to have a better marriage , relationship, focus on what you like about the person how grateful you are that they are in your life, keep your thoughts on your happiest moments and enjoy the results . Stop being thankful and appreciative of the special person in your life you will lose the love and happiness you once experienced . If you believe you're  a freak you are , If you believe life is sub post to be hard it is . You will live what you believe and focus on.

Tonight I slowed my mind,  asked the Creator (God, Universe , your Faith) for advise and sat in silence for three hours. Many answers came to me , I am so grateful and appreciative , remember we are never alone , all we have to do is ask for help or guidance from your faith and  angels.

I am my best client , what came to me are the sentences below.

1) What brings me the most joy? What brings you the most joy?
2) Embrace Being uncomfortable; It is a good thing to be uncomfortable it's a new experience / vibration. It will feel different.
3) What opportunity brings me the most personal and Spiritual growth? What opportunity brings you the most personal and Spiritual growth?
4) There is no such thing as failure just learning experiences and personal growth , keep moving forward.
5) Let go , Let God
6) Release the past, the sadness  just let it go. Move forward into joy.
7) Release attachment to outcome.
8) Make a decision ! Be clear on what you want and take action now. Keep 100% of focus on decision. Keep your focus , thoughts on your decision , outcome. Yes keep 100% focus on your outcome!!! Did I say keep 100% of your attention on your goal.
9) Follow your creative passions.
10) Allow yourself to do something amazing!
11) Believe in yourself !
12) Listen to your heart!
13) Do what gives you joy!

 How does my journey fit into this football game . Allie ( My daughter ) kept talking about catching the football after it went through the goal post . That was her focus which she shared and yes lots of folks laughed especially the men . Did she care that people found her humorous , no she didn't , she just knew she would catch that football, she didn't know how or when , she just knew before the end of the game she would catch that football. Guess what?
My smart beautiful daughter did catch that football! Can you tell how happy she was , plus how happy everyone was for her especially the men  . What are the chances of her catching that football after it went through the goal post? What matters in my , her , your life is what do you want ? When you keep your focus on your goal, you will get that or something better. 

Allie received lots of hugs and congratulations from everyone!
May Allie's focus inspire you  like it has me! The more and more you practice keeping your focus on your goal  the better you will  get at accomplishing your desires . It;'s the game of life, make it fun!

Allie and I are offering a class that teaches How to focus,understanding vibrations, plus the importance of well-being and how to have  a healthy gutt  this Nov on the Ranch called" Expansion " email me for more information , space is limited contact us today.  Horses will be assisting too.

For my clarity, focus regarding my business and life,  I am blessed to be heading to Bayfield WI to hang out on Lake Superior before our boat is put into storage for the winter. May the weather continue to stay warm as I create a plan that will bring life and joy to my heart and soul. Yes I will keep 100% of my attention on this goal all focus on going forward. My children are my best teachers , who inspires you ?

Allie and I at the above  football game




Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Who's fault is it?

It's Your Fault ? It's who's fault ? Mine? What if....

New day brings new possibilities - Free Spirit Ranch - Maiden Rock  WI

 So often in life blame is given when a person doesn't like the out come , situation , circumstance in their life. 

What if you could look at an experience with no judgement from as learning opportunity to growth into your best self? 

Do you know what your best self looks , feels , thinks like ? Perhaps the person your upset with is mirroring an opportunity for you to grow or your mirroring opportunities for each other.

I had a very painful breakup this year . In my mind and heart I wanted this relationship to last forever , I thought and believed it would, I'm sure I became needy as it began to fade away .  The relationship ended in a non-honoring way for me. When I prayed and asked for guidance what I discovered is that we each were mirroring what the other needed to learn. 
What may appear as an ending is really a new beginning- Lisa Kuchinski

What am I talking about? This is where the importance of stilling the mind comes in. When you stop the chatter in the mind, you open a space for learning's and  ideas to flow to you. If you need to cry please do it and get the emotion out of your body, release it all . I cried for at least a week, and I mean sobbed. I found it difficult to work , eat or sleep. How do you discovery what you need to learn and get back to enjoying life?

Example:I meditated ( stilled the mind) every morning and evening for 15-30 minutes . I'd ask "what is it that I need to know from this experience" .  The one morning I just knew, I have  felt abandoned since I was a young child . I was alone . People were around me but I never felt protected , nurtured,cared or loved for. Because what I lived and experienced was so painful as a child, the majority of my life I have protested my self unknowing, this is the unconscious mind at work. I had a deep understanding of what happened to me doesn't define who I am. I spent some time on forgiveness of what happened as a child. 

Let go , give it to the Creator, Be pleasantly surprised
How did you find forgiveness? Release? Move on?

1)  Write letters to certain folks on behave of your child self and then burn them .
2) Let go and let Creator 
3) Write a sentence that describes your feelings and rewrite . Look at example 
I have felt abandoned unloved due to parents not keeping me safe from J & B ( this sentence is your truth only , your goal  is to release emotion . 
have felt abandoned unloved due to parents not keeping me safe from J & B I

felt abandoned unloved due to my parents not keeping me safe from J& B I have

abandoned unloved due to parents not keeping me safe from J&B I have felt

unloved due to parents not keeping me safe from J&B I have felt abandoned 

due to parents not keeping me safe from J&BI have felt abandoned unloved 

Keep rewriting sentence till you get back to the beginning word. Once completed  you'll feel at peace. You may have to write several sentences. 

Yes , you can begin to see the light, release the heavy

The whole process took me three weeks . What I learned is that my ex-boyfriend abandoned all of his relationship. He just left, walked away , no discussion , a few mind games . He has been protecting himself from a unknowing hurt in his past, most likely childhood. I have found peace with it all, compassion for him, once I took myself out of the equation and viewed the relationship as an independent observer. What would happen in your life if you allowed yourself to become the independent observer?  When you remove the judgement, who's fault it is and look for the learning you'll be free from being the victim and on your way to becoming the creator of your life overflowing with JOY.

See the light! 
Will you have set backs of emotions , perhaps. Review and be thankful for what you have discovered and having clarity on what you want to be living . Keep your focus on going forward. What happens when your driving to a destination in a car , YOU keep your focus on going FORWARD , YOU have your location , occasionally you'll look back for a very brief moment and then your focus returns to where YOU are going not where YOU have been. Question; What would happen if you kept your focus on what was behind you while driving? answer this to yourself out loud. Would it take you longer to get to destination? Would you have an accident? Yes you create many blocks or challenges just by looking back for too long of time. There is a reason the past is in the past and How the Present is a gift that we all need to appreciate  , enjoy, and keep your focus on attaining your fullest potential ! 

Want to know about workshops, motivational tips, how to's,  inspiring words, text beit to 51660, be sure to respond back to text ,  you'll receive two weekly texts , :) 


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Are You Open To Receive?

Life is overflowing with opportunities and choices; The question I am asking you is" Are you open and ready to receive your hearts desire"?
I have worked with thousands of clients and what I have found to be the biggest factor in stopping people from having the life, health , job , relationship, home, love,self-worth is their ability to be open to receive.
Below is a little story I read once , author unknown. 
A man's boat capsized in the ocean , he was floating for hours and sent a prayer to God for help, thirty minutes later a small fishing boat came upon the man in the water and asked if he needed help , the man replied" no thank you I'm waiting for God to say me"  Two more hours passed and ship came upon the man and asked if he needed help , the man replied once again " I am waiting for God to save me , no thank you " . 
The man arrives in heaven shocked that God didn't save him. He asked God "Why didn't you save me "? God replied " I sent two boats to your rescue and you refused both " .
Morale of the story when you ask for something be sure your beliefs and Values are inline with what you want to receive, be open to receive , know that what you are asking for may not arrive how you think it might. Do you believe your worthy of receiving what your asking for ? 
Please answer that question out loud to yourself. Yes, do you believe your worthy of receiving ____________________? ( Fill in the blank). 
Be sure to be thankful and grateful for what you do receive, especially the very special people in your life . You will receive more of what you appreciate and are grateful for ... Have any question please ask me , wondering how to be open to receive more, attend one of our workshops , click link for event calendar

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is Life Passing You BY?

                     Is something Missing? 

Many of the clients I have been assisting this summer have been on a journey to have more substance , purpose , and time in their lives. 

The above picture is taken of a road that is in the process of being built . What needs to happen in order for road to be complete? A lot , it needs to be graded , perhaps more fill is needed, pavement needs to be prepared and put down , rolled , lines painted on and shoulders completed. ( I am not a road maker , please excuse language and missing steps) 

The road is an example of life . When you think, see, or feel your life your life does it resemble picture above or : Below picture,your enjoying all the wonderful things that life has to over? 

Me enjoying a sunset on Lake Superior

Unfortunately there are many more folks experiencing the unfinished  road effect . 

What can you do NOW to start enjoying plus completing your road and allow new opportunities to come to you?  Is it simple it sure is , what is stopping folks from living a life of excellence ? Your  Belief system. 

All change must begin with YOU! Below are some ideas to implement.
1) Ask your self are you more fearful of the known ( now) or unknown? 
2) Do you take responsibility for your actions or lack of actions? 
3) Do you believe you can do anything ? 
4) Do you know you can be successful? 
5) Write a list of what success means to you. 
6) Write a list of changes you want to make now .
7) Circle the change you believe you can accomplish.  
8) Ask yourself what belief do I need to 
release or change to accomplish goal.

9) get a piece of paper and begin to write what it looks , feels, hears like when goal is complete. Write a detailed description from being accomplished to the beginning of your discover. 

10) What will happen in your life when you have been successful at completing goal  ? 

11) What wont happen of you don't. 

12) Write put a plan of action steps you will take to complete goal . 

13) Tell yourself 300 times a day I can do it ! I know I can ! 

Be aware that sometimes in life fear, dis-honoring beliefs have a way of stopping you ... Stop allowing both to be a road block in your life and move forward,  believe in YOU! BE it!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions ?
Lance teaches us how to successfully  go forward , I love this picture.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Potential- Are you accessing yours?


Do you know what your full potential is? Do you strive to be the best you can be every day ? Do you believe in you ? 

Life and technology have a way of consuming your time with tasks that keep you stuck in the same place day in and day out doing the same old meaning less activities.How often do you check your text messages and e-mail? Are you checking your messages while attempting to have a conversation with someone?  Do you find your self exhausted all the time? Do you find your self consuming alcohol daily and watching more than one hour of TV a day?
IF you answered  yes to one of these questions YOU are NOT reaching your full potential. 
 Do you set goals for yourself? Do you surround yourself with positive people and you encourage each other to follow your dreams? Are you accomplishing goals? Do you wake up every day thankful and  energized to begin a new day ?  Do you look in the mirror and say to that beautiful face looking back at you " I love you " " Yes you can do it"!!!
If you answered No to one of these questions you are not reaching your full potential. 

Each day we are given two opportunities from nature to re-balance, energize , release . 

These two opportunities are the sunrise and sunset . If you can embrace this beautiful gift from the creator you can begin to see, feel , know your full potential. 

How does this work and how can it improve your quality of life? 

1) Get up , get out side and experience a sunrise. 
2) The colors of the sunrise will balance you plus give you energy .
3) Give thanks to the creator for being alive.
4) What one goal do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days?
5) What one step can you take today to get you towards that goal? 
6) If your not sure how to answer #5 ask yourself " self what one step can I take today to bring me one step closer to my goal" 
7) Be still as you watch the sunrise and you will know the answer to your question. You do have all the answers with in you .  
8) What will happen in your life when you accomplish your goal? 
9) What won't happen if you don't? 
10) Which feels better Question #8 or Question #9. Keep your thoughts on what FEELS BETTER, lighter!

1) Go out side if possible to watch the sunset .
2) What did you accomplish today ? High 5 to you! 
3) What heaviness do you need to allow to leave? As you exhale allow the tension , frustration,the (fill in the blank)_______ to leave through your breathe and pores of your skin. ( This creates space for what you want to BE experiencing to come to you). 
4) Truly watch the colors, allow yourself to BE totally in the moment .
5) Give thanks to the creator for all your lessons and learning of the day.
6) Remove all judgement , BE kind to you and others. 
7) Review your goal, see, feel, hear it being successfully accomplished. 

This is the path to discovering your full Potential, how sweet that is. Enjoy the process! Please make it FUN! remember life is but a very large play ground, Enjoy my friends!


Check out website for learning and discoveries under event tab



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Learn How to Have More Energy , Feel Great , Be Healthy

          Do you want to know HOW to have more energy ? 

Two months ago I had another set back in my life in regards to my challenge with Lyme's . What a blessing it has been. I have my energy back , getting back in shape and have slimmed of 12 pounds. 

A good friend Joan recommended I contact her homeopath  . I did best decision , I had a hand scan done which reads the energy system's of your body . The scan tells you so much about your emotional, physical , spiritual self .  

Make a wish

Three changes you can implement into your life now that I have made and changed my life. 

1) Diet : This change turned my life around immediately . I am following This 100% for 90 days than I will follow 80 % / 20% rule . I'll eat 80% of diet on this plan , 20% of diet can be carbs, alcohol, dessert. 

Eat as much fruit and veggies , protein as you would like . No carbs , beans , nuts, rice, sugar or alcohol. Everything is organic, meat grass fed( No Grain) , fish wild caught , chickens organic and free ranged.

No mixing fruit and veggies. When I eat fruit I consume a little raw heavy whipping cream or whole milk. I use Butter or olive oil when cooking .

Take a probiotic , minerals, vitamins, cellular support ... ( need help contact me I offer pure supplements and hand scanning for my clients)

All my symptoms stopped with in 48 hours of making this change. You will be on your way to having a healthy digestion.

2) Emotions: There was a connection between my health set backs and my emotions . 

Your body talks to you all the time , are you hearing . If you have constant head aches for example its  related to fear and self-criticism.

My case I was out of balance with nature and life.

Anxiety being unable to trust the process and flow of life.

Getting back in touch with your intuition , meditation, exercise , being in Nature, honor how you feel, ask yourself questions.

3) Spirituality : Having a connection with the creator/knowing your purpose .

Majority of folks have NO idea of what their purpose on this earth is or what they believe in and why.
Learning to have a inner connection with yourself and the creator. Know what you belief in and your values.
Learn to meditate , pray for what you , others and the world needs.

This is a daily practice.


The easiest place with quick results is with diet . I encourage you to make a commitment of living a magnificent life with no settling .

From my experience with how my life as made a 360 degree for the better. That saying is so correct " Be careful of what you wish for you just may get" it is true. 

My life looks nothing like it did three months ago , it was a difficult, emotional , up and down crazy ride . I had to let go of familiar situations, people , activities , being comfortable, did I cry a lot you beat I did. But, last night the inner peace I felt , the enormous opportunities that presented themselves to me the past three days have made all the pain , sadness worth it.  

I know as long as I stay on my path honoring me , creator, my life, vitality and  health will start part of what a experience and enjoy.

Enjoy and embrace your journey we call life ... You are either creating or living on autopilot , May you choose to Create.

September My daughter and I will be launching a new program called "Expansion" which will be based on these three steps to support you in your life to have incredible relationships and overflowing  opportunities .


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Intentional VS Survival

                         Intentional Living 

Niagara Gorge , NY


 What am I writing about now? Do you want that job promotion? Are you ready to learn about how to eat healthy so you can be the size you want to be. How about having a peaceful life or an incredible relationship with your kids. Need more money? What is it that you need to know ? The knowing of __________________________ will do what in your life?

If you go about your life with no purpose , goals , dreams , desires you are in survival mode my dear friend . You letting life give you what ever. You are on the back burner , stuck in traffic , and tired. 

Start living Intentionally.  Here are some ideas on how to; Get a notebook and pen.

1) Pick a dream or goal . Lets start small. example : New pair of  "Gold sandals" 

2) Find a picture , make a drawing , write words down on paper. I find the sandals I want  on the internet, take a picture of them , put picture on computer & phone screen . 

3) I ask this  questions a few times a day . What would it take to have My new gold sandals?

4) What do you need to do so you know you will have __________________. Gold sandals.

5) Every night before going to bed set your intention out loud and on paper. I am curious as to when my Gold sandals will arrive and having 5 new clients this month. 

Be aware of how your feeling ? Are you feeling light ( will bring sandals and clients to me) , are you feeling heavy ( will keep intention away)

6) Every morning before getting up I reset my intention I am curious as to when my Gold sandals will arrive and having 5 new clients this month. 

7) When setting intention connect with creator , image a light far above your head , let your self connect with that light , and allow your body to let that healthy warm light to bring health, love and joy to every cell in your body . Now imagine having your intention, Example : I imagine putting on my gold sandals and wearing my new white dress, the shoes feel so good on my feet , I see myself having the restaurant door opened while I walk in and I'm so Thankful and Grateful for me new Gold Sandals. 

 Believe it's more successful to start implementing this daily into your life with small things first . As you experience success start to play with bigger intentions. This is the game of life make in fun!

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Relationship: Stay or Go

   Are you fueling (seeding)positive thoughts or negatives thoughts????

i   Example: when you complain about your partner, YOU are asking the universe, creator for more of what you are complaining about. Guess what, the relationship keeps getting worse. Please implement, change your thoughts to:

      1)     Remember what you truly like/love about that person. How about that first kiss? 

      2) What attracted you to them in the beginning? Focus on the positive.

      3)  Talk, feel, see, hear, and know, how you want the relationship to be.  Visualize    

     4)Send your intention this pm on how you want your relationship to blossom.

      5)    Keep your focus on that loving, supporting, respectful ________________ relationship.
 6)      State your intention both am & pm ...

      Weather its clients, family or friends when someone first starts dating they are floating on cloud nine, the couples energy is giving life to each other.  It’s a beautiful flow of giving and receiving. Both their eyes are so sparkly and yes everyone around them can feel the love. Hope that brings a smile to your face. Have you ever been to a 50th Anniversary party of a couple who truly cares for each other? How did it make you feel?

    Love is a potion, an elixir, bigger than life. When a couple understands the importance and magic of this Love energy anything is possible. Your creations get magnified.  Goals are accomplished quicker, more prosperity and health.What would have to happen to have a loving, respectful relationship?If you were in the other persons shoes what would they be feeling?

What is most important to you in the relationship?Have you noticed how people will have numerous relationships marriages that end in disaster over and over again? How does this work, the person is always in the same vibrational pattern, like a radio station. It’s the same as pushing the same button on your radio station over and over again but expecting to get a new station. That is insanity don’t you think?


Daily be grateful and Thankful for that special person in your life. Slow down   Listen, hear, acknowledge  what each other needs. Create a dream board together of what you want to be experiencing NOW. Send love from your heart to your partner through out the day, Kiss passionately daily. You know what you don't like , drop it, release it ,let go. . Focus on what you want and the benefits of having more, love , kindness, passion that will happen for each other when your in that frequency. It is that simply.  


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Anticipation of the Kiss, How that experience could Morph your Life and Business.

 Yes, Can you remember the Anticipation of your favorite Kiss?

I'm always introducing  new ways to look , view , grasp situations to enhance my life , my family and clients . My coaching business and Equine Human Connection (TM) piece of my business is trying to get folks to understand the power of thought and feeling . Last night I was remembering my favorite kiss , which was mind blowing and I started to laugh what if I could take that feeling and apply it to growing my business? What a powerful , fun vibration I could be sending out to the world. 
What if you could remember that  feeling and apply, morph it to all areas of your life? If everything is vibration a frequency we send out to bring something back to us . Imagine what the possibilities in your life could be?

Please give your self a moment to remember that incredible moment.

1) What were you feeling? Perhaps your breathing quickened or slowed.

2) How long did you have to wait for that kiss? A day, 1 week , 1 month , 1 year, still waiting?

3) How about when you thought that long awaited kiss was going to happen and someone walked in, the phone rings , someone yells for you or the person changes their mind and turns there head? Did your blood begin to boil with desire , was your stomach going crazy , did you want to scream for all the emotions were totally intense?JOY?


  Anticipation:Did you feel alive?Did you imagine how that kiss would feel, taste , sensations flowing  through your body, what were you saying to your self? Were you excited?Were you happy? Where in your body did you feel that happy place?

How are you feeling at this moment?How are you feeling? Seriously How are you Feeling?

What happens when the anticipation stops , judgement creeps in, you forget to be thankful and grateful for that person, perhaps you've forgotten the whole experience of that anticipation of that kiss. The excitement, sensations fad away ? HOW DOES THAT WORK? Life goes back to same old thing because you stopped giving attention to what felt so good and what you wanted to experience.

The focus , attention, energy , excitement STOPPED , faded away, is sadly lost until anticipation returns.

What if you could take the experience of the anticipation of that first kiss and harness it and apply to every aspect in your life ?

WHAT???What if you thought of your dreams , goals, career , relationship as the anticipation of that first kiss? What if you were living every day with the anticipation of that Kiss but it's your whole life being lived with that passion and feeling.  What if you gave attention , focus to the one thing you desperately want , and you allowed it to feel like that kiss, the anticipation of that kiss. What do you think would happen? Very important NO attachment , on;y curiosity and allowing.

 Anticipation can and I hope it has a life altering experience for you. Get to that feeling place of that Kiss , day dream, journal , dream board , write down all the ideas for your career, soul, relationships, let yourself go, the universe is overflowing with possibility . Embrace it all! Remember what ever you are feeling your sending a frequency from you out to the world that says " Bring this to me" . 

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