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Monday, April 13, 2015

Defining Relationship with Self / Others: What Happiness and Sadness Teach us

   Defining Relationships with Self /Others

               What Happiness and Sadness Teach Us


Willie teaches us about allowing opportunity into our lives 

 You can only bring into your life from where you are right now. What does that me ? If your a Happy person you'll be able to bring happy people into your life. If your a sad person you'll bring sad people into your life. We can only receive what we send out, which is called vibrations. 

What ever relationship you have with yourself that is the relationship you will draw to your experience / life. 

If your sad be thankful for that experience its  your soul communicating with your emotional body/heart  . Yes we do have emotions for a reason. Now what do you do with that information? You can continue to do what your doing , being ,and you know for a fact the sadness will continue. Or you can ask yourself " How can I be  happy"?"What makes me happy"?

This past week the horses and  I have  hosted numerous workshops. What surprised me the most when I'd ask the question "What do you want "? No one could answer that question. This is a question I'd like you to ask yourself every day and please answer yourself. This is your life , make it a fabulous life overflowing with love and Joy. 


 When your happy that's your soul telling you your on the correct path , keep up the JOY! 

 Remember how it feels to fall in love? What happens? Your all smiles,  all the wonderful  sensations that go through your body , metabolism speeds up, you need less sleep and the world is such a happier place . Your body is talking to you isn't it? What if you could love YOU that much ? Imagine how beautiful your life could be very day . 

May you give yourself the gift of knowing you and hearing your soul. 


Willie teaches us about allowing while Lance teaches us about moving forward


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