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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Self Growth-Are you expanding or Stuck???


                                        Self Growth

Cisco and Phlaggston

  Is self growth part of your daily experience or are you thinking," what planet is she on?" You may be thinking who has time for self growth between work, kids , spouse , dating, laundry , caring for a house and cooking. Yes, there is a lot of time spent on survival.

But, what happens when you allow yourself to get out of survival mode,  smell the roses,  learn to manage every thought you have? Imagine having control over your thoughts . I read somewhere that the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day and every day a majority of the population continues to have the same 60,000 thoughts . Having the same thoughts when negative , day in day out, is disastrous. This is where the saying comes from" you become what you think ". Every thought you have reinforces who you are and your belief system .


Self growth can be very simple, learn to master every thought you have. Begin to tell a new story .

How to:

1) Turn the light on, Be present , Be in the now , FOCUS. Turn the auto pilot on OFF.

2)  Pick one area in your life that you want to see improvement . Perhaps it's getting healthy ( working out , knowing where your food comes from and making healthier chooses, cleaning your home with non-toxic cleaners , eduacating yourself on supplements or taking cooking classes. ) Pick one thing, for example, while working out all your focus , action, and self talk will be on how you will successfully work out each day by making a better choice with thoughts , words, and action.


Old thought                                                                New thought

 I don't have time to work out                                      I can be creative in finding time to workout

I'm fat , whats the point in working out?                       I'm being kind to me , my body is happiest.

                                                                                  when I'm moving .

  I don't like exercise                                                  I'm excited to discovery new ways of moving.

I'm too tired.                                                              I know I'll feel better when I start moving.

I never stick to a work out program                         Each new day gives me the opportunity to be                                                                               healthier. I like being healthy.


If you want a better relationship with your spouse, spend your thoughts on what that would look and feel like. Talk about what you want to be experiencing and living. 

As Humans, folks have a tendency to get stuck on where they are presently and get consumed with talking about what they  dislike  . STOP and ask yourself the question," Am I creating a new thought or am I stuck in the old thought process?" Every time you create a new thought, give yourself a word of praise! Be thankful for all that your learning and experiencing. Life is what you make of it . Make it over flowing with possibility! Embrace Self Growth!



Thursday, September 3, 2015

What is an Aura? How does it relate to Relationship being energizing or depleting ?


Asia in pasture with herd . Isn't it beautiful ?

 The horse your looking at with the halo around
her head is Asia . Asia has inspired me to show her photos and share my explanation of what an Aura is to me. Your energy field or Life Force Energy is vital to your health and well-being.

When I was a young child my Grandma K  and Aunt Mary had all kinds of painting of Jesus, Mary , The Last Supper and all figures had halo's around the top of their heads . I thought that was the coolest thing . I spent many hours just looking at the paintings that now reside in my parents house. May they take up residency in my sisters house some day. 

We have a light body which I like to think of as our soul and the layers of energy fields that extend past out physical body. Try this experiment perhaps at a party , movie theater , park , etc. Close your eye's lightly allowing your eyes to move side ways or up and down , yes while your eyes stay close. Slow your breathe and bring your attention to focus on your skin , the hair on your arms or the back of your neck. You'll begin to sense or feel people , animals, etc near you.  There is no touching just the sensation of presence . That sensation is on your energy field . Isn't that totally cool. 

My daughter Allie and Asia  

 Allie and Asia just finished a fabulous riding lesson at Jane Braddocks , Focused Riding . I used my phone to take these photo's , I was so excited when I could see their Aura's / light above their heads . Truly look at how they are looking at each other . They are completely connected , notice how their hearts are toward each other. Some folks call this place being in the Zone , Zen, being connected to the divine , flow, or having a rhythm.  This  place brings your heart and soul so much joy and raises your vibration or frequency of your body . Think of the phrase" being up lifted". 

Really look at this photo it's not clouds above their heads. This photo and the one above were taken with in seconds of each other. Did I see the aura's or halos , no  but I felt the meaning full interaction of the two of them so I started taking pictures. Think of the interaction of a mom with her baby , a couple in love or good friends hanging out. When your the observer of this interaction it makes you feel good and brings a smile to your face , it's very up lifting. When more than one energy field comes together with happiness it raises the happiness factor of all that are around , your experiencing a higher vibration. As human beings our souls crave this happy state . Your feelings are your emotional guidance system . In my heart I know this is how each of us can make a positive difference in the world by raising our vibration through "LOVE" . 

 Now notice the difference of how this photo feels and looks. Allie and Asia's energy fields have separated . Have you ever had the experience of passing a total stranger you exchange huge smiles and you have this wonderful feeling through your body and you feel more energized? You experienced the connection of Allie and Asia. In a healthy relationship this energy continues to lift each other up allowing  both to have more energy , become more creative . My prayer is that all relationships will begin to become aware of this energy and be sure to give thanks and keep that fire alive and healthy. 

Have you ever been around someone that you feel totally exhausted? The energy field / life force energy is being literally  sucked out of you. This is were the expression " He/She is killing me" Energetically they are . If your Life force energy becomes depleted for a long period of time it will affect your health and well-being .  No being a victim , your unconsciously allowing 
 the person to take your energy. We have to be accountable . Feel yourself getting tired , make a mental note to limit yourself around that person, get a book on raising your vibration, take a Reiki Class...I'm offering all three levels Sept 25 - Sept 27, 2015 . For more information go to , or send me an email :)

Next week's blog will be on how to keep your vibration high and your life force energy filled up.
Be thankful all day long, allow love from your faith to flow continuous to you all day, Love You 
 more, Love the special people in your life more deeply. 




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