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Monday, December 9, 2013

Freedom & Trust

                     Trust & Freedom

 Woke up the other day to Willie & Lillie ( miniature horses) running free... Yes they were having so much FUN!!! They were FREE...

 One of the horses let the Mini's out of their paddocks.

 I have been so nervous about putting the mini's in with the herd. The herd was so gentle and kind to the mini's ...

 TRUST: I have been forced to let go of keeping the mini's "safe" and allow them to have their freedom...

 Willie enjoying his new found daily freedom.

 Eagle guarding over Lillie & Willie...

 Phlaggston & Ghost eating their morning mash , they made Lillie & Willie stay on the other side of the fence

                                                  Beautiful Willie

                   Phlaggston hanging out with the Mini's

Willie & Lillie are a huge reminder to all of us at how important FREEDOM is in all of our lives. Freedom allows you to experience more happiness, more creativity, more health, more well-Being, more peace etc... Being able to trust in the process of life... I am very thankful for the lesson and importance of freedom that the mini's taught me this week..

This holiday season be aware of the animals around you and what they are trying to communicate and teach you (us)...


Monday, December 2, 2013

It's All About Feelings

         Are you aware at this exact moment?


 Do you have an awareness of how you are feeling?

 Do you know that what you are feeling, you , yes YOU are manifesting more of that in your life NOW?

 Look deep into Monty's eyes , can you feel his compassion? gentleness? tenderness? Love? The knowing?
The Horses here teach you about the importance of what you are Feeling , thinking and yes believing...

Can you teach yourself the importance of Feeling ? Yes YOU can!!! It starts with knowing what you want to be experiencing, How do you want to feel, knowing you can be anything you want to be...

Spend time daily out side being quiet... What thoughts come to you? How do you want to be living, feeling and believing differently now? Who or what do you need to find forgiveness for? What actions steps do you need to start taking? How do you want to BE feeling?You decide how you want to be feeling...Are your feelings honoring of you? IS it that simple ? Yes it is!!!



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