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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The New Year , A clean slate

               The New Year ; A Clean Slate

Both Photos are of different sections of our driveway . The driveway to the ranch is close to 1/2 mile from the road . I love the seclusion , peace that offers me. Isn't it beautiful ? Look at that blue sky . When I look out and see just the snow I said to myself "Lisa 2015 is a few days away , its a fresh new year like the snow , what is it that my heart and  soul want to experience"? 

What do you think my answer to my self was? 
1) Live  the Divine Feminine / Goddess energy every day and embrace being female.
2) Be in-lined with receiving more prosperity that flows constantly in to my life.
3) Be able to be more compassionate , loving to the world and all that live on it. 
4) To have a relationship with a man that would enhance everything above .
 When I read these sentences I am filled with such joy I start to  tremble inside .
  STOP !!!
I shared my dream for 2015 , I allowed myself to be vunerable to me and you, now get a beautiful piece of paper , take 5 deep inhales and exhales and ask your heart and soul what do I really truly want to experience and live this year ? The thought of having it chokes you up and you may feel very emotional. Too many times in life we forget we have a soul , there is a bigger purpose or not. Allow yourself time to figure out what that is . The end rewards will bring you much joy, health and over flowing peace.
Tuck -  teaches us all about being in touch with our inner child and having FUN!
Where is this all going? You'll find out.  
Back to the driveway. I decide it's such a beautiful day , I need exercise, I'm going to shovel the driveway by myself . Oh what fun it will be.  I started by the house for about 40 minutes , then thought perhaps there is less snow up by the gate . 90 minutes have passed I'm feeling overwhelmed " How will I do this? " " call Jack!" "I can do this?" "call Jack!" I finally made the call to my neighbor Jack to please come and plow the driveway. It was so worth the money I spent. How does this snow shoveling and calling Jack relate to setting goals for the New Year.  

Have you heard that phrase "Be careful of what you ask for" . 
You can set your goals and if you are  100% committed to achieving them they may fall into place IF you have done all your self work / exploration / discovery around the experience you've set your intention on.
 In my case in regards to the relationship goal, I haven't learned all I needed to know in order to have a healthy relationship . Today what I didn't know about me brought my whole world tumbling down for part of the day . I cried, called a close girl friend , pulled myself up by my boot straps and spent a few hours contemplating how a piece of my child hood , a belief I had from back then is stopping me from having a relationship and getting my book published . I identified what I needed to change. I have a huge tool box of skills plus colleagues I can call on to help with my action steps and learning's. I am totally emotionally exhausted at the moment BUT I know the change has to start with me , I am replacing that old belief with one that honors  the divine feminine with in me. 
If we keep doing and believing the same we keep getting the same result, if it's honoring and your dreams are happening YES keep it up and spread your know how. If your dream keeps getting farther away from you,  frustration , sadness,  etc are filling your life , it's time for a change , it's worth it! Yes you become a role model to inspire others .

1)Fallen snow represents a clean slate , new beginning.
2) Shoveling represents the excitement of the new BUT the excitement wheres out when difficulty sets in and your not experiencing the results you want.
3) Jack plowing driveway represents reaching out , getting help , empowering yourself  , learning a new skill, learn a new way, reading self help book, etc.

 I am so thankful to have had my driveway plowed. Jack will always plow when we have 2" or more of snow. What will you need to do differently in order to experience your 2015 goals and dreams? It's 110% worth it! As you write your list of new year resolutions please make notes of who or what resources you have available to you to ensure your success. Where can you obtain new resources? Visit your local book store or library , start an empowerment group , BE it!!! 

Have a question, Please ask? 
May 2015 bring you overflowing amounts of Health*JOY*prosperity*LOVE...Peace...Lisa 


Friday, December 12, 2014

Food*Stress*Hungry - Emotional eating

                  Food * Stress * Hungry


 What does Cisco and Willie have in common .
1) They are both the newest ponies to the herd
2) They are both so loved by us , friends and clients
3)  They both need a job on the ranch
4)  They both love to eat all the time
5) They both will do anything to get to food; they'll break fences ,put their heads through the fence to take grain,
beg for food, you name it they will try it. Plus they are so smart.

Cisco and Willie can be a reflection of what happens to folks regarding over indulgence of food. The horses and my clients teach me so much , and I like to pass on my lessons and learning's .

 What Cisco and Willie can teach us regarding eating habits
1) When your in a new surroundings it can be uncomfortable which can lead to eating when not hungry, or choosing foods which I call comfy foods that are high in fat , sugar or salt. They satisfy a person at the moment but after the fact your body feels terrible , the heart is sad , and the mind starts the negative talk .

2) Feelings of loneliness especially during the holiday brings on eating binges. One keeps eating trying to find a food that will satisfy the longing for companionship. The more one try's to fill that emptiness the worse one feels. It truly is a bottomless hole.

3) Boredom causes eating with out purpose . One eats to pass the time.

4) A person is consumed with what they will eat for dinner , breakfast even when eating a meal. 

What we all know for a fact is Stress causes weight gain even if your eating healthy food . I have experienced this is my own life. Now add , dark days to the equation, less than 7 hours of sleep a night, lack of joy & love for self, folks are over worked, perhaps you have become a slave to your children, every where you look or hear there are unhealthy choices of  food to eat, what is a person to do???    

Learn new skills to get your life back in harmony . 
Here a some helpful hits 
a) Hire a coach (me- I know my stuff :) )
b) Be gentle with yourself
c) Make a list of all that situations that cause you to eat when not hungry. Next to each trigger write down what you'd like to do instead. Example 3pm you hit a wall, your exhausted, old habit is eating a candy bar. New habit you start taking an adrenal support and go for a 5-10 minute walk outside. FYI this is my trick for me.
d) Make a meal that will last for four days . My kids hate this, but it encourages them to make a meal if they don't want to eat chili and salad on day 4, and it stops me from buying take out . win / win . 
e) Most importantly eat at least one meal a day as a family . Remind each other to slow down and enjoy what the food tastes like and each others company . Saying a prayer raises the vibration of your food.  Everyone helps , if I cook kids clean , kids cook I clean. If your single invite your friends over for dinner perhaps start a dinner exchange . See how creative you can be.
f) BE very mindful before eating , ask yourself am I hungry , be sure you know what hungry feels like. If your not hungry what emotion do you need to address .  Your body ALWAYS talks to you, please hear it!
g) Carry healthy snacks with you , nuts , protein, veggies, fruit, don't leave home with out them.

Take action in your life. You know if you keep doing the same thing you'll keep getting the same result . No judging yourself , life is an experience , enjoy , laugh, learn , explore , let go , keep your focus on YOU! Who cares what every one else is doing, this is your life, live it for you my friend,


PS ... I mindfully choice the colors I pick in every blog ,  the capitalization and the...(dots)
If your an English major and I'm driving you crazy , let go and embrace the potential of the unknown, possibility and a different way :) 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stress: is it a choice?

                        Stress is it a Choice?

Willie & Lance rough housing , Fiona & Josie choosing peace.


 Yes it is . Stress can be a good thing but too much of stress isn't . Stress can cause you to slow your metabolism, gain weight , lower immune system, raise your blood pressure . As my son Nick would say " not good".

This time of year can be challenging , YES challenges create opportunity's to grow .  What new skill can you learn to make this your best December?

Helpful Tips: 

*Know how much money is comfortable for you to spend this Holiday . 
Over spending is very stressful , putting gifts on a charge card that you aren't able to pay off in January can disturb your sleep too. Stick to a peaceful money budget. Play with the words you use till you find some that FEEL GOOD.

* Santa  brings one gift per person at our home , plus stockings.
One year my daughter received a refrigerator box filled with balloons from Santa cost $5, box free , used Uncle Johns air tank to fill them up , $5 balloons. She was the happiest three year old around.

*Make a list of everything you feel you have to do between now and January 2. Cut that list in half, Now pick the top three and keep your focus on them . 
I started doing above 11 years ago it has given me the freedom to enjoy the holidays so much more. 

* If some one tells me NO buying me a gift , I respect that . No gift.
How much stuff do we need? I like giving the gift of time or service. I so enjoy when I receive a beautiful package from my kids upon opening are certificates ( they make them) good for 1 cleaning of house , 7 days of chores,  day of errands , etc. Great idea for grandparents , friends, neighbors.    

*Who can you and your family help?
As a family we talk about who do we know that needs help ? When my children were little I'd ask them do you want a gift from me or would you rather we take that money and help...
It feels really good to help , they always choice help. In honesty my youngest would say it feels good to receive too can I get a smaller gift from you instead of_____________ and help.

This is the season of welcoming back the light , Birth ,ideas , possibilities, growth , celebration for a new year &____________. Getting in touch with the child with in you.
Being with the people we love or getting to know someone new. 
What is the true meaning of Jesus to you ___________________?

What is Santa teaching you _________________?

May you find peace in your soul , love in your heart, twinkle in your eyes this December! 
Merry Christmas & Happy New year!
Lance: Moving forward in life, Willie : allowing possibility to come to you, Fiona: LOVE



Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dreams, Take action , Now

                   Dreams, Take Action Now

Fiona - What are you waiting for ? Do it NOW! 

What are your dreams ? Do you have to think about it? Can you instantly rattle them off? What is a dream??? I live in the moment.

During the holidays goals and dreams can be put on the back burner or you can totally embrace them and spend time every day focusing on them. It only takes 5 minutes twice a day. 

Willie - 5 minutes twice a day Yes you can do that.

Willie and Lance remind me every day to keep going forward 

1) Leave the past where it belongs,  in the past.

2) Every second gives you a new opportunity.

3) Think out side the box.

4) Never give up.

5) If something isn't working try something new.

6) Remember your strengths. 

7)Give yourself the gift of five minutes twice a day . 

Write down your goals / dreams . Rank the time three. Circle the one that makes you happiest of the top three. Commit  to five minutes twice a day example 7am & 12;15pm . 7am allow your self to visualize achieving  your goal /dream . 12:15pm what little action step can you take and do it . 

You'll be spending 70 plus minutes a week on your goal/dream .

 In a month you'll spend 280 minutes or 4 hours and 40 minutes  plus.

In a year you'd be creating and taking action for 3640 minutes or 60 plus hours . Imagine what you WILL accomplish between now and next December just by committing 10 minutes a day!  Just DO it! BE it ! Believe in you !   

Willie & Lance Playing... Remember to make this fun!




Friday, December 5, 2014

Stress* Holiday* Peace


Willie the pony teaches us about allowing , never giving up , finding new solutions .

I so enjoy this time of year and look so forward to the winter solstice. Why , I enjoy seeing all the beautiful lights on homes ,businesses . People are creating their own light and sharing it with others. 

Winter solstice, is a celebration and a gift that the days are getting longer and more day light upon us. That fills my soul with joy.

I do believe stress is a choice and a very good motivator if you are a take action person . If you blame the world , parents , society for your lack your giving your power and light with in you away. Life can be very unfair , sad , lonely especially around the holidays. All the commercials with all the external things you may want to give your loved ones. The key word in the last sentence is external. One can have all the things in the world and still be lonely , unhappy and sad. 

Where is all this going you may be thinking . This holiday perhaps draw your intention inward , become aware of how you are feeling? Stop judging yourself, charging gifts on charge cards. Ask yourself these question,( Please write your answers down)

1) " What do I want to experience this holiday season"?

2) " How do I want to feel this holiday season"?

3)  "What is making me sad"?"

4)   " What do I enjoy about this time of year"?

5) " Who can I help ?

6) "What new tradition do I want to start that will honor me , my family and brings peace to my soul"?

Freedom & Monty


Listen to you , you know what is best for you. If your sad , stressed out, thank your self for acknowledging how you feel, your soul is communicating to YOU, it's asking for change . What action do you need to take NOW? What belief needs to change ? What new words do you need to start telling yourself? 

When your in tuned with your soul , your purpose, you experience a peace that keeps you grounded and fills you with love.  Words can't express the feeling.

Breathe deeply and slowly, BE gentle with yourself, Stop being so serious , Life is a game PLAY !!! learn to Play while  mastering your thoughts and feelings .

Freedom( on left)  teaches us about what freedom feels like , while Monty teaches us about releasing , forgiveness .
 ( we experience Freedom when we let go , release , forgive)

 LOVE you!!!

 Remember in order to love others you need to have mastered unconditionally Loving you first. 



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