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Sunday, October 2, 2016


Understanding The Importance of Crystal Clear focus and how your focus or lack of effects you daily . 

Saturday 9/24/16 WKU (30)  VS Vanderbilt 9 (31) - Game went into 2 overtimes.

My daughter Allie and I share the same birthday and we celebrate every year together . This year we kicked off an early celebration with a rode trip to Bowling Green KY . We were blessed to attend the football game  and watch it from where you see above , yes, on the field behind the goal post , with food , drink and incredibly nice folks. Allie's intention/ focus was to catch the football after it went through the goal post.

What does this game have to do with focus everything as I will begin to explain.

My focus has been on creating a different life for myself and to grow my business in numerous directions  while empowering lots of people . Many opportunities have opened up for me in KY as I become more and more clear. I have been extremely blessed in a partnership I am considering . As I became more excited,thankful and joyful regarding this opportunity more wonderful people , horses,opportunities keep coming my way. With the partnership I'm considering I will have to go back to school and complete a PhD with in two- three years. At first I thought no problem I can do this, As I began the process of what I had to do to get accepted into a program  I started to become so over whelmed by what I have to do and all the studying, plus papers and research . My joy started to leave and fear started to creep in. Where in your life can you relate to loss of joy or experiencing fear?

As I met more horse people , vet and farrier, folks began to tell me all the diseases and conditions that happen to horses due to the heat and humidity in the summer. Even the hay if left outside on grass can be a concern for horses. Guess what I start to second guess my decision and the direction I am going . The flood gates of my past decisions and unsuccessful relationships begin to consume my thoughts . I had lost my focus and doors started closing. It's feeling really terrible and heavy.

Without me consciously knowing I had changed my focus form creating a second business in KY to what changes and how could I grow  my business and stay in Wisconsin full time.  I was feeling uncomfortable  with out fully realizing I had changed my focus /vibration to stay full time in WI; This is the autopilot  or unconscious mind stepping in . I went back to what is comfortable for me . This past week three  business opportunities have presented themselves. I will be exploring these avenues this week. The question I ask myself is " Do these opportunities bring me as much Joy as opportunity in KY"? "Is fear or past situations stopping me from creating something new"? What questions do you need to ask yourself right now?

Am I exhausted , you bet I am. Changing focus and direction takes up a lot of energy and creates a lot of confusion and lack of sleep for me . How about you?

Why am I sharing this? So you can apply the principles below to your life and learn from my daughter and my experience. We get what we think about or Focus on . If you keep complaining about your job you will get more of what you complain about. We get what we think about . Want to have a better marriage , relationship, focus on what you like about the person how grateful you are that they are in your life, keep your thoughts on your happiest moments and enjoy the results . Stop being thankful and appreciative of the special person in your life you will lose the love and happiness you once experienced . If you believe you're  a freak you are , If you believe life is sub post to be hard it is . You will live what you believe and focus on.

Tonight I slowed my mind,  asked the Creator (God, Universe , your Faith) for advise and sat in silence for three hours. Many answers came to me , I am so grateful and appreciative , remember we are never alone , all we have to do is ask for help or guidance from your faith and  angels.

I am my best client , what came to me are the sentences below.

1) What brings me the most joy? What brings you the most joy?
2) Embrace Being uncomfortable; It is a good thing to be uncomfortable it's a new experience / vibration. It will feel different.
3) What opportunity brings me the most personal and Spiritual growth? What opportunity brings you the most personal and Spiritual growth?
4) There is no such thing as failure just learning experiences and personal growth , keep moving forward.
5) Let go , Let God
6) Release the past, the sadness  just let it go. Move forward into joy.
7) Release attachment to outcome.
8) Make a decision ! Be clear on what you want and take action now. Keep 100% of focus on decision. Keep your focus , thoughts on your decision , outcome. Yes keep 100% focus on your outcome!!! Did I say keep 100% of your attention on your goal.
9) Follow your creative passions.
10) Allow yourself to do something amazing!
11) Believe in yourself !
12) Listen to your heart!
13) Do what gives you joy!

 How does my journey fit into this football game . Allie ( My daughter ) kept talking about catching the football after it went through the goal post . That was her focus which she shared and yes lots of folks laughed especially the men . Did she care that people found her humorous , no she didn't , she just knew she would catch that football, she didn't know how or when , she just knew before the end of the game she would catch that football. Guess what?
My smart beautiful daughter did catch that football! Can you tell how happy she was , plus how happy everyone was for her especially the men  . What are the chances of her catching that football after it went through the goal post? What matters in my , her , your life is what do you want ? When you keep your focus on your goal, you will get that or something better. 

Allie received lots of hugs and congratulations from everyone!
May Allie's focus inspire you  like it has me! The more and more you practice keeping your focus on your goal  the better you will  get at accomplishing your desires . It;'s the game of life, make it fun!

Allie and I are offering a class that teaches How to focus,understanding vibrations, plus the importance of well-being and how to have  a healthy gutt  this Nov on the Ranch called" Expansion " email me for more information , space is limited contact us today.  Horses will be assisting too.

For my clarity, focus regarding my business and life,  I am blessed to be heading to Bayfield WI to hang out on Lake Superior before our boat is put into storage for the winter. May the weather continue to stay warm as I create a plan that will bring life and joy to my heart and soul. Yes I will keep 100% of my attention on this goal all focus on going forward. My children are my best teachers , who inspires you ?

Allie and I at the above  football game




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