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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Are you stopping YOU?

Yes YOU read that correctly ...Are you stopping you from having , living , and experiencing a life that is joyful , meaningful , overflowing with health and opportunity? 

Paco teaches us to explore life , move forward
What do I mean by are you stopping you ? I'll explain , every time you complain about your boss, owning your own business, your partner , lack of partner , reflect on all the people who have caused you pain, done you wrong , how sick you are , the list goes on and on......
When you express any of the above you are sending out a wave from your physical body to keep bringing you the same experience. Unsure if you believe this , question for you " How come your life situations keep repeating themselves with different people , settings and you keep experiencing the same outcome"? 

You are the constant in all your life experiences . Want your life to change , YOU have to be that change . You have to believe you are worthy of a wonder-filled live. 

Rosie is to the left , Gus to the right
How do you become the change ? Lets let Rosie and Gus help out. 

1) BE aware . Look at Rosie and Gus they are aware of what is going on around them. 

2) Know what you want and believe you can have it, know it . Rosie loves attention, she is a big ball of love , she gives love to everyone she meets and you have to love her right back. Rosie is able to give and receive . Gus is terrified of any kind of closeness,there for he keeps everyone away from him. You can see in his eyes how he desires affection BUT he keeps it away from himself. What do you keep away from you? 

3)Keep moving forward.

 Rosie is trying to get into machine with me , I'm giving her lots of love and receiving lots of loving from her. Rosie is getting what she wants and I am too. 

 Look at Gus's eyes . He is looking at what he wants , keeping his full attention and focus on his outcome. It has taken three months for Gus to allow me to touch him. He is working on trust . Gus will keep Love  away from him until he can learn to trust . Plus he isn't able to give due to how fearful he is about trusting. Gus is taking baby steps to learn to trust, imagine all the possibilities that await him once he does. Can you think of situation in your life and the outcome when your focus was on how you can or can't trust ? 

 People are just like Rosie and Gus .  Perhaps you admire that person who is so in love with their partner, their partner so in love with them, they're taking wonderful trips , have fabulous careers, life just seems perfect. This person loves them-self, is grateful for their life , takes action steps to have this life and believe they are worthy of the life they experience, 95% of the time has a strong faith.  Daily waves leave their body to bring all these wonderful experiences to them.

  The Gus folks ,allow fear, doubt , lack or the past to keep them frozen in time playing the blame game . It's everyone's fault that their life is what it is or because the ex treated them so badly , boss doesn't like them. You can only receive what waves you send out from you. 

Every word , every thought, every feeling has a wave that leaves your body to go find the experience your talking or feeling and bring it back to you . Does that feel good , yes it feels great , feeling great experiences keep coming to you. NO it feels horrible... You feel horrible wave leaves your body in search of more horrible . When people say how could live get any worse , worse is the wave that leaves their body and they are so confused about how does this keep happening ? They keep asking for worse.

What do you want to believe?
I know this information to be the laws of the universe because I have lived Gus in my past , Hundreds of my clients used to be Gus. Rosie is now my every day,which  if you know me , you now understand how I am so Joyful every day and how my life keeps getting better and better.  I  do have Gus moments occasionally , It happens when I reflect on something from the past that hurt my heart , I remind myself  of what I have learned or needed to let go of , turn on happy music , dance , thank the creator for all the wonderful blessings in my life , and I ask myself out load " What is the action step I am working on this week, what will my life look and feel like once I have it" Perhaps ask your self the same question daily. 

Be gentle with you , Be kind to yourself and others...Be mindful of the waves that are leaving your body every second. 

If this was helpful to you please share. 


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