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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Resolutions " How to achieve them in three easy steps"

Do You Have a New Years Resolution? 

I could say, do you have New Years Resolutions , good intentions , goals that have long been for gotten. You are not alone . Many of us are so excited for the welcoming of a new year , new opportunities, or this will be the year I do _____________ ...

The next thing you know it's February or March and your list of goals has long been forgotten. All your good intentions , promises of eating healthy  food , working out everyday, taking steps to start your new business, being kind to self and others, having a weekly date night, painting living room have gone by the way side for many reasons . 

The biggest reason that my clients in counter ( I did in the past ) is having too many things on your list and it becomes so overwhelming that it never happens. 

From left , Shadow, Asia, Monty , Tuck the dog

Are you ready to change that and Start  having  a successful year? You could...
1) Stop Judging yourself and others.
2) Embrace or tap into your inner power. 
3) Release all the baggage that is stopping you or slowing you down.

Asia left teaches us about inner power, Shadow Right teaches us about non-Judgement

Three easy Steps to accomplishing your resolutions

1) Look at your list. What is your common three themes . Example; wanting to lose weight, exercise, run a 5k, start taking vitamins , feel better about self, get more sleep , stop negative self talk. The theme would be Health or Well-being . Example 2; buy a new car, make more money, start new business or find a new job, take a vacation, landscape yard. Theme could be abundance , more money , with more money I'd ask self am I allowing opportunity to come to me , am I allowing money to come to me , do I believe I'm worthy of having above . Perhaps you discover I am blocking or I don't believe I can have above , your theme would be ALLOW or BELIEVE. The above will take a little bit of time to figure out. Keep asking yourself what will really make me happy or bring more joy to my life . 

2) Limit your self to three themes or less. Circle your most important theme . 

3) The theme or word you circled is going to be your whole focus for this year. Example your theme is allow , every morning before you open your eyes , say the word Allow and then ask yourself the question" How will I easily allow today" ? Be 100% present all day long if you are allowing . No criticizing self , that is negative . All focus is on being mindful , purposeful of how you are allowing in your life . Before going to sleep say out loud I am grateful for allowing ______________ into my life today. 

Do you think you can do this? I know you can!

We get more of what we are grateful for in our lives. I find it's much easier to keep my full attention on one word that a huge list of what I want to accomplish. 

Please make this fun and be curious has to how much your life will improve . Have any questions send me a message and I'll gladly answer. 


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