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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Individual Best

                            Your Best Self

Do you arise each morning energized , excited knowing that you are here on this earth to be the best you can Be? Are you thankful for every breath you take twenty four hours a day? 

The Beginning of each new year brings so much possibility , I'm going to get in shape, I'm going to take that trip, I'm going to... __________ . What happens by January 8? January 25 ? Unfortunately majority of people have completely  forgotten  their new year resolution .

Sometimes your goal may be too big, or your outcome is determined on what others may want for you .  95 percent of my new clients have no idea of what they want to be living they just know something in their live is missing. How do you know something is missing , your unhappy , lack of energy , skin is dual, eyes flat , you may even find yourself eating when you are full, complaining , consuming large amounts of alcohol, drugs or  talking negative about other people. 

How do you live your best life? It starts with YOU giving yourself time to know what that would look and feel like. Go back to your childhood , what were the things that made you happy or when you observe other people what do you wish for? 
It's time to stop wishing and learn to be the creator of your life , make a daily commitment to YOU. 

Freedom is to your right. Lance is to your left.

Lance (horse) assists myself and clients on what steps you need to take to go forward in life. For every person in will be different depending on if your in a state of survival mode or you are a high achiever. Below is a list of what  small action steps you can begin to implement now and have great results by next year. 

Best You List:
1) Drink a minimum of 8 , 8 oz of fresh water daily. Not all water is the same know where your water comes from, know if the plastic containers you're buying are safe. 

2) Remove processed  sugar from 95% of your diet. Yes it may be challenging but aren't you worth it. You will notice less brain fog, increased energy with in first week. 

3) Remove processed food from your diet . Embrace learning to cook , take a cooking class, cook with your kids or friends. My good friend Beth and I will share food. When we make a meal we make extra for each other . Shop the outer circle of the store . Avoid the middle isle's that is where all the empty calories are placed.  

4) Start buying organic or clean food. No GMO'S which cause depression and weight gain. 
If you believe you can't afford it, remember you can't afford not to. Check out Trader Joe's and Aldi's . Purchase grass fed beef and free range chickens from small local framers. Plant a garden this year.

5) Move ... That's right move your body several times a day , what is in motion stays in motion ... dance , walk , run, join a gym, hike , skip , make love more often to your partner.

6) Sleep 6-9 hours a day. Your body is like an electrical car it needs to recharge . Be sure to fully charge if you want to have energy for the whole day.

7) Relax  and focus on deep breathing, it's vital for out brain and body to have chill time and lots of oxygen . Your best ideas will come to you when you still your mind. 

If you noticed the most important place to begin to make changes is with your health by moving  your body , stilling your mind and being purposeful of what  goes into your mouth, your absolutely right. 

Please get a piece of paper, pen and your calendar . Write or type  what you will implement first on the list above . Perhaps it's step 1 and step 7 , schedule it in on  calendar.  Write in when you will shop , have your list prepared , schedule when you will be cooking . Perhaps you buy three jugs for your daily water , one for home , car and work. 

It takes minimum of 90 days to create a new habit , maybe it will take you 1 year to implement above or you just need a little refresher and you implement all 7 steps now. Start now :) .

As my Grandma always said " You are what you eat" 

I know you can do this . Here's to your best year yet! 

Please let me know if you have any questions .


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