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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Thought Effect


Thoughts are what create the life your living at this exact moment in time called "NOW"
"What are you talking about "replies Nancy a new client . 

Understanding how powerful we are as humans in a very challenging concept for most people .
Majority of folks are raised to blame others for their actions and how their lives have turned out isn't your responsibility but society's , your parents ,  etc. I have met some folks that have had everything against them but they have created amazing lives for themselves despite all the odds against them.

I have spent the majority of my life trying to figure this out , 1000 of books later , 100's of workshops , 1000's of clients,  I truly believe " By Scott I have it" . With the patience of the horses , clients , God, my girl friends , friends  and  especially my children it's time to share what I have learned . 

I am  grateful for the horses I live with because they role play what my clients thoughts and feelings are. Nancy and I began her Equine Human Connection Session, at first the horses have nothing to do with her . As she gets frustrated the horses move farther away from her , which Nancy know relates to what constantly  happens in her life. She can never have what she wants.

What happens next is  one of the horses goes after another horse . Now its my turn . I ask Nancy how that feels and she replies" terrible " The horses are showing Nancy how her thoughts have created a feeling , the thought being pushed away , feeling doesn't feel good , what Nancy can see is Samson going after RoJo . What she wants is being driven farther and farther away, which creates more sadness and hopelessness for Nancy. 

It's really hard for humans to understand THOUGHT >Feeling = outcome ... 
Can't argue with the horses. The horses where showing Nancy the energy that was leaving her body and the action it created. 

Being mindful and present ( conscious ) is what Nancy and I talked about next . We discussed her daily routine and how she could become proactive (conscious) versus reactive ( unconscious, autopilot). 

How can you implement Nancy's aw ha moments into your life? 
First can you answer yes to the question below?

1) Are you ready to be responsible for your life?
2)Are you ready to stop being a victim? 
3) Are you ready to learn a new way of Being? 

If you answered yes to all three questions, get ready to  hang  on, congratulations for taking your first step to change. 

If you answered no, congratulations for being honest with you and you know exactly where your life will be 10 years from now. 

For the yes people . 

1) Make a written list of what you truly need in your life. The thought of having it brings you peace. 

2) Narrow your list down to one thing you believe is possible .

3) Write that word or sentence down , draw pictures or cut out pictures to represent what your life will look like once you have it. Look at this each am and pm. 

4) How does it feeling having it? this is so important because  if it's a negative feeling choose something else because that negative feeling will keep it from you . 

5) See your self living it , and experiencing it and how joyful it makes you feel. 

6) All day long BE mindful of every thought or feeling you  have regarding what you need. You need to know , believe you will experience it.

7) I'm not sure when or if you'll have above , I just know that you will. 

 BE sure to  Take time to have fun and laugh. 

Not sure your understanding all of this  , come to one of our workshops this summer and we'll help you. 


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