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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thought= Belief= Action=

            What YOU Receive???????????

My question to you: 

 Do you love your life, what you do, the people you know , the amount of money in your bank account, where you live,how you feel , how you look ,most importantly your Health?

Rohan left helps you with connecting to the action power with in you .

Majority of what  you are experiencing starts with what you are thinking or lack of thinking. A car will only run with a battery, correct? A cell phone has to be charged to work? Yes or No?
Horrible things happen in life that are out of our control? Yes or no? 
How does it look... feel... to you... to know... you can be in the driver seat of your life. Like an artist with a piece of fresh canvas you can create a peaceful...beautiful...loving...healthy...joyful...abundant life! 

Freedom inspiring a client to feel and know what freedom in her life could look and feel like.

 How do you start? Your question this week is to ask yourself a few times a day "What is my purpose?

You may know the answer you may not. My purpose is to inspire folks to know how it feels to feel good, be joyful and grateful. I was born into this world happy and I drove people crazy and I still do because I'm almost always happy. My journey in life has been to discover this( I  was a slow learner) . I have had times in my life when I  was so miserable, over worked, exhausted , my health suffered and my world was disorganized , lacked creativity , lacked faith and love. 

I discovered when I took time to pray , meditate , give thanks daily , worked out , ate healthy foods and I lived from how my heart and soul felt/ feel my life changed instantly. Was is easy , sorry it wasn't. Was in really hard , good news no , it took 100% commitment to be consciously aware of every thought that went through my brain and mind.   

The horses aren't engaging with client. That is another Blog :) 

Now what do you do with this information?

1) Ask yourself again what is my purpose ?
2)Pray to the creator and ask that you know what your purpose is? 
3)What is your passion ?
4) What brings joy to your heart?
5) What were you good at as a kid?
6) What did folks like about you?
7) What did folks dislike about you? 

What I know for a fact is that each and everyone us has all the answers within us. Over time people begin to doubt self , fears , beliefs make you question yourself and sometimes you lose faith in a higher power , blame God, stop trusting you and begin to search outside yourself for the answers.
Hello, come home ! You really do know, you have just forgotten that you do know! :) 

1)You have a thought . Stop... Is your thought positive or negative ? 
example you want to be thin ...Stop ... saying your fat , looking at your self with shame etc. 
Change your thought and words to I'm looking forward to be healthy and moving with ease, to feel good about my body and imagine all the energy that I have . Take in a big breathe , hold it for a second , exhale deeply ....ah ....doesn't that feel better? 

2) Belief...what do you believe about that thought? You want to be thin,  but Stop... do you believe you can be thin? What you believe will determine your outcome. Remember a belief is something you keep on telling yourself.

 Perhaps everyone in your extended family is over weight and you've been told you have inherited heavy genes so you will always be heavy. Stop...How...will you begin telling yourself a new story that you know will become your new truth , changing your old belief that wasn't yours , it belonged too________________ ? Now shake your body , brush your body off with your hands , yes I'm serious do it , get that energy out and off of you ...give it to the creator ,angels to recycle in the universe. Take a big breathe in hold it for a second , bigger exhale this time you feel a little lighter, more at peace? Repeat step 2 as needed. I had to repeat it at least , so many times I lost count...LOL. Yes I believe I can be healthy and I slowly make healthier choices I will feel great , feel better, plus my body will begin to release what I've been holding on to and I am thinner. 

3) ACTION baby ! What action will you be Guided to take? Perhaps it's saying a prayer each day asking for guidance to stay on your path of living and being healthy, starting a gratitude journal, joining a gym, walking daily , reading a book on nutrition, find a Holistic Dr ,  Reiki, find a partner to join you on getting healthy and you become a support system for each other. 
A few of my girlfriends and I meet to walk or take a class at the gym  in place of talking on the phone. 

Need more friends visit Yoga studios , Boxing centers, YMCA , Gyms , join a place that feels good to you and importantly is easy for you to get too! 

Warning no forcing the action that causes stress and blame , allow, be open , to begin taking the action , be curious of how it will unfold. Congratulations you are embracing the school of life . 

 Be gentle with you, enjoy this journey called living! 

Many blessings to you! Health*JOY*Prosperity...Peace...Lisa

                           Many blessings to you! Health*JOY*Prosperity...Peace...Lisa


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