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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Power of Purpose

According to The Faithful Old World Webster Dictionary The Definition of Purpose  is :

                            The reason for which something is done or created...

Maiden Rock , WI   Mississippi River- I am extremely blessed to have this is my back yard.

What were you created to do ? Be? 
That is a powerful question isn't ? Have you ever asked yourself that ? Have you prayed for an answer to that question?

I taught/teach my children and clients to question everything, which includes me, politicians, clergy , teachers, doctors, schools, corporate institutions , friends, news, social media etc... 
How can you learn , grow as the unique person you are if you're not learning ,exploring  and questioning?

Are you special you beat you are! I was reading an article the other day and the person stated that everyone doesn't have a gift . Well I believe differently we all have a gift, talent which is part of our purpose. Everyone's purpose helps humanity become enlightened and grow. Is growing always easy , I sure wish it was , but unfortunately it takes the negative / bad to see/feel/hear the positive / good.

When you discover your purpose a drive , a power will ignite your inner-self, soul and your path, journey becomes crystal clear your path, journey. When you know that purpose it helps you stay focused , be joyful in your life and work. 
Mississippi River - lake Pepin 

How do you figure out your purpose? Get a pen and a piece of paper, write down answers to these questions.

1) What are you good at? 

2) What do you enjoy?

3) What do people commit the most about you? Example; How good you are at numbers, your smile makes them happy , how you can fix anything, etc.

4) What have you been wanting to try? 

5) Where do you struggle the most? Sometimes the skills you need to learn to stop struggling are related to your purpose.

First flower to bloom at ranch this spring. how will you bloom and flourish? 

Know what ? Let your purposeful way of living begin. HOW you may be asking?

1) Get a notebook, journal , calendar where you can physically track how your daily focus is keeping you mindful toward your purpose.

2) Before retiring at night write down a question, problem that you need help , ask the creator for an answer first thing in the am when your eyes open.

3) What skills , knowledge , books, people do you need to know? 

4) Are you enjoying the process, find it fulfilling, satisfying half of the time? If the answer is no my experience is what your doing presently isn't your purpose.

5) Spend time on how you see and feel your life 5 years from now .

6) What steps do you need to begin talking now to have above.

7) What motivates you to stay on task ?

Free Spirit Ranch - Maiden Rock WI - Administration taking a lunch break 

Being a stay at home home gave me the opportunity and skills to be doing what I am now. Yes my little now big Cherubs were my test subjects ( JOKE- make sure your laughing , I am :) ) 

Can your purpose change sure it can. I see a lot of young people in their twenty's getting so stressed out because they can't figure out what they want to do. How boring life would be if we all knew at 10 years young what we wanted to do . Explore, learn , play ... get to know YOU! The more you know YOU, The more YOU love YOU, Take time to know the Creator and give thanks daily , YOU will begin to notice the fog will begin lift and gently  fade away , opportunity will present it's self every where, and it is so! 

Have fun discovering your purpose! 

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