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Monday, April 24, 2017

Be Limitless

                          Be Limitless

Asia - Inner Power
What does it  mean to be limitless ? It means you understand the inner power that is with in you . That power burns with in your SOLAR plexus like the sun. Your solar plexus are located right below the middle of your rib-cage and before your belly button. 

Place both your hands there and look at the picture of Asia and the sun . Now bring all your attention to your breathe has you press your shoulders down and back . Get expansion across your chest and create more space for your lungs and heart. Slow and deepen your breath as you inhale for 8 counts , hold your breath for 4 seconds and exhale for 8 counts or longer , repeat 4 or more times . 
Congratulations you have now stilled your mind and it's clear . Now it's your turn to be in complete control of you and what you allow your self to think and yes believe . 

This is how you become limitless is by 
1) Connect to your solar plexus by placing one or two hands on solar plexus
2) Do Breath exercise above 
3) See yourself at your best , now go above what your best is and see your self being magnificent at ________________________________... Yes you get to fill in the blank. 
4) Repeat three times "I am that I am"
5) Now write down what you where visualizing . 

Daffodils in my flower garden

Being limitless is a conscious decision every second, minute , hour , day, month... Continue to practice, implement above until you know , believe you are limitless. You begin to know your thoughts and feelings create your life . Allow the Creator , God , Universe to help you ( faith).

By practicing the breath exercise above over time you will be able to keep your other than conscious mind busy on what you want to be experiencing and allowing your past to stay way far behind you . 

Imagine the possibilities now write them down and make all this info a daily priority. Have fun !!!


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